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>awful for gaming
>terrible for mining
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>tfw Vega 64 costs 100 euros more than a 1080
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pls sir support the underdog

Would this be the ultimate portable machine?
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>too heavy for a tablet
>Too big for a phone
>Too small for a laptop
>Not ergonomic enough for handheld gaming
>Optical zoom wasted on shit sensor
Sounds like a giant waste of time and money
>2 minutes of battery life
No. The ultimate portable machine kills humans.

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Can we get a recent acquisitions thread/ reverse buyers remorse(buyers satisfaction?) thread?

I picked up this chink projector. Doesnt even have a brand name. Its great wish I got a projector way earlier now.
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post link and is it possible to replace the lamp? If yes, how expensive?
Picked it up for $200 .I dont think you can replace the lamp. https://www.amazon.com/Projector-Portable-Rechargeable-Wireless-Connectivity/dp/B01NH0GDOC
stop shilling shit products

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What does /g/ think of eOS? I've been using it for a couple of months now and its fast and quite stable
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Crippled Ubuntu
Crippled how?

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hey /g/ im a Win10cuck and recently got this message along with the ACTIVATE FAGGOT watermark on the right hand of the screen.
I originally used the disability upgrade from W7 activated with MSToolkit awhile back and didn't get either of these messages til recently. What is the best means for activating this pile of shit?, do any of the tools still function for W10 installs? or am I better off trying to find a key for sale that I can just use to activate, only ones I see however are OEM keys which i'm not too sure will even work.
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dazloader, you need to join the forum it is on to get it.
I've used it before, but does Dazloader support W10 installs? I thought it only supported W7? and by forum do you mean MDL?
Go to the Store to buy genuine Windows

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Greatest programmer of all time?
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Why does he look like Obama with Downs
Somebody please email this to Terry posing to be his long lost Nigerian family. Help Terry accept his CIA nigger heritage.
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Is that Ed Davis, son of former professional basketball player Terry Davis?

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serveimage (7).jpg
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Thoughts on this?
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future archeologists and historians would be rightfully embarrassed for our retarded era
>gayming mug stand
>rgb backlight
>only avaiable for good goy points
It's like a way to tell someone is retarded enough to buy razer products, and on top of that buy enough from them to get this… thing.
But we already have the Juicero

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Is an antivirus worth the resources it takes up, or is windows defender enough?
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Common Sense 2018 Pro Edition is all you need.
not when you need 700DollarProgramForFree.exe to run

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Been searching and can't find the info I'm looking for so thought I'd ask here.

Definitely getting an RX Vega 56 if I can find one. They're easily overclocked to Vega 64 levels. But the main question is does using Ryzen give it a performance boost? If so 5 vs 7 boost?

All the benchmark fuckups are using Intel for their benchmarking. Any info is greatly appreciated.
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Linus had some testing using an 1800X. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OU5kcRUpEks
>. But the main question is does using Ryzen give it a performance boost?
No. GPUs do not magically gain anything from being paired with a CPU manufactured by the same company.
B-but muh corez...

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Does anyone have actual proof of the botnet claims? Yeah I know that someone swapped the ISO files with malware once, but I'm talking about Windows tier proof of telemetry botnet bullshit. I downloaded Mint and I haven't had any problems yet. Got all my software installed, drivers updated, shit werks. Trying to drop Windows for good, but still wanna play Steam vidya games and use proprietary drivers. Already tested CodeBlocks and eclipse, all werks great.

Where is the botnet? Where are the privacy/security concerns? I need proof.
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Nobody has ever seriously claimed that Mint is a botnet

The maintainers however are retarded, and the distro is functionally broken beyond basic use. Most Linux users aren't willing to trust the Mint guys to not royally fuck something up and put their users at risk, so they avoid using it.
It's still a good step up from Windows, but when you start trying to use it to learn more about Linux, don't blame Linux when everything falls apart - it's Mint's fault.
No iso files were swapped.
The download link was altered.
Somebody assuming that webpages and iso files are served from the same machine is probably a good indication they don't know what they're talking about in the first place.
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What distro do you recommend? I need a daily driver for programming/running steam vidya games. Something stable. I so familiar with apt-get that I am afraid to switch to other derivatives. I certainly do want to learn more about Linux and how things work rather than just some mindless consumer. While I don't mind tinkering with the system for hours on end, I also need something reliable and stable for schoolwork.

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How can we implement this ( >>61890785 ) on openwrt?

i installed the packages "ipset" and "kmod-ipt-ipset"
then copied this into the firewall

ipset -N brazil hash:net
wget -P . http://www.ipdeny.com/ipblocks/data/countries/br.zone
for i in $(cat ./br.zone ); do ipset -A brazil $i; done
iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m set --match-set brazil src -j DROP
echo "Brazil is blocked"

i still can access brazilian websites
what am i doing wrong senpai
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Bump. Interested.
This belongs on wsr

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>powerhouse with two (2) 8-pin connectors
>draws twice as much as a 1080 (more if liquid cooled)
>temperatures are skyhigh
>performance is sub-par even when compared to 1070



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Thoughts on this?
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RISC-V is comfy as fuck. 10/10 would use. Beats SPARC or MIPS, and hopefully won't be the devicetree/out-of-tree kernel clusterfuck that is ARM.

I plan on using it; maybe or maybe not this exact core.
I would love it to be successful, but I don't have my hopes up

What are some areas in which to find good /g/ainful employment?
That is, something that
>is interesting (intellectually, technologically, mathematically and/or scientifically)
>pays well
>actually contributes to society, and isn't just masturbation (ie algo-trading bs)

Seems like 99% of tech jobs nowadays is just pointless, soul-sucking waste of time like making gay hook-up apps, bloated as fuck websites or Pajeet level Java business software.
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ML/AI is the hottest new meme that fits your requirements, you need to be quite autistic to enjoy it though.
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You could be some kind IT manager at a doggo shelter and help them find homes for doggos in some capacity. Then, when you're not working, you could pet and gib treats to the doggos that no one loves yet.
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network engineering

>is interesting
if you like networking, that depends on you
>pays well
if you know your shit, which usually correlates with your liking of networking
>actually contributes to society
if you work for a carrier you enable all kinds of socially relevant groups to work together (hospitals, fire departments, ...)

the catch is, you don't get into network engineering without network engineering experience, so usually you got into touch with it at your former job (jack of all trades sysadmin usually)
also its high stress, if you fuck up, everything goes down, surgeries have to be delayed, etc

hello im looking for a alright computer to browse and run low end games like runescape and shit like that. i know nothing about computers it the a good price for 350
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you can do better at this price range
That is a complete waste of money for $350
That's worth $50 at most.

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