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>pic 10 class note pictures to send a friend
>randomly orders them
>you have to send them one by one so that they are in order
why is this piece of shit not fix crucial things instead of trying to be snapchat?
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im angry
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Telegram men
>using app for 3rd world countries

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how dos /g/ set it's computer screen so it doesn't molest your eyes and vision?
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minimal brightness
R 40
G 50
B 70
>B is the highest value
you're doing the opposite of OP asked
blue light will fuck you up
set brightness to 0-25%
wear glasses

What hard drives does /g/ use for torrenting? And do you keep backups for your completed torrents? One of my drives just failed and I lost about 600Gb of series movies etc...
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just buy a pair of fucking anybrand 1tb drives and make backups retard.
is this image real
no xDDD

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I need to run a program 24/7 ... I tried on a Raspberry Pi3 but it was just a little bit too weak for it... so I'm looking for a mini PC with a bit higher specs than that, to put somewhere and let it run forever

Any recommendations?
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Probably a good idea to let us know what program, jackass.
Check the other mini PCs like Cubieboards, Banana Pi etc etc.
There's a Mintbox with pretty decent specs.

> be me
> comfy well paying job
> recently promoted, job is now easier and pays even better
> fuck it, i'll get a degree with my spare time
> enroll in Batchelor IT
> first unit == intro to programming
> python, meh better then java I guess
> spend 5 out of 12 weeks on loops
> on the fifth week of loops, people still dont get loops
> dont understand how loops work
> dont understand the python syntax for loops
> "how is a while loop different to a for loop"
> "when whould i use a while loop"
> "this is too hard, my brain hurts"
> lecturer is the most patient man on earth, what a saint
> our submissions are marked for effort, not correctness
> people submitting garbage broken code, don't know how if statements work
> still getting passing marks
> should have gone Comp Sci :(
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What are you hoping to do with the degree?
What is a Bachelor of IT?
If it's practical computer use and operation that's not something a University should be teaching and I am completely unsurprised that it's where they funnel all the people too braindead for CS.

Consider a technical school.
If CS is theory, then a degree in IT is practice. It's good for people who will make a career out of technical support and don't need to learn algorithms or how a compiler works.

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>the new captcha forces you to solve 9 times to create a thread you say? well, it is better than spam
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>he's too poor to buy a pass
Criplle chan does not exist (8)
poole has personal banned it from google
>not using 4chan x

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why does every distro ship with sudo when you can just <code> su - </code> when you actually need to run a command/script as root. Is Lignux slowly turning into some pleb tier OS ala osx/windows?
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Dumb frog poster
I run Debian 8 Jessie that I got form their website and on first run it was missing Sudo line commands I had to install it after I got online.
Learn what sudo does then complain about it

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Does anybody have that infographic regarding kindles/ereaders? Also technology infographic thread maybe bcuz i lost every infographic i had
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Just pick up a Nook Simple Touch and throw a 32GB micro SD card on it. You can get them for like 40-50 bucks, and are capable of reading a shit ton of formats.
Kindle paperwhite. Awesome display, easy controls. Easy to pirate books and easy to buy books from amazon.
I have a kindle fire hd 8
is it worth to flash it with a custom rom?
if so, what custom rom?

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I would not buy one for 5$.

I am opposed to the basic principles of the Apple ecosystem--

Ever tried to make your own ringtone for an apple device? Be prepared to deal with proprietary audio formats, having to use the itunes backup feature to push the 3rd party re-encoded tune to the phone, and having to wade through literally thousands of paid endorsements to buy ringtones when you try to look up how to do it. OR-- you could just get an android phone, push any supported media file (which are industry standard formats) into the RINGTONES folder, then pick it.

Perhaps you want to do something else, like say-- play a gameboy game on your device? Oh-- sorry, no. Apple does not allow virtualized software to run on iDevices. :( It makes apple sad pandas, and they wont let those dangerous, nasty applications into the app store. It is for YOUR protection, citizen!

Why the fuck would I want a device that bends over backwards to STOP me from using it, EXCEPT in the shamelessly commercialized way the creators envisioned?

Fuck that noise.
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Iphones are really good phones though. Poorfag
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what do you mean "if"?
they're good phones, sure, if compared to basic, <$100 models

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Why is blockchain-technology, smart-contracts-stuff and decentralized autonomous organisations (DAO) not coming over economy like a hurricane? Some big companies seem to be almost made for competing against with such organizational structures, like airbnb, uber etc.
Are there any technological difficulties left or is society not ready for it yet? Or are there some economical reasons
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You mean it's DOA right?
Indeed, but why? From an evolutionary or game theoretic point of view, they make totally sense and seem to be superior.
>not centralized

What happened to the lost bitcoins from Mt Gox?

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>1920x1200 laptops are nearly non-existent
>2560x1600 monitors are $1000 business monitors

Where did it all go wrong /g/? How did glorious golden-ratio 16:10 die?
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Stupid fucking people who don't realize the relationship between resolution and aspect ratio. The niche crowd who wants 16:10 and 21:9 or 4:3 dont provide enough support for it financially so companies streamline their offerings for the typical lowest common denominator bullshit.
16:10 and 16:9 were both marketed as "full HD" so retards did not know the difference
1080p is cheaper to manufacture
Videos are 16:9
When Part 7 ended.

What's a good gaming keyboard under 30? Ballin on a budget and the one that came with my PC has like to anti-ghosting keys Amazon CA would be appreciated
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A noose.

Alternatively, bleach.
Le kys memez XD>>61317980
It's not a meme if it's true.

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Top 2 languages for beginners:
Top 2 languages for webdev(front end):
Top 2 languages for webdev(back end):
Top 2 languages for Windows general/tool use:
Top 2 languages for high performance/lanrge projects:
Top 2 languages for games from scratch:
Top 2 languages for OS creation:
Top 2 languages for hacking:
Top 2 languages for science/math:
Top 2 languages for a non-STEM academic:
Top 2 languages that are future proof:
Top 2 languages that pay the most:
Top 2 languages that are the most useless:
Top 2 languages that are the hardest to master:
Top 2 languages that are the easiest to master:
Top 2 languages dying languages:
Top 2 languages growing languages:
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C C++
visual basic

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>study computer engineering
>all those normie fags browse facebook or talk about gaymes
>literally no one is interested in computer shit, linux, embedded stuff or other, relevant shit
WHY? Why do they study stuff they are not interested in?

apu != frog
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this desu. it's funny too because most of the people actually interested in the course aren't spergs, whereas gaymers won't shut the fuck up about their autistic games.
when will this meme end
dumb frogposter

Rechargeable AA batteries and chargers /g/.
After i've fucked up the fourth charger in two year, what are the best batteries and chargers? Things that lasts and retain charge.
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Just use shit with an actual battery retard
Oh right, plenty of remotes with actual batteries dipshit.
>uses a tv
Fuck off

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