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more of a toy for rich peoples kids than anything practical.. Kuri is a 700 dollar robot set to release around christmas.

It doesnt speak (so no creepy robot voice) and it has about 3 hours battery life. Its main selling points are that it can monitor your house while youre away and be a kids toy basically.

So basically its like a rumba without the vacuuming and it will return to charging station when out of battery. What I'm interested in are the actual tech specs. I build robots.

What kind of computer is in this thing? will it use machine learning?

thanks for reading my blog
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>no corporate espionage capabilities
Straight to the trash. Parent company goes bankrupt before new years.
Wow this thing sounds awesome. I think I will get one for my son.
But what does it do

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Hello. I'm building a PC and I've bought a monitor for it, a 27 inch 1440p/165Hz IPS panel by AOC, AG271QG. It's pretty cheap for the specs, I've checked it by plugging it in my laptop's HDMI (the other PC parts won't arrive for a while) and there's no dead pixels, the colors really pop after years of using a cheap laptop TN panel, however when I read about the backlight bleed testing and put on a completely black picture - well, it does bleed that yellow backlight, definitely not just IPS glow. The photo exaggerates it somewhat, but it's there. Isn't noticeable during watching videos, but is when the screen is completely black. The question is - should I really care? I mean, from what I read on the net almost all IPS panels bleed to some extent. I've seen pictures and mine doesn't look to be terrible. If I return it, I might get a worse one, right? Or should I try one of those fixes people post, like shoving a credit card between the bezel and the panel? Seems risky, it just makes it worse for some people.

What's your opinion?
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Here's the picture where I circled the areas where it's actually noticeable (on a black background) - there are two small areas on the bottom of the monitor, two on top and the upper right is the biggest area (but it's kind of pale compared to the more intense but smaller spots).
its shit shitty shit probably made by AU optronics.

Find something with an LG or Samsung IPS panel
Yeah but those are going to cost more. And as I understand the bleed is because the bezel isn't in close enough contact with the panel, or something like that?

What would you recommend?

Dear /g/
What should I dual boot my thinkpad with?
I have windows 7 pro and would like to add another OS to dual boot- I would also like to run VM's on the additional OS. And Im also trying to pursue a career in security.
Thanks in advance
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Xubuntu or Ubuntu MATE or Linux Mint Cinnamon
fuck d00l booting. install ubuntu and struggle thru the change. Every problem or question with ubuntu can be found thru google. its amazing. and then you learn how linux werks . it can be done, i believe in you
I've installed Ubuntu stand alone before installing windows 7 again. Im assuming it will be the same experience if I dual boot it?

Thanks, I'll look into them

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>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread - >>61453503
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This thread is claimed by Beyerdynamic
Too lewd!

i approve of this post

also /csg/ has the best headphones !

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Name another computer company that was courageous enough to make socks.

You can't.
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What the fuck are those? I couldn't fit one on my big toe. Those socks are for babies.
Maybe it's because you're a useless tripfag.
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Oh yeah? Well your socks are useless. Shove them up your butthole, gay boy.

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> https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-07-18/ethereum-co-founder-says-crypto-coin-market-is-ticking-time-bomb

> http://www.businessinsider.com/ethereum-price-cofounder-says-ticking-time-bomb-2017-7

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the guy probably got bought by a jew
fuck cryptos though
Yea cuz shits bout to BLOW UP
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Ethereum Suddenly Crashes 20% Amid Chatter Of More ICO Fraud; But Goldman Sees Bitcoin Testing $3000



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So /go/oyim, it's common knowledge that this place doesn't know about tech for shit. Gaming benchmarks, consumerism, tech support threads, all run rampant. Microcontroller threads die in minutes with half the posters using Arduinos.
So my question is, where do I migrate to, so that I can still get my dose of good tech tinkering, hacking and news?
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Just quit

Anyone still use e-ink readers here?

Can anyone recommend any of the current gen? Kindle, Kobo, ???

How do you like the major stores, and how hard is it to use a e-reader from one with books from the other?
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Do not fall for the kindle botnet, get a kobo and learn to use calibre.
that is it.
nah only paid shills ask such jewish questions

those devices are shit btw

you can go to a fucking library and get the bible or mein kampf or how to install jewbuntu in 4 easy steps
Yes, I have a Kindle and I love it.

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Help /g/ why i cant select 60hz in my TV? 50hz its the max settings, also i can select [email protected]
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Your cable. Try something not shit

Also not your personal tech support forum

Just asking men
Flip the 50/60 Hz switch on the GPU

What is the point of Firefox Focus. I can't download anything and the catalog doesn't work on 4chan.
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You have to focus
It helps u focus on what's important in life instead of browsing 4chan :)

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my G500s(reskinned version of the "Perfect" G500) has started giving up the ghost after about 3 and a half years of use. Once every 2 minutes it will turn off for a few seconds. This becomes incredibly irritating when I'm playing video games(Yes I'm mentally retarded.) This seems to be due to planned obsolesence by logitech, I treated it perfectly and I guess the only way that they can get people to buy more of their shitty mice?

So my question. Is there any tech companies that dont use these dirty tactics to get more returning customers?

On a side note, I need a new mouse that wont go to shit so quickly. I want at least 10 years and I dont see why (other than by an intentional defect) it shouldn't be able to last that long.
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Buy a mouse with a replaceable chord. I suggest the G700. Chords go bad due to flex/etc. When those fix cables die, you're s.o.l. Nothing is actually wrong w/ the mouse, just the cable. The G700's cable can be replaced with a standard micro usb cable. Chord goes bad after 3 years of use, junk it and replace with another $5 cable.

best wishes desu
You sure the cable isn't just fucked? I replaced it on my G400, the mouse itself is still in flawless working condition now, like 6 years later or something.
you did not treat it perfectly if you are playing games.

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Is it really a /tv/ meme or is it incrediblly easy to track someone as long as they have Bluetooth on and you somehow pair it?
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dont rape her jamal
This ain't one of those threads.

Been watching person of interest and every god damn time they wanna track someone
>dude just pair with his Bluetooth

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Stupid Questions Thread
Thread for stupid questions, since nobody can read the sticky.
Not kosher or halal, subhumans are welcome this edition to celebrate McCain's brain tumor. What a great day.
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I want to assign specific inputs to my joystick buttons but I need to assign several different inputs and i want to use the analog stick as a modifier. So for example, if I have four face buttons on the right side, each of them has their own input, but when I move the stick to the left, they become four different inputs, and again when I move it to the right, etc. etc.

Up until now I've been using joy2key but it doesn't seem to have this functionality. Does there exist a program that can do this, and if now what would be a good language to make one in?
Why are we celebrating McCain's brain tumor? Is this thread literally cancer? What's with the Xena pics?
Traitorous McCain's going to be drug to hell by the 60 US airforce men he had killed. First we get to see him truly suffer.

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>old thinkpad
>Windows 7 installed
>boots in literally 1 minute
>time to install GNU/Linux
>burn a USB
>put the USB on the thinkpad
>boots in 6 seconds
>is still just the USB
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>burn a USB
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images (20).jpg
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>not having Windows 10 which boots in 10 seconds
>not having DirectX
damn son
nice try

How bad is your PC /g?
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R7 260x

remind me to never again fall for the AMD budget build meme
Wouldn't the integrated GPU in that APU be better than the shitty 610?
With R3 on the way you should be good for a real budget AMD build

traps are gay etcetcetc

Honestly no, the difference is tiny but notable

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