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so if IE browsers are shit compared to other browsers, then it means that the Windows X operating system is also shit?
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Can you word your question better?

No, it's not correct to assume that Windows 10 is shit because IE is shit, that's called a fallacy.

Windows 10 and all Microsoft OSs are absolutely dogshit for more than a million reasons.
But *nix is OK,right?

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>Game 2
>Game III
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Wrong board m8
you forgot
>game: origins
>game: the legacy
>game: warlords of <zone from game 2>

not technology thou

Hey dudes, I'm starting to get the hang of Haskell, but I feel I would really benefit from a good book on how to approach writing software/integrating Haskell into the world.

Does anybody know any good books that more or less fit my description?
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Learn You A Haskell, Haskell Wikibook, Real World Haskell, Haskell Programming From First Principles
Pick one you like.
Real World Haskell is solid, and free online, but it's a little outdated at this point.

If you have a grasp on the theory and want to do practical things, I'd say think up a project that would be pretty easy for you in another language, and then google around for blog posts about doing that in Haskell, and also look on Hackage for which libraries will help you do that thing.
Ah, nice. Yeah that's probably what I'll do. I've just always used books for learning.

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Should I use Mozilla SJWfox/Brave/Iridium/Cyberfox
I can't use GNU Icecat because Windows
I can't use Pale Moon because it's a literal meme, it is just an outdated version of Mozilla SJWfox
I can't use Waterfox because I'm an poojet and I have a 32 bit PC
And I am using Mozilla SJWfox but they fucked it up not because of all the SJWs, because it lags like a shitting horse on a electrical fence
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Firefox Nightly.
Why not use Chromium without all the botnet stuff turned off?

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Is it possible to recover deleted data from an SSD with TRIM enabled?
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Don't even bother. Just restore from backups.

So, it's impossible?
After trimming it is practically impossible since the nand cells are empty and do not have any charge left

>he wastes his time on commute
>he doesn't kode while on the go
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That looks fucking stupid
It looks like that would cause more problems than solutions
I can't focus whilst tolerating G-Force, especially when I have to look at a tiny device, a tablet would be easier, laptop best, even then it's nowhere near as good as a quiet air-conditioned room that's darkish.

However it is nice to read up on things on the way, use your time for something.

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Alright /g/uys, Apple will be releasing the new iOS 11 soon.
I think it's time to tell the public about an "incredible and innovative" feature it will include. I was thinking something along the lines of "a sophisticated algorithm that instantly backups ALL of your data to iCloud nanoseconds before your device suffers catastrophic damage"
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Yeah, but normies still won't destroy thier phone, since hardware costs moneys

We need a feature that doesn't look like it will destroy their phone.
Maybe ios will add a proper file manager or the ability to record phone calls. Or maybe add widgets which will make everyone go "Steve Jobs invented file managers and the ability to record phone calls... Apple is so innovative"
We started with the headphone jack, now let's remove all ports. Charging will be done through the incredibly innovative iDock.

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>Want to re-listen to the music of my childhood
>And it's gone
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Literally google midi player. There's loads of software that can play midi files.
>use different, for music, music playing software

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Would it be smart to make some kind of discord server for /g/?
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post link
Use mumble not discord botnet
>muh botnet

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Give me one good reason why this jolly motherfucker shouldn't launch an EMP over silicon valley.
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why should he?
There are lots of jews in Silicon Valley and you wouldn't want them to get hurt, would you?
sounds like jews sure can pick future trends. banking, publication, software...

or maybe it's just easier to say everyone successful is a jew in on a conspiracy because the only way a hillbilly could fall behind in the economy is if there's a vast conspiracy to keep him down

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>/g/ says to use C
>try it
>literally no features
>scales horribly with project size
Lesson learned: never listen to /g/.
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Why not use Go instead?
fuck off jewgle
I'm sorry you feel this way, maybe something like JavaScript is more fitting for you.

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What's this /g/? What's your opinion?

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I don't give a fuck, there's 100 more just like it.

>Ripping music from YouTube.

>What is youtube-dl
I'll launch a new website lol

How do you backup your files?

Or do you live on the edge and not backup anything?
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Rule of thumb: if your important files are not backed up in at least 3 different places, then those files are not important.
Am I the only one who prints out memes and reaction pics incase of an EMP?
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rare pepe's will become currency

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>out of 2 billion android devices only 6% of people use android 7 which has been out forever

Jeez, just like... update your shit mang, stop holding everyone back.

It's such a pain in the ass when you have to develop your applications for droid several versions lower, because stupid fucking normies are incapable of taking 5 minutes to flash their shit
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I'll update when xposed comes out
android runs on a bunch of garbage devices that can't realistically be updated. even "good" devices (like flagship consumer smartphones) can't be assured updates for more than a year or two out. no company has a consistent track record of releasing phones that are still supported more than a year out (maybe it would help if they focused on fewer lines of phones and actually committed to supporting them, but i digress).

if you can't be sure a smartphone from 2 years ago will get prompt security updates, you can sure as shit bet that a lot of shitty quasi-internet-of-things devices that run slightly more high end hardware and therefore run android will _never_ get updated.
Newer versions of android generally tend to perform worse.

>It's such a pain in the ass when you have to develop your applications for droid several versions lower
Just use the support library, dumbass

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>235 USD

It's over, the chinks win
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What if the phone is garbage?
>China botnet

a literal chinkshit iphone 7 knockoff!

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