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Why is this aloud?
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> he doesn't lock his scrolls
Why is the shitty retard ISO layout a loud?
Why can't you proofread?

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What the fuck, how do you learn more than two or three programming languages man? Don't you confuse the syntax?
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just google function names when you need them
You dont really work with that many languages at once. You program in maybe 1-2 at any given time while knowing the syntax of a handful of others. Then when you switch to another language you can pick it fast just by reviewing because youve used it before.
this is what i do for every language

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Why is Stallman such a fucking idiot? Doesn't he know that if westerners stop having children the world will be inherited by retarded subhumans who won't have the genetic capacity to come up with solutions to save the world?
What a fucking hack. He's just salty because he can't get laid and is a sad bitter virgin.
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In politics, for very smart and for very dumb people, it is known that the frontal lobes are not working at the capacity known to work when engaged in technical or creative thinking. The limbic system however, a system present in monkeys, is highly active.

In other words, we turn into monkeys when talking about politics. This is pretty much inescapable unless you can do the work to decouple your emotions and political desires. In any case, it is not clear whether this is a good idea or not. After all, your opposition will be thinking like a monkey, and will come at you with that intensity. So to lose that intensity is a very bad idea.
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Having children isn't political, it's fucking biology and predates spoken language
They dont care. They have more power when the world goes to shit.

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Can someone explain how TOR works to this noob?
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Startpage it.
Why do I find this image so funny?

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Do you create an email for each service?
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1 for professional stuff
1 for friends/family
1 throwaway I don't want associated with anything
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1 for professional stuff
1 for online services (Amazon, Twitch)
10min Mail for everything else.

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Fucking jewgle at it again
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>not using legacy
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Sauce on anime

What am I doing wrong?
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using windows faggot
The error message is pretty explicit.
not installing gentoo


Why is this allowed?
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Don't know, but fuck Sprint.
They purchased Clearwire, a great little wireless satellite ISP company that provided great service for faggots like me that live out in the middle of nowhere. Almost a year after obtaining Clearwire they shut it down and offered no alternatives. I was forced to buy TWC overpriced shit.
Just going back to the old days, of at&ts monopoly on the market
Didnt sprint want to merger with T-Mobile?

Anyone have an 8k h265 video file? it can be any length or be about anything. Shit's impossible to find
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make your own.

super hi res cameras are expensive as shit though.
pretty sure only imax goes that how now that i think about it
Anything above 2k is kinda pointless for watching movies as most are mastered at 2k.
>i dont know what film is

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Who was in the wrong?
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Elon is wrong on this. Anyone who has a surface level of understanding knows we are so far away from the type of thing that the "futurists" are predicting knows that we aren't rushing anything.
Zuck. Every technological advancement we've ever made as a species has always ended up being used for some corrupt purpose. AI will be no difference - Elon is right to be skeptical.

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Post your opinion on it.
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Every language is worth learning.

However I believe D is a somewhat better language
it's too easy to learn and pays off really good.
it has too many virtues but you have to be open minded, just don't try to write your favorite programming language with Go syntax.
forcing a formatting standard on your code is autistic as hell

Hey /g/ what's your game engine of choice. Feel free to discuss the trials and tribulations you're dealing with with your current engine.
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I'll start:
Unity has a shit tier asset management system, and if you're making anything that uses more than 100mb of assets, you have to use it. Tons of wholes in there API, some stuff too high level, some to low.... All over the place
Man I love /g/ I always get interesting and robust technology conversations

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If everything is destined to die then what comes after social media?
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VR worlds where people live alternate lives. irl they'll do boring stuff but in VR they'll band together to jerk off giant dragons and fuck elves or whatever most people sick fantasies are. Maybe send carrier pigeons with tweets to other people just for the fuck of it too.
Antisocial media.

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>His text editor isn't Turing complete
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but powerpoint is turing complete what are you talking about
>not programming in CSS3+HTML5
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satania pepe.png
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>she uses a text editor

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