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>whatwg removed beforescriptexecuted/afterscriptexecuted events from the HTML5 standard because webkit/blink didn't implement it (gecko had those since Firefox 4)
>these events allow control over what scripts your browser executes
>servo already removed them
>gecko/Firefox has a pending bug to remove them
>this allows e.g. to block <script> tags webjews use to add anti-adblock scripts
>tfw chrome dictates what will be in the fucking standard
>tfw chrome jews don't want you to have control over JavaShit in your browser

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It's even worse. Anti AD block companies are now using the DMCA to remove their pages from the adblock lists:
Start filtering from the router or firewall level
time to move adblock lists to zeronet/ipfs/darknet/similar

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I've heard snide comments here and there, mostly related to it being overly simple.But is there anything actually wrong with it? Is it the worst thing ever? Is it JavaScript bad?
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for what it is, it's pretty damn good. for .NET or Java or C++ people it's not nearly enough.

therefore it entirely depends on whether you think it's a one-size-fits-all language or not.
>static types, but no generics
>no exception
would rather use javascript/10
t. pajeet

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>still no dedicated 4chan app in Windows store
Has Microsoft failed?
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Let's do it, I'll make the logo
that will probably be the most important step, keep us up to date anon
What is sage reader?

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stop not using i3wm
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Who is this
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its me anon
but muh guhnome

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Can you reverse image search someone's picture to find there Facebook page?
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When did haunches like dumplings become an ideal for sexual attractiveness?
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What's the matter anon? Can't handle a REAL woman?
why don't you just try it

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There's a match that's starting in a few minutes. So I open up my laptop (running Arch Linux) and try to find a good stream. I find a Acestream link and it's full HD. I'm lucky today.

So I go ahead and try to install acestream. Easy. I'm on Arch Linux. The AUR is my friend.

pacaur -S acestream-player

And then it settles in. It's compiling everything. No, you're not following, I mean everything. It's cloning qt, vlc, ffmpeg, and a hundred other libraries. It's been compiling everything under the sun for about 20 minutes and I'm honestly not even sure how far the progress is.

This fucking does it. Linux is a fucking scam. I'm going back to Windows. How the fuck do you retards put up with this crap? I just booted up my computer and installed Acestream in under a minute.
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>hey everybody, i'm a retard, i use arch and can't >use pacman

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Perl or python?
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Why not both?

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>Open new router
>GNU pamphlet falls out of box

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attempted to scan a pic using a mac at work (Because they prefer to do things in 10 steps instead of 2) Comes out in some weird format JP2. Convert to good old American JPEG. Drag and drop to thumb drive. Thumb driove blank. Attempt 3 more times until finally deciding to email it. Email comes through with blank attachment. Switch to PC. JPEG saves to thumb drive and is readable because IT JUST WORKS.
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>Comes out in some weird format JP2
The fuck are you even doing
.jp2 is jpeg2000, it's used in places where plain old jpeg doesn't cut it, like digital cinema or medical imagery
>so retarded he managed to fuck up retard-proof software

How do you guys hide your code?
From C++ to CSS... i try to make it as unreadable as possible, since your browser needs the CSS file.

Any way from mine to hide css?
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Fuck off retard. Baby want spoonfeed? Baby want spoonfeed?
Stop trying to spread non-free software.
how is the browser supposed to render the css if you hide it

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Download (1).jpg
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lets say i lost my key for my windows 7 ultimate edition ;) can somebody help me to get it "back" :P
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This is either terrible bait or your first day on a polynesian tapioca board
Fuck off, Nigger.

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All of the nothing.jpg
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So what's the best terminal out there? I used to use terminator but I feel it's a bit bloated, I would just use the default terminal for XFCE4 but it's missing a lot of features I use, any suggestions?
>Pic unrelated
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I'm using urxvt right now. It's basically unusable without configuration though.
Use ST from suckless.Its code is small and simple and most functionalities you'll want are either already built in or can be added trough patches.
>I would just use the default terminal for XFCE4 but it's missing a lot of features I use
out of curiosity, what features do you use that xfce4-terminal is missing?

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>PM'd you the fix ;)
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>nvm fixed it
>thread closed
Wow, you just copied this thread from /v/

@johnnie03 is following you!

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Let's have em
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That looks like a good cooler for a 65w CPU, not 220w.
FX 9590? the thing is rated for 140w , so dont expect much , but it shud cool it , just not under full load for very long
that cooler is really fucking good tho , stupidly silent
what kind of 65w chips do you have ?

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Do you like browsing the web on a smartphone?
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Not particularly. Lots of sites do a terrible job with mobile layout.
It's better than using disgusting public computers, or carrying a laptop around, at least.
This. It's convenient but in most cases I'd rather be on a computer

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