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amd 6.jpg
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Why cant AMDunce compete with Based Nvidia.

>Better At Gaming
>Better At Mining
>Better Drivers
>More Ethical company
>it just werks
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isn't today release? i'm so pumped to buy a vega56
reminder to sage
wait navi

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Anyone know how to dual boot windows 10 on a Mac for free?
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follow this guide:

and then use MSOFT toolkit, if you don't know how to get that, I can't really help you.
Not me. I don't know how.
just use the bootcamp tool that is included with every copy of macos

Why is LVM so beautiful?

No dumb position based partitioning is a blessing, I can enlarge or shrink the LVM group however I fucking please by absorbing unrelated standard partitions.

Compartmentalization is the future.
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Though for the life of me I still don't get what arcane magic enabled something like thin provisioning to work, it would also be nice if I fucking understood how to exactly use it.
>thin provisioning
How do imagine this has anything with LVM to do?

i cant upgrade my arch distro because i don't have enough spaces and moving all the partition swill take a day

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apple consumer.jpg
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Why don't you have an iPhone?
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Apple is overpriced shit for retards
go away, schiller

What does /g/ use to backup their Android phones? I've been on Titanium but I was wondering if there's anything for non-rooted devices.
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You could try Helium.
Titanium backup.
TWRP works flawlessly for me

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How do I become One with the botnet?
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install google chrome on windows 10 and get a smartphone
You already are
>become part of the botnet
>now none can stop me

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Redpill me on AMD, /g/. Back in my day, I remember memes where anybody who had an AMD processor and an Nvidia graphics card was completely retarded, but apparently Ryzen pairs phenomenally with everything. When did this happen?
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When we lost.
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You've been out of the game for like a decade negrodamus

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class GoodbyeWorld {
static public void main( String args[] ) {
System.out.println( "Goodbye World!" );
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>no comma
I hope not
dumb feelposter

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perfect phone.png
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What's your perfect phone wishlist?

pic:related: it's mine
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That'd be the V20 until the V30 comes out.
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Add 1080p OLED

and headphone jack to the list
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Unironially this

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>its a click all the cars until none remain captcha
>3 of blocks are cars
>after you click them fast they fade away
>then all but 1 of them fade back in with a car
>the next 5 clicks reproduce car pics
>rather than those 3 original blocks reproducing a car 1 more time each and done
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>not simply bruteforcing the legacy captcha with calle calle

no matter how annoying the clicks are, they're infinately better than moving the hand back over to type and then back to the mouse

this is just non objectionable facts

infact even when the captcha breaks and greys out and you have to refresh the page to fix it, its less annoying than typing
Use callf. It works and fucks up shit.

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This sounds stupid and I already know that.

>Accidentally deleted some .DLL
>Now, any of the office programs won't open, only display an error

What to do?

Pic unrelated
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Literally commit suicide. Problems solved, guaranteed.
Find the dll
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Giant Gentoo.png
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Install Gentoo

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Some anon said this in the /sqt/ thread earlier:

"the best way to start programming is


complete first course, then do


up to "algorithms"

and then do


at that point youll have a good foundation and you need to decide what sub-field you want to do to invest more time in"

Is it truly the best way to begin learning to program?
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No, that's literally pajeet tier.
Go read real books.
there's an internet full of learning materials that can be had for free. there is no one best way, so look for a language that has a methodology and use that holds your interest. because ultimately if you're not interested and enjoy it, then you'll never be more than mediocre
just do it brainlet

MX Player is the VLC of Android and just as bad
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VLC is the VLC of Android.
VLC is the VLC of Android.

>watching anime on your phone

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Anyone here ever do sysadmin/infosec contracts overseas? In Afghanistan, Kuwait, etc or Africa perhaps. You can make 90-150k for one year I'm told. Im about to graduate and may try to do it for a year or two. I really need to find a place that will get me secret clearance.
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What did you exactly study?
> Afghanistan, Kuwait, etc or Africa
If you are worth your salt you already earn that in Europe or the US no need to touch those shit holes of humanity with a 10foot pole
I already make this much in my homeland.

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skull rock.jpg
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2FA/MFA security
>must have for security?
PGP vs. 2FA/MFA or both combined?
Crypto trading, home banking, what else?
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I really, really, really like this image.

All yours my friend
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More encryption/security keys = better. The only problem will be convenience, but who cares? Layer away, senpai

An a sort of related note, I use SSH Ed25519 keys on top of 2FA to SSH to one of my home servers.

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