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> OpenBSD has a history of over 60 years of development by highly knowledgable software engineers.
>Linux was developed by a student 20 years ago.
>Linux's licensing claims "freedom" but is actually very restrictive, requiring developers to release subsequent software under the same licence.
>OpenBSD's licencing is TRUELY free.
> OpenBSD is known for stability - financial institutions, webhosting, government agencies all rely on the rock hard stability Open BSD provides.
>Linux: plagued by constant bugs, kernel panicks.
> OpenBSD's userspace is built alongside the kernel. Everything works well together. Documentation and code is consistant throughout.
> Linux: The kernel was built buy one guy and the userspace was built by a bunch of autistic hippies. Poor documentation and consistency.
> Clean install contains only the bare minimum - stays true to Unix design philosophy.
> Even "minimal" Linux distros come bundled with bloatware (systemd).

Besides it being the most "popular", I cannot see one reason why I should choose Linux over BSD.
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>replacing your desktop os with a router os
wow look at all this bait

aren't we lucky


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>got a job doing webshite
>have to get into canned sardine packed train in the morning and evening everyday wasting 2 hours of my life
>get to work
>50% of the time spent on useless meetings, fixing non-problems, doing shit that ends up not being used and other boondoggle
>have to buy overpriced lunch
>have to deal with stupid managers
>have to deal with pajeets that only socialise among themselves
>have to deal with asians that socialise only among themselves
>all the girls are below average in attractiveness
>it's loud as fuck here
>have to wear a business shirt even though I do not have to meet clients

How do I get out of this hell ASAP? People who have successfully become self-employed/financially independent plz help me out I don't think I can stay sane like this for more than a year and even that is making me depressed.
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Step 1: don't do web shit
Step 2. Bring a lunch
Ask for a raise.

I recently bought a Nvidia GTX 1050Ti, and after installing it my computer is failing to load BIOS, giving me a singular beep. I haven't even been able to go into boot options or setup.
I have a Dell XPS 8500 with an e93839 motherboard. My power supply isn't a problem, and the motherboard has a PCIEx16 slot.
I have been able to put my old GPU (AMD Radeon 550) back in and it works, and I have also been able to run my computer with the integrated GPU. I have deleted the old AMD drivers as well.
It won't let me install the new nvidia drivers because I don't have the Nvidia GPU installed, and when the GPU is installed there is no way to install the drivers. This is an issue.

I know this isn't my personal tech support but no other forums have helped me yet and I'm absolutely bamboozled as to why this is happening.
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your motherboard is fucking garbage

that's the problem you need to solve, dipshit. find a way to save up fucking one hundred dollars and buy one that didn't come out of an old dell optishit

i see a lot of homeless people collecting cans, start there
>buying a shit tier prebuilt

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Do you have a facebook account?
Do you actually use it?
Does it bother you that your life is made public on the internet?
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All my normie friends forgot how to fucking text
Only for messenger
I don't post anything on it so no
I used to a few years ago, but only got it because it seemed like the cool thing to do at the time and really never liked it.
See above
No, I only posted occasional memes and posted in groups that interested me. Absolutely nothing political.
No. Because I get suicidal seeing normies having satisfying and fulfilling life.

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you wake up in an unknown shell

what do you do?
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$ help
$ bash
$ exit

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Man your tubstations /g/oys
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that pasta looks disgustingly dry
He's british, what'd you expect
tfw too poor for a bath

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What was computing like in the 90s?
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If you had a proper desktop computer, you were a working stiff or a proper nerd.
This changed after the early 2000s.
I used to make custom artwork using a crappy stylus and upload them to AOL message boards. My mortal kombat characters were somewhat popular. Back then we had stupid slow modems so an image the size of OP probably would have taken 5-10 minutes to transfer.
I was a mac user, so frequent system crashes followed by waiting five minutes to reboot. With a fucking paperclip.

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Any you would recommend to a fellow anon? I have:
>Ghostery (no account because with one, they collect data)
>Self Destructing Cookies
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uBlock Origin
HTTPS everywhere

That's all you need.
you forgot

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Why doesn't /g/ have a Code of Conduct? Isn't it time that /g/ became an inclusive and accepting place for people of all races, sexes, gender identities, etc, etc, etc?
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I'd like to point out that code of conducts explicitly keep out people who aren't far-left extremists.
Fuck off
"Far-left" is a term created by alt-right racists to demean people who want to live in a better world

Saw this today... you can turn in any old ass name brand shitstained working laptop and get 75 bucks.


We can bankrupt them with pentium 3s
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I've got a couple of useless Core 2 Duo 12" Thinkpads that could be traded in...

I will use this information to purchase a new TV I've had in mind.

Your information is appreciated.
Maybe it's time to get rid of my old Inspiron 8000. Broken touchpad, it goes into cripple mode if you touch the CPU, CMOS battery is dead...
The fine print repeatedly says that they can turn down any trade-in they want. Neither the price calculator nor the terms give any indication that they'll give you $75 for "any old ass name brand shitstained working laptop."

This is some unholy union of retardation and astroturfing.

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Does /g/ run a firewall? Which one?
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I DMZ everything to a win2k box like a real man.
Your router is a firewall more or less. Windows and loonix have firewall built in by default. If you want more detailed network info on per app basis install glasswire
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>he runs pirated software without using a firewall to block it from phoning home

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Does ryzen overclocks? 1600x sounds nice, but best consumer OC report i found so far was 4.1 GHz from 4.0.
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4 GHz is the max you're likely to hit. If you want super high clockspeeds, stick with Intel. And don't forget to delid and watercool, lol.
well, i always wanted to have a water loop anyway. sounds like fun and easy project to make.
>Thanks /g/ my mum is going to kill me
>im never listening to you guys again

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The Windows vs Mac vs Linux threads are everywhere and is there any performance difference? Sure windows takes the cake for FPS because of more peeps working on drivers but file transfer speeds, fluidity, processing/rendering, why aren't we testing those?
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Because everyone knows linux is fastest because you can strip out anything you want leaving only the portion of the OS you want to bench.

OSX is just a laughing stock and gets beaten in performance by MS generic drivers.
well gcc is better than winshit's C compiler (it's such trash that I forgot the name)

what more do you need to know OP?
Phoronix used to make this kind of benchmarks.

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OpenVPN, Tinc, ipsec+l2tp, shrug.
I don't, and I just tweeted a gif of Trump beating CNN up lmfao what can go wrong

why ubuntu is bad for a newbie to distros? what is the urinocally the best choice?
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>why ubuntu is bad for a newbie to distros?
It's not. Anyone who says it is is trolling.
After years of experience you will settle with Ubuntu anyway, so might as well use it now

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