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Installing Win10 on an old laptop (2ghz T7200, 2gb ram, 100gb 7200RPM HDD), I opted for the 32bit version.

Is there any way to make this shit usable?
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Install something else
Should be running just fine. Have you tried not dribbling on the keyboard?
Nah, it's for an older person that's most comfortable with this OS. I tried installing elementaryOS but it was just too clunky of a UI compared to Windows.

7 works fine on this, but I was hoping on some debloat guide from /g/. I gotta say, for picking up 10 year old drivers, Win 10 is the man.

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>Systemd is an exploit kit just waiting to be activated. And once it is active, only those who wrote it will be able to defuse it — and check whether it is defused. And it is starting: How to crash systemd in one tweet? Alternatives? Use OpenRC for system services. That’s simple and fast and full-featured with minimal fuss. Use runit for process supervision of user-services and system-services alike.

Systemd: The Biggest Fallacies
>13 fallacies used by systemd shills to promote the use of systemd:

>[...]In a September 2014 ZDNet interview, prominent Linux kernel developer Theodore Ts’o expressed his opinion that the dispute over systemd’s centralized design philosophy, more than technical concerns, indicates a dangerous general trend toward uniformizing the Linux ecosystem, alienating and marginalizing parts of the open-source community, and leaving little room for alternative projects. In this he found similarities with the attitude he found in the GNOME project toward non-standard configurations. On social media, Ts’o also later compared the attitudes of two key developers to that of GNOME’s developers.

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>My problem with this is that the order in which services are started should, in my opinion, be exactly the same each time and predictable to the sysadmin. With systemd, the order is not deterministic, so you don’t know what’s going to happen next time you boot. I work with servers and embedded devices; I don’t care much about boot time. A server spends several minutes in the BIOS during POST anyway, before the bootloader is even run; making the OS boot faster doesn’t change very much. Embedded devices already start quickly because you trim them down to the bare minimum. What I care about is that every time I boot, the same exact things happen in the same exact order — the order that I want.

>It seems no one can agree on whether systemd is modular or not. I think the problem is with different definitions of ‘modularity’. Systemd doesn’t put everything in PID 1 like some people suggest; it uses modules that communicate with each other. So it is modular in that sense. But these modules are very tightly integrated. You can’t easy remove some of them, or replace them with other things. So in that sense it is very monolithic. This is not at all like having a simple interface and passing data via stdin and stdout, which is the modularity that makes UNIX pipes possible. This is the sense that matters to me.

>[...]I dislike the way systemd is absorbing everything. It’s not just an init system, it’s become an everything-under-the-hood includes-the-kitchen-sink management system. That doesn’t feel modular to me. Why should systemd implement NTP when ntpd already exists? I think systemd-timesyncd and all the others like it are just reinventing the wheel.

Full article: https://bsdmag.org/randy_w_3/
Topic: Systemd is not an init system!!
If someone characterizes systemd as an “init system,” you may safely assume that s/he is either utterly clueless or deliberately obfuscating the discussion. Calling systemd an init system is like calling an automobile a cup holder. Not even Lennart Poettering pretends that systemd is anything but the “Core OS” (sic).

What systemd is is an effort to re-create large portions of existing userspace (including login, job scheduling, and networking, just to name a few) inside a single process traditionally reserved for the sole purpose of starting *nix userspace. (Just in case it isn't clear, there is a huge difference between starting userspace (init) and being userspace (systemd).)

At the end of the day, how one perceives this re-creation of existing userspace strongly influences one's reaction to systemd. There are plenty of perfectly legitimate reasons to be troubled by this re-invention of the wheel; they range from the philosophical and aesthetic, to the technical and mechanical, even the purely political and brutally practical.

And that's part of the problem when folks start to “debate” systemd. Very few folks have the chops to think about, much less talk about all of these areas simultaneously. As a result, the discussion becomes fractured and disjointed, in what is literally the textbook definition of bikeshedding. Suddenly, a talking head who's never written a line of code in his/her life offers up an authoritative-sounding-but-utterly-bogus opinion on systemd's maintainability. Add in the fact that folks on both sides (including Poettering himself) act as if name-calling is a perfectly good substitute for empirical evidence, and the “debate” becomes indistinguishable from white noise.

Full story:
The first big problem: PID 1

On unix systems, PID 1 is special. Orphaned processes (including a special case: daemons which orphan themselves) get reparented to PID 1. There are also some special signal semantics with respect to PID 1, and perhaps most importantly, if PID 1 crashes or exits, the whole system goes down (kernel panic).

Among the reasons systemd wants/needs to run as PID 1 is getting parenthood of badly-behaved daemons that orphan themselves, preventing their immediate parent from knowing their PID to signal or wait on them.

Unfortunately, it also gets the other properties, including bringing down the whole system when it crashes. This matters because systemd is complex. A lot more complex than traditional init systems. When I say complex, I don't mean in a lines-of-code sense. I mean in terms of the possible inputs and code paths that may be activated at runtime. While legacy init systems basically deal with no inputs except SIGCHLD from orphaned processes exiting and manual runlevel changes performed by the administrator, systemd deals with all sorts of inputs, including device insertion and removal, changes to mount points and watched points in the filesystem, and even a public DBus-based API. These in turn entail resource allocation, file parsing, message parsing, string handling, and so on.


Name the top 10 applications you use
Name the top 10 terminal commands you use
Name the top 10 keyboard shortcuts you use
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Final Cut
VS Code
Affinity Photo
After Effects
S a f a r i
Why must you keep posting the same thread over and over. Can you icucks take this somewhere else?

PS this is now a poo thread post dank poos
Is there something like the Thinkpad guide for MacBooks?

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What will replace SATA and when?
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Pci-e over sata
Firewire. December 14th 2021
It's already being replaced by SSDs directly connected to PCI-e

The new SATA Express interface is just PCI-e as well (plus legacy port)

Guitar or bass gear purchase advice and discussion
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Wanna buy a pedalboard
>under 200€
>must have loop pedal
>OP is Emacs enthusiast

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Which VPN do you use?
Which one is the best
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bump, want to know too
Currently using nvpn. Really good, but you can only switch to a different location once. Airvpn is also an option.

Firefox is getting fucking ridiculous, the only reason that i had that app was just for that purpose but now apps cant load local files

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Try Waterfox
>extensions can't steal your data
wtf i hate firefox now!!!
>try xyz-fox, it us wayy better

Just ditch firecuck already

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I literally can not.
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here you go brainlet
>cant do X in pre-alpha build
nigga u dum

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poo in the loo.jpg
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Who's the worst CEO in tech today?
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how the fuck does he manage to look like a 14 year old when he is like 50 years old?
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Pajeets are taking over Silicon Valley. How long until they start shitting in the streets?

/G/, Since Google has proven its self now to be the most evil company on Earth. Using google products makes me retch. I am thinking about switching to a Microsoft phone. Microsoft only cares about money, Google doesnt even care about money, just control and white genocide.

Have Microsoft improved their mobile platform at all? How about their app store, is it comparable to the Playstore?
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Enjoy your brick. You must really like gates blowing loads on your face
Better than Google knifing me in the back for being straight, white, christian and male.
gates? Like logic gates?

You ARE using her environment, right?


By Tyson Tan (https://community.kde.org/Promo/Material/Mascots) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0) or LGPL (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons
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this piece of shit mascot is actually the best looking kde-related thing
I'd log into her shell if you get what I mean.

>woman mascot
>qt dragon with anime eyes
They did not think that trough, did they?
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i prefer Rao dragons.

>sends your IP address to the websites you visit
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How else would you connect to the website?
>performs a TCP/UDP "connection"

literal botnet
>Tcp 3-way handshake
NSA backdoor literal botnet tier

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Object Oriented Programming or Functional Programming ?
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multi paradigm
OOP with multi paradigm
nobody uses functional programming
so kill yourself

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>78.14% of firefox users have a 64-bit OS
>only 14.13% are using the 64-bit browser
>68.30% still have flash installed

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There is literally nothing wrong with having flash installed.
Firefox users are as dumb as roadkill, this is not surprising.
>implying 64bit browser makes a difference

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What are you working on, /g/?

Previous thread: >>61875133
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Learning x86_64 asm.
Take your rolling to >>>/trash/.

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