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Hey /g/
Have you bought your Intel® Core™ yet?
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yeah, a 6600K a year ago and i regret it a whole lot
Still waiting for Coffee Lake tomorrow.
Maybe buy a newer Intel® Core™?

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how secure is veracrypt /g/
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Pretty secure considering the backdoor is only accessible by responsible 3rd parties.
wtf was the thing with the mysterious disappearence of TrueCrypt? Were they Guantanamo'd by Obongo?
>wtf was the thing with the mysterious disappearence of TrueCrypt? Were they Guantanamo'd by Obongo?
He was a south african drug lord/arms dealer who lived in thailand, he used to work coding encryption software before he made the jump.
Got caught at the time of truecrypt's shut down and extradited to the US.

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Last week working for Lenovo.

Send me your serial numbers and i'll refresh your warranty this week.
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"Security does not just mean protecting people from terrorism, but also warding off the threat of rogue espionage agencies, cybercriminals and enemy governments. If Apple writes a new piece of software that could circumvent its password systems on one phone, that software could fall into the hands of hackers and be modified to unlock other devices. If the capability to unlock iPhones exists, so will the temptation for the authorities to use it repeatedly. And if tech firms are forced to comply with this sort of request in America, it is harder for anyone to argue against similar demands from more repressive governments, such as China’s. This newspaper has long argued against cryptographic backdoors and skeleton keys on these grounds. It is possible to imagine a scenario that might override such concerns: if information is needed to avert a specific and imminent threat to many lives, for example. But in this instance, Apple’s case is the stronger."

Thoughts, /g/?
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PR bullshit
They're a PRISM and Great Firewall of China collaborators, they don't care about their users, only about apperances. Cellebrite has an exploit for unlocking iphones and they probably got it from Apple.
>rogue espionage agencies
>implying there are legitimate ones
Holy fuck. Is this actually 1984?
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If only the (((intelligence))) agencies did their fucking job instead of being a fucking mafia working for private companies none of the terrorism would happen.
Why the fuck are so many terrorist anyway, did anyway stopped for a fucking second to think about this shit? Is like the very (((intelligence))) (((community))) is making them in a factory.


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He /g/, I'm trying to create a reading list for people interested in learning more about computer hacking and reverse engineering.

My current books that on the list are

'Code' by Charles Petzold
'The C Programming Language' by Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kerigan
'Hacking : TAE' by Jon Erickson
'Hacking the Xbox' by Andrew Huang

I'm trying to include not only general knowledge books like TCPL but also books that focus on the background of exploits as much as the methods of finding them like 'Hacking Xbox'.

I also understand that really ANY general CS book can be considered a 'Hacking' book so I'm trying to keep this down to lower level languages (C, x86 asm) and general cs hardware knowledge rather than focusing on specific popular languages i.e. : Python, Java, etc. (I may have a special area at the bottom for these but not part of the main figure)

Can any of you """"""""well read"""""""" fellas give me any suggestions / criticisms?
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I only hacked a system with a buffer overflow vulnerability more than a decade ago. I imagine exploiting even buffer overflow now it is more difficult. All what I needed was: (a) learning some C standard; (b) x86 assembly and how to write shellcodes for Linux; (c) a bit of Linux; (d) a few tutorials from online Phrack magazine. The last one is invaluable resource. It looks like it is still being released..
Hacking: the art of exploitation

The only one you'll need
Assembly language is a must.
Look at some of the documents that was leaked on Wikileaks about the cia tools

When are the non-existent devs going to learn to properly identify users so that everyone with a dynamic IP doesn't get punished for it?
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ban all dynamic ips
The entire town I live in has static IPs, and the town is still range banned for some reason. So I gotta use a pass to post anyways. May as well use a VPN, too.
Nah because then someone would just generate unique "fingerprints" every time they get banned making it considerably easier.

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IRC: #studygroup on irc.rizon.net

Imagined as a study group for people who don't have study groups irl, and who are not doing that great academically. Everybody is welcome to come and hang out, pitch in, get advice, and stay for the work atmosphere, not just people from EE or people who stuggle.

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>IRC client?
There's millions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Internet_Relay_Chat_clients
Maybe the quickest to try out would be Chatzilla. Install it, open it, type
/server irc.rizon.net
/join #studygroup
and voila.

>Productivity tips.

>Countless ebooks.

>Getting your life back on track RPG.

>Pretty okay online resource.

>Youtube channels
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If you think this idea sucks, could you tell me why? I don't get it.

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I'm gonna make a my own newspaper website.
Can you recommend me a good WordPress theme?
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I mean, Free theme.
Dragon dildos
No I can't. Sorry bud.

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Is this the biggest snake oil in the 21st century of gaming?
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No, Vulkan is.
Gamer components/peripheries are

>80FPS in OpenGL
>130FPS in Vulkan
>same settings

explain pls

Ok I've found these two phones in similar prices, which one should I get if I want the best recording quality?
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Why is there this huge ass circle on the right phone, when the actual lens is only like 1 millimeter in size?
The one on the right because it's red

Is there an optimal way?
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Follow the default XDG folders (downloads, documents, images, video, music etc) and add folders for specific things (one for 3D blender files if you use blender for example).

Music is organised in a folder per album with every song tagged (date, style, artist, album cover) if you want to search a song fast.
Every movies is organised in a folder named "Movie" in your Videos folder.
Documents (work documents and E-Books) are organised in the Documents folder inside a folder with a suitable name ("Book"s for E-books, Tax forms for Tax forms etc).

Nothing is optimal but my organisation is comfy for me.
my download folder is a mess. I need to pay an autistic to make folder by type and arrange shits in them. Right now I dont even know what's in that folder.
How do you deal with the fact that programs or games will completely diregard your folder structure and ruin it?

What is the best FOSS Skype(tm) alternative and why is it Tox?
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>proprietary server

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What do the "4K" tests really mean and why are the numbers so fucking low? What's going on here?
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4k test is 4kb chunks via random read/write, which really taxes your ssd/hdd.

Basically 4k tests show the lowest you will ever see, really good memory will get better numbers, really really low shows really shit hardware.

q32 I'm not 100% sure, something to do with the way it communicates with controller.
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>shit hardware
It's a HGST hard-disk from a Thinkpad. I was thinking more like it would be a driver issue or something like enabling/disabling caching or a drive management "feature".

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/g/ chat on telegram. get in faggot:

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Why? You can talk here.
Pretty gay group.

Also phalanx is a massive faggot
fuck you honeypot

Which is the better search engine
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Neither truly respect your privacy, so just pick your poison.
Duckduckgo is literally Google at this point while providing worse search results.

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