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Last thread >>61717481
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Why does my windows guest under proxmox show the real RAM usage thanks to virtio, but fails to free RAM to the host system? since if I htop I see constantly the full max RAM being reserved.
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Is there any way to import all torznab links with categories directly to sonarr? or do I really have to go through like 40 links manually?
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How much quieter are 5400rpm hard drives compared to 7200rpm drives?

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>Big fixes and performance improvements
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>Big fixes
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>Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

I want to get an extra hard drive for me to backup my anime and music.

I do not care about read/write speeds.
I only care about drive lifespan.

What models do you suggest?
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Wd external
the cloud
i have a 10 KB/s upload speed and ~820GB of anime and music

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Is there ANY reliable method for ad blocking on android?
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You mean for YouTube videos or apps?
Web browsing and the YouTube app, primarily.
I use adaway. It works well on web but sometimes YouTube ad's get through

Could the threadripper packaging be anymore retarded?
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>His CPU packaging doesn't look like the Eye of Sauron

lmao look at this fag.

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Yo, I have been given a chinese headphone amp, the valve in it has a good top end but the base sucks. It says it's an PCC85 but i doubt it really is. I don't know much about values so what can I replace it with for better sound?

Thanks /g/
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serbian HM6
>Using an amp that changes the sound

Kys, pleb

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One of the key machines in Home Depot running Windows 10
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That's windows 8.1 you stupid fuck
Who gives a fuck fag, it's not much different and still a botnet.

WOAH you mean a MACHINE can run an OPERATING SYSTEM???????

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>Btrfs has been deprecated
>The Btrfs file system has been in Technology Preview state since the
>initial release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Red Hat will not be
>moving Btrfs to a fully supported feature and it will be removed in
>a future major release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
>The Btrfs file system did receive numerous updates from the upstream
>in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 and will remain available in the Red
>Hat Enterprise Linux 7 series. However, this is the last planned
>update to this feature.
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So ZFS won?
Old news, dumb frogposter.
i still use the good old ext4 so i dont care but how its dead when RHEL/CentOS drop it, its not the only distro on the world

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A few days late, but added Ryzen 3. 1300X only, as the 1200 does not seem to be worth it, particularly for gaming-focused builds. How does this look?
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Suggestions, comments, and criticisms are all welcome.
Maybe link your fucking spreadsheet if you want to make a thread about it faggot
fuck off with your spam falcon
your home address and identity are easy to finally also

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>/g/ recommends HGST Ultrastar
>look up HGST Ultrastar
>billion different models

If /g/ recommends something, just do the opposite thing.
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Get the NAS models. Those have the best lifespan and performance measurements. Everything else is a meme or targetted at data centers.
over half are sas, so that should narrow it down for retards
Get the drives with bigger platters, means less moving parts.

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What's /g/'s thinkpad of choice?
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the motorola xeforce from big mommas on potomac
I want an x1 carbon 5th but am poorfag
Posting in this thread from a T420

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For the superior pointer option.
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I am using this one at work, but I use a normal mouse at home.
Just took a chance on an Elecom trackball, works pretty nice as a mouse alternative to use in bed
i hate things like this, ive always physically moved my mouse to move the pointer, if i keep my hand stationary i get a really bad cramp.

Any of you still have a house phone? Why?
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yes, because I'm not a povertyfag
I got AT&T to setup a hard line but the dumb fucks never hurried it and then comcast accidentally cut it when they put in their cable.
nah but my dorm did
useful for calling McDonald's late at night

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Is it safe to put your anime pics on google drive? Let's say some of them are varying degrees of lewd.
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>trusting google with any data.

i dont know
i assume you want to take advantage of the unlimited storage of photos
if not just upload them in truecrypt containers or encrypted 7z folders

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What's the best way to learn Programming, Networking, Security from the ground up??
>passed compTIA A+
>passed compTIA networking+
>passed compTIA security+
>passed compTIA linux+
>passed compTIA server+
>have associates and 4 credits from bachelors in comp sci
>probably(i think) could pass casp but haven't yet
>never had an actual job doing anything but helping others
>still don't know exactly how networks/security, or even computers in general, work on a fundamental level. i feel like i don't understand something basic, but don't know exactly what it is
with all the classes i've taken and all the books i've read i should understand more intuitively. what am i missing? is there a good place to go to start at the bottom? starting from learning everything about how computers and networks work. i've read a bunch of "basics" and "dummy" books but i feel like i need to be able to set everything up myself and build all the programs myself in order to really be able to understand
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>What's the best way to learn Programming, Networking, Security from the ground up

Start doing CTFs if you want to get good. Start networking if you want a job.
read the rest of OP. i've practiced plenty. doesn't help with what i'm looking for. it's kind of like a person who practices replacing hard drives or other components that go bad but still doesn't really understand what's inside or how they work
not worried about a job, really. i just want to fully understand what i'm doing. no one i ask even knows the answers to my questions. i want to know every in and out. how to build the hardware & software i'm using

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