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If you aren't into social media is there any point of having a tablet?
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Yes. So i can store thousands of books on it and leave the shelves in my limited space home only for what i find is really really valuable shit that deserves to be kept in physical form;
so I can write papers, make sketches, and not have to fill my surroundings with paper waste everywhere;
and last but not least, because what i write i can also label and put tags on the page, and quickly search and find it instead of wasting time flipping pages in physical noteblooks and papers.

To clarify, I don't need a tablet, I need a fucking e-reader with much more superior battery life with the ability to write with a stylus which has the most intelligently designed palm-rejection software possible.
Have a laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Laptop is for work and surfing.

Tablet is for reading, shopping and games.

Smartphone is dedicated to calling and texting, and occasional toilet surfing and conversation research (images, links to products a friend wants knowledge about, etc.)

Just organize yourself and everything has a place and purpose.
reading books - desu that's all I use mine for,

Saying that, its great for it.

People need to realize that their ideas suck.
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I love how the screen turned prograssively more pink
id buy it
visual design is not technology

I thought Chrome/Chromium was good, until I saw this.
> "Search Google for this image" menu is missing if Google is not default search engine

The fact that Chromium developers client-side-disable a feature based on a client-side setting, which totally could be subverted through having a headache of some changing of Chromium sources, makes me reevaluate them as unethical, unscrupulous.
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Bump. What are your thoughts? Would it be adequate to expect something like this?
Well it's Google what do you expect, blowjobs? Go fork it or go home
This is a firefox board

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>Have GF 8800GT and Dual Core 2160 and P5Q pro mobo.
>Have Core 2 duo quad Q6600 as well in the box, but not sure if it works
>GF8800 GT gets broken
>Have doubts whether should I go for new GPU and reanimate my old computer with Core 2 Quad or buy entire new set.

Due to that, I have the following questions:

>Which option is better when it comes to money/result? If I wanted to upgrade my current system, I would have to buy more RAM as well, since I only have 2 GB @ 800 mhz now. Also: P5Q can only handle at most 1200 mhz DDR2, so that's my limit with upgrading my current stuff. In total, with some GF 750Ti GTX, I would pay for that more or less 200$.
>If I wanted to reanimate my dead PC, I would have to check if that Q6600 works properly. My old GPU is currently stripped from all of it's former cooling system and I'm wondering whether I need to put it back, before I start my computer again, since it will burn instantly without cooling or can I go into BIOS for a couple of minutes without fans on and it will handle it, as long as I don't play Witcher 2 on it?

>inb4 why do you want to attach broken GPU, if it's broken

It shows me artifacts on the whole screen, but other than that it works.
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Give us a clear goal.
What do you want to do with a computer?
At this point, I'd say just sell it as a set and get a new desktop with new, low end parts - it will still BTFO that old mess.
OP, If your GPU shows artifacts but still works. Bake it, legit. The 8800's and 9800's could be thrown in the oven and revived.

Take off your cooler, put down 4 balls of foil for it to rest on. Set oven at like 385 and put card in for 10mins. Let it cool off for 30 or so mins and try it again.
forgot to mention have the chip it's self facing down.

I've done this before and it did wonders for my 8800GTX

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When did you realize /g/ was filled with goolag shills and larpers from reddit who are trying to subvert this board using our own tactics like they did with /pol/?

Check this thread

now check
Pic related
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I once heard evil things about AJAX, DOM manipulation, the Math module and other browser features
It took you that long to change IP..?
Don't you fear the sqrt() function too, anon?

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Does it matter which sim card I go for if I don't want to go for a contract on my samsung S7?
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go for one that "supports" the bands your phone supports. they have differences of kilobytes on their size with every generation, so it's either botnet and tracking mechanisms or some enabling feature to use all the antennae a provider has

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Someone make this a webextension so we can fight the botnet

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Alternatively, you could just use Waterfox and not worry about it.

Also, is that guy not updating it?

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great mistake
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>in order to clean dust from my laptop fan, I must open the case, which will void the warranty
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cause you bought a cucktop
Should've bought a cumpad.
So you bring it to their expensive repair service for every little thing and they get more shekels.

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Why did people switch from adblock plus to umeme origin? It's not much faster and blocks exactly the same.
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>It's not much faster
it is
>blocks exactly the same.
it doesn't. it's based on your filter lists
>ubo doesn't hog resources like adblock
>it doesn't automatically "whitelist" websites that pay up
to answer your question
>Why did people switch from adblock plus to umeme origin?
I'm guessing it's because of sites like reddit telling everyone to switch over
Actually, adblock is faster on portable flash or older mechanical drives. ublock has ridiculous amounts of disk io.
>It's not much faster and blocks exactly the same.
>Contrary to Adblock Plus, µBlock does not inject all the generic cosmetic filters into each page and each embedded frames on a page, and this is why pages load faster with µBlock, and this is why the memory footprint of the web pages themselves is significantly smaller with µBlock than with Adblock Plus.

Which one?
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Rust or Bust
Rust needs more time to be a serious contender. I know it already is the next in line but it's still juvenile, while C++ is the dominant language for now.

When C++ ages, Rust will automatically come up as a valid alternative. It already has a good public perception among new devs

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Just download ubuntu because it just werkz, what am I in for ?
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the same disappointment your mom feels for you
A lifetime of slavery because you will get addicted to the convienience that GNU/Linux gives.

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Yeah this is ridiculous. What could drive them to do this? Not adnauseum, dont even have it installed. I think we need to move away from recaptcha
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looks like you've become part of a botnet time to format and install gentoo
just turn it off from site settings

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>tfw switched from IDE to AHCI after 8 years
just after watching tip from Techquickie
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Mfw still haven't got a 16:9 main monitor
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It's about damn time OP

New semester. Pretty excited. Does /g/ have an opinion on which books I should read front to back?
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oh look, another book collector
Yet you will never fully read all of that
> All these low level aryan books


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