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>website has smooth scrolling
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>website "scrolls a entire page" with each bump in the scroll wheel
haha sex
oh wow i sure am glad u have that cartoon to tell me how u feel abt things

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This is how you awake the Programmer Inside you!
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Quality thread
Why do white people resemble swine so much?
I don't know /pol/ You tell me.

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okay guys so i just got kali linux any good guides for how to use it for a beginner
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No, because it's not for beginners.
install gentoo
Don't install Kali Linux.

name a program you like and use that is not written in C or C++
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Do games count?

>tfw games don't count
So far it looks like the only non-C/C++ program I have is FL Studio.

I'm in the market for a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard. Cherry MX or Chinese knockoffs, but I do not like green or blue switches. Brown/Red are ideal, but black and clear are also great.

Backlighting is a huge bonus (white or RGB), but not necessary.

The lower the price the better (preferably <$100)

Any recommendations?
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Motospeed CK 101.
Also, what keyboard(s) are you using? What do you like about them?

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Is there a Linux equivalent for smartphones? How do I get it?
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Android is loonix lol
>Retard here

Try Jolla.

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how do you imagine tech will have progressed in 50 years time?
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a lot
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noot noot
We will probably have better memes

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>/g/ will defend this communist loon
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He's really just a CWC that channeled his autism for "good"
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Don't bully RMS, he's autistic but he's a good natured boy.

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>Sign up for “The New Internet” and create an account by using your Drivers License and Social media accounts. Once done, you are ready to surfThe New Internet.
>Everyone is Authenticatedon The New Internet and therefore held accountable for their actions so you are safe once again on the Internet.
>It is easy after you sign up and download the software for your gateway to The New Internet you are free to surf while rating and commenting all webpages on the internet while knowing each and every user is real.
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>real identity
I don't even rate shit with my psuedo-anonymous identity. People get sued for that shit. I don't need that in my life.
>the people behind this are anti-/pol/

It's time you stopped hating /pol/ and start supporting them.
three stars. not a meaningful interaction

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How can /g/entoomen protect themselves from this future?

>The year is 2050. Encryption is still banned by most Western countries.

>human microchip program is in full swing
>Google's BrainLink neural interface is unveiled, prompting concerns that people will be able to encrypt their memories and communicate in secret with each other, which is against the law
>two United States Congressmen try to push for the decriminalization of encryption but suddenly become embroiled in two completely separate yet simultaneous sex scandals as they're writing the bill
>a California man is arrested for growing his own vegetables without a permit
>Microsoft announces the next version of Windows360 will have a new feature called "PersonalEncryption" which allows the user to encrypt their files on the cIoud through a legal loophole which stipulates that Microsoft and the government must have the encryption keys; mainstream media hails this as a great privacy feature
>the United Emirates of Great Britain and Northern Ireland announce that under concerns of safety, all new systems must have remote desktop enabled by default and be connected to government servers; European Parliament members consider making this an EU-wide law
>most Linux distributions are now banned
>superSSD (SSSD) and superSATA (SSATA) connections allow such fast transfer speeds that the US President says he will make them mandatory for all systems by 2060, after which a law will be passed to make it mandatory for all data to be copied from your laptop or tablet whenever you pass a security checkpoint; as part of TTIP and TPP, European and Asian countries are expected to follow suit with these regulations
>4chan announces the death of its founder, Christopher Poole, who died in his Philippine beach house; the memorial thread on /b/ gets over 9000 upvotes
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The only ways are to an hero, or travel back in time and stop all this shit (impossible)
Move to Japan
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>Google and MS ever going against the law

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Does /g/ repair hardware?
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No, that age is over.
Very minor stuff. It mostly comes down to supplies. I can't be bothered to stock surface mount components or wait for them to ship. I'll do some light soldering or component replacements though.

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Next year im going to this Homedepot codeathalon thing with my school mates, and it got me thinking.

Lets suppose the denizens of /g/ were locked into a 24 - hour, lock in style, death match codeathalon. You may complete any task they give you with any code languages you know. You have no team, you are just by yourself. You may bring your own rig, as well as anything else with you. You can order food from any fast food joint, or bring your own, and you can work at your own pace.

What would you do to edge ahead of the other anons? What edge would bring to the table? What OS and equipment would you bring?
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Why is home depot sponsoring a programming contest?
I think the general /g/ edge would be the logo
Sorry, what do you mean?

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Ah yes, another shitty meme that /g/ kept forcing.

Do not buy fucking heatsinks, especially the NH-D15 which everyone keeps shilling.

This thing fucking VIBRATES and makes a lot of fucking noise when you screw and attach the fans properly.

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>im too retarded to read a manual and follow instructions
nice try pajeet
werks on my machine

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/g/,the /b/ is calling for help.We want to make another iOS "feature"-like the Wave.We need help so head over to /b/!
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shut the fuck up and go back to /b/

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>all the communities you used to be part of before social media became the cancer it is today are dead
>our fellow site users are now using facebook for everything

Is there a any exceptions to this? Are there any internet forums / communities still alive using their original mediums?
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Nah, everything is dead. If you can somehow take down the Facebook the other Mr. Robot style, there is no hope in sight.
IRC will never die! (And the lack of accessibility will keep the normies out)

name a single channel that is worth joining and isn't death

I double nigger dare you

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