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Whats the best windows for gaming?
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LTSB 2016 + disable useless gamebar """feature""" which is included for some retarded reason even though the xbox app isn't / can't be installed because no store
they're all the same

What does /g/ think of applemusic?

I love the service but if you want to sync your own music you have to fucking remove all your downloaded applemusic songs, then redownload them every time you sync. Fucking retarded, idk why they make you do this.
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Music streaming is for normalfags and it's shit. I like my local music thank you.
lol noob
does it have a webplayer? No? I will never use it. get your gnostic devil trash out of here heathen

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I'm using a shitty old laptop that overheats on W10. I need something light and fast that'll work well with i3wm. Is Debian faster and lighter than Ubuntu? I really hate adding PPA's whenever I want something to install in Debian.
>Inb4 SystemD, really don't care
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Enjoy your botnet.
>I really hate adding PPA's whenever I want something to install in Debian.

You're not even supposed to use PPAs in Debian.
They both use systemd

It can't be a botnet if it's open source you faggot. ffs rms uses it.

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After going through the catalog today, I see x86 CPUs are turning into a two party system, with people feeling obliged to pick sides. How about we just agree that both companies are out to fuck us?
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>AMD shills
yet you're trying to be neutral
It should probably say AMD circle jerk but you would be lying if you claimed things were fairly balanced on this board in terms of anons rooting for their respective team. It has gotten much worse for the last few months with fanboys acting like since AMD has put out their first good product in the last ten years they are somehow vindicated for sticking with the underdog for sow long.
Utter horse shit. There are more AYYYYYYMD IS FINISHED AND BANKRUPT posts than ever. Your bias apparently only lets you see the "shills" you disagree with. As a Sandy Bridge owner and thus member of the smartest group of people on this board, laughing at all you fags arguing about CPUs and flinging your shit at each other is a highlight of coming to /g/.

I wanna learn how to code, I got no fucking idea on how or where to start coding, the most coding I've ever done is making a LED light up using Aurdino. Help me /g/.
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have fun OP
Thanks man

shoot then aim

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>Downloaded an image from google images
>Cannot view it at all, gives error and can't upload to 4chan

It's a malware, isn't it?
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You probably downloaded a image_link.html idiot.
it was .jpg
Probably an imagelink.html

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Don't care what you do. download viruses. access accounts. I have my bank and paypal up. will talk. do anything you want. 623 416 495
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It's no fun when you don't care mane. I want access to a pc so that I can totally fuck up someones week and possibly ruin their entire family's life.
Op i think i crashed your shit by accident

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>Touch glass on my CRT monitor

>Get electrocuted
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Are you retarded?
Are you?
You have to be 18+ to post here.

>Wrote a program in spare time
>Employer is interested in using it
>Don't want to lose ownership/rights to it

What's the best way to approach this?

FOSScucks can fuck off
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MIT licence nigger, face it, no one will pay a licence to use your COMP101 homework project
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>FOSScucks can fuck off

Though I guess it doesn't matter since you're probably a beta and Chad from marketing will just bully you into letting your employer have it.
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>wrote a program in spare time
>employeer wants to use it

This raises some questions. First, how did your employer find out about it? Second, why does this program written in your free time do something so related to your job that your employer wants to use it?

Pending on how deep your employer's pockets are why not just sell it to them outright?

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What is the best Linux distro?(by best i mean easy and intuitive to use while not being a pain in the ass to setup/debug)
Also, why the fuck did Canonical partnered with Jewcrosoft? Are they jewish now?
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Pretty much any Ubuntu flavor is going to work out-of-the-box and come with anything you'd really want.
This reads like what Watson would interpret is a proper 4chan post. You have no people. Focus on diet.
> What is the best Linux distro?
The one you like.

> i mean easy and intuitive to use while not being a pain in the ass to setup/debug
Opinions on the optimal compromises vary, ergo all these distros exist.

For some it's Gentoo, for some it's Fedora. Pick the one that suits you.

Though surely some distros also exist for other reasons, such as targetting embedded hardware.

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Can we all agree that Brave is the best browser now?
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Yes, it werks
fuck off with the shill threads nigger
not yet but it will be soon.

why come AMD hardware encoder does this in OBS studio?

why come, /g/?

why come?
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nigger do you even english
Why... come?

Are you retarded?

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Should I learn to code? If so what language do I start with?
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There is only one language. C.

Learn English first you faggot
Someone is bitter for being replaced by indians.

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Welcome to the botnet.
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I'm still here :^)
mods are probably deleting his thread because it's a blatant shitpost and he's just evading to repost it.

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Someone abandoned their laptop and I found it, and it still works.
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give it back manjaro

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