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How did he UnJust himself?
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He's looking pretty good.
He never just'd himself.
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that is an old pic. the fat bastard wont live 70

I can sort my porn folder currently entitled 'unsorted porn', or I could update my operating system. Which should I do, /g/?
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>I can sort my porn folder or run a single command
>I can sort my porn folder with a single command
Both at the same time. It downloads the packages while still running then just reboots to install the update.

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>Make a database with a nice, easy-on-the-eyes user interface for a business with loads of features not available on the program used before.
>Don't care about money.
>Don't charge.
>Don't believe in using try-catch blocks. Logic shouldn't need its ass covered in the event of a fuckup.
>Every few months I get another call with a bug that terminates the loading of the program.
>tfw you are a fucking stupid idiot worth absolutely nothing who can't do anything good enough and is incapable of making a stable, /logical/ program which should be as basic as reciting your abc's.
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"Completely unimportant minor thing x works for me, so fuck you and any constructive criticism or suggestions to improve it you just gave. Status quo 'till death"

This is you, this is what you sound like.
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Why you gotta shill bro? Constructive criticism is fine, but people want to point out everything that's wrong, but won't get off they're lazy asses to help fix it.
Fuck package managers and command lines, you fucking know they need to go away, Android and Mac are proof of that, but you fuckers will never listen to the obvious anyway.

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Are there any good API for torrent tv/movies?
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When setting up a Directory Access Protocol, when would LDAP be preferable to NSDAP and vice versa?
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> asking actual questions that don't revolve around keyboards and AMD here
How does Apple get away with this shit?

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Speed of my wifi card on Arch is about 15-20mbit/s.
On Fedora Livecd, the speed is >90mbit/s.
Can't wait to get home to install Fedora!
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I want an e-reader that:

- doesn't have ads built into it
- can easily store pdfs
- potentially works with epub

Is this reasonable to expect or should I get a cheap tablet instead?
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Bump for interest
Kobo glo HD

Could anyone here recommend me a good book or a video series, which explains all the more or less advanced concepts of the internet, how do things work and what is literally happening behind the code?
My situation is that I am a noob programmer and atm I'm focusing on web development. Ofc I can understand the code and the logic behind it cuz I'm not retarded, but I don't know the theory and what is literally happening behind the code which triggers my inner
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God-tier coding music : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGjdCiyVBd8

What "gets you in the state of flow", /g/?
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There's a new browser called Firefox Klar on F-droid which is apparently the German version of Firefox Focus which doesn't depend on GSM. Have any of you guys used it and is it good?
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Is the same, it's just a checkbox turned off by default.
I wish it had tabs
It's good if you want an alternative to chrome custom tabs.

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I had a computer crash out of nowhere (Windows Vista that hasn't been updated for over a year), like one of many I've been having lately (average 1 per day). Nothing unusual, except after the crash my internet speed has slowed to an absolute crawl on every single website and download except for 4chan. I am effectively incapable of browsing any website except for this one right now, every other one only loads up to about 30% before freezing and every download freezes after a few hundred bytes or so.
Pic related: my face and my thoughts about this. Is there any rational explanation for what's happening to this PC right now? Have I been struck by a specialised virus that intercepts all of my traffic except for 4chan because the hacker was fucking tired of watching me shitpost?
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Good bait, made me read
This ain't a bait. I'm the most confused I've ever been in my life right now.
I'll just end up wiping my HD in the end and moving to a modern OS, but I want an explanation for this clusterfuck to satiate my curiosity. I have zero knowledge how OS and internet function and have no idea what could've possibly happened to trigger this.
Ah you have the redcrawl virus. Made by another anime imageboard user and it whitelists most sites other than some imageboards. Gonna have to install another OS your fucked

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Who said VR was a meme ?

Bought an oculus + touch, 2.0 supersampling + Vorpx activated, shit's more epic than my 3 PG279Q in surround mode while costing 1/6th of the setup
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>tried on VR helmet with custom maid 3D game at a con
I made it a resolve to NEVER buy a VR helmet, I would jump into escapism if I actually had one.
i went a vr arcade a few times, everytime was fun. I mean with friends it's fun. I can't speak for those who don't have any. but if you bought a vive or oculous for yourself it would not be much fun... unless you use it for porn then maybe

also it would include leaving the house if you decide to go and try it at a local spot.
i have a lot of god rays and blurring around the edges in my headset. even with 2.0 supersampling shit looks like shit. i mean, its crisp at the right angles i guess. vorpx is also shit.

looking at porn in the headset is alright since you.can zoom the pixture in.

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So I am a Sprint cuck and I am from around Sprint HQ. Despite that, I usually get from 0.3 Mbps (on LTE no less) to about 11 Mbps down wherever I go. Whenever I see someone on any other carrier their LTE is three to five times faster than mine...

Can anyone explain why Sprint is so fucking slow as fuck? Is there any technical reason or is it just their infrastructure?

I am sick of this. Thinking of unlocking and dumping Sprint.
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I don't know if i'm in the right place but my traditional helper couldn't ... help me.
I want to know if i can have a folder on my iCloud that is not synchronised on my Mac.
And also can i stream pic and vid directly from this online folder ?
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