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I've been using Arch Linux for about a year now, and although I love it, I'm thinking about doing a clean install of my SSD and switching to another OS. Are there any OSes where I won't run into as many problems and have the fun yet time-consuming problems of Arch while still keeping the Pacman package manager? I have heard of Manjaro but it feels like a step down from Arch.
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Not an OS, but MSYS2 for windows uses pacman
What problems
Void Linux as something reaaaally similar bit it's way cleaner. Downside : no AUR so less software.

Give it a try, it's pretty good coming from arch !

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I think they spell color with a 'u'.
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How it fucking should be spelled
Is this a new edition/print? If so, w2c?

Found it on FDroid
Its as if you are using AOSP Web Browser

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Nice find anon

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What is the best operating system right now that ships with or puts effort into its implementation of the latest KDE Plasma desktop environment?
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KDE Neon
In that order.
After trying most of the popular ones, Manjaro.

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Why are there so many freetards on /g/? Don't they know 4chan runs on a closed-source backend?
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Doesn't matter as long as I can use 4chan without using non-free JavaScript
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>Greater good!
>I can change the problem from the inside!

Basically, they're like deluded liberals.

>390 is showing it's age, have to run 2017 games at medium now
>waited a long time for Vega because I didn't wanna support Nvidia
>Vega is barely stronger than a single 1080

Who else a diehard AMD fan switching over to Nvidia?
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Yes my friend I also once to use this "AMD" but now have great Nvidia product for use instead. It is very amazing experience and I tell to all my friends they must be buying this product.
My R9 290 finally shit the bed recently. Went with an EVGA 1080 FTW2 ICX. It seems nice. Runs cool. Now my 8350 CPU is a bottleneck though.
kys and go back to >>>/v/

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Can someone deeper into infosec confirm for me that if you attack Xen directly this thing becomes useless?

Also what's a good book on information systems and securing them so I can try for myself?
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How could you attack Xen when dom0 has no network adapter attached?

(I mean you'd have to be extra good hacker)
You insert a network adapter by attacking Xen through the weakest link template VM, which shouldn't be hard since all the templates are outdated.
Use Virtualbox :^)

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sticker thread
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i have only one tasteful small EFF sticker on the inside of my t400 by the keyboard where i can personally see and enjoy it.
on my home server i have one tasteless sticker of an autistic 2hu catgirl wearing a hat which says "cock".

no pictures because i believe doing that will steal the souls trapped inside of my electronic devices.
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>on my home server i have one tasteless sticker of an autistic 2hu catgirl wearing a hat which says "cock".
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>on my home server i have one tasteless sticker of an autistic 2hu catgir

is this you?

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Hey /g/ I'm trying to use Brutus to retrieve a password off of pof.com (plentyoffish) but I get stuck with Engaging target www.pof.com/viewrespond.aspx with HTTP (Form) anyone ever use this program know what I'm doing wrong? pic related
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Give it back Jamal.
Dunno what you mean this is for research purposes only
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how gnu are you?

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If it's so bad, why don't we hear more from enterprise against systemd and not just what seems to be mainly fat Gentoo nerds?

I ask especially because they use systemd where I work, and while I actually find it handy, declarative service files, timers, simple daemons, journalctl, etc., all the vulnerabilities that keeps cropping up makes me a bit nervous, wondering if I should start learning how to deploy *BSD or one of the more exotic GNU/Linux distros for when the shit hits the fan.
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Redhat is literally systemd
It's good for corporations, bad for individual Unix hackers.
Guess who has the money and the influence?

It's like saying "If US foreign policy is so bad, why don't we hear more criticism from the guys who know it best: politicians and generals?"
Anyway, you should use OpenBSD if you have an intel graphics laptop. You'll see the difference immediately.

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What does /g/ recommend for a gaming PC? Would purchasing a gaming laptop such as the 16/1TB 17.3" Core i7 Gaming Laptop be as good as building my own PC or is there something on the market better and cheaper?
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pick one

also >>>/g/pcbg
>What does /g/ recommend for a gaming PC?
build your own, there is a general to help you. It is also reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaly easy. It's like putting together a 10 piece lego set.
>Would purchasing a gaming laptop
Thank you comrade
Will the general tell me what parts can fit in my budget along with how well this build will perform compared to other builds of the same price

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I remember the times when folks from Antartica send "I Kiss You" selfies to Mahir.
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fuck off faggot
Yeah, I remember mahir. I also remember the first (afaik) internet meme "x ate my balls", where the first x was Mr. T, and then later was Elmo, Spice Girls, and various other celebrities.
fuck off faggot

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Post your filthy insides

Updated photo edition
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do you happen to have a katana collection?
I don't, but thanks for asking.

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>FreeBSD/TrueOS more downloaded than Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Arch and Solus
when did you realize normies moved to *BSD?
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>implying popularity on distrowatch is based on number of downloads
you are mistaken and this thread sucks.
are you pretending to be an idiot or what?

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I'm trying to get multiple monitors running in jewbuntu but it's not going well because I have them plugged into different sources. My main monitor is plugged into my GPU but the secondary is plugged into the iGPU on my Asus mobo, and gnu plus linux throws a fucking fit. It'll recognize it long enough to throw a xubuntu splash screen up, but afterwards, nothing doing. Windows 7 is working fine, however.

I don't really have any options here. It can't be plugged in anywhere else, and I'm not very well going to buy a DisplayPort to VGA adapter. I've googled around for some time now, and all the ass bandits on forums are willing to say is the standard "ummm you dont need to be able to do that...... banned, troll"
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pic unrelated
the guy in your picture is Forgoth, from morrowind (he is part of the quest, Forgoth's hiding place)
install arandr

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