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Isn't Pocket acquired by Mozilla? So I guess it isn't harmful anymore. If it is, may I be directed to a /g/-approved alternative?
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But it's a part of the moz now... anyway, what do you suggest as an alternative?
>acquired by Mozilla
>isn't harmful
moz is infiltrated and run to the ground if it wasnt obvious by now

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What do you think of this image from the Google Analytics homepage?
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So diverse, it's beautiful
No pajeets, niggers, faggots. It's a good reason to sue Google and get easy money.
Looks like me and my gf.


do you want to know why he loves red so much?
the reason is, if he use a sony or canon, he will look a lot darker.
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Is it real raw video or some marketing gimmick, raw i mean raw 4k video would blast your storage like a fire hydrant
It does
it's real like stills raw.
and yes it will btfo your storage because the propietary connector ssd is $9001.

and yes, cameras can't expose niggers properly.

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All builds you download on windows and osx are binary.

What you mean is if chromium is completely open source or if any proprietary binaries are needed for compiling. Which is not the case. Though there have been builds in the past where non-free binaries related to google connectivity have been added without the public's consent while still shilling it as open source.

>Though there have been builds
what builds are clean?
the only build you can be fully safe with is one you build yourself. But I can understand why a consumer wouldn't, since building it can take up 120GB at it's peak and could take hours

I'd recommend iridium or ungoogled chromium, but keep in mind these are hobby projects and usually are a considerable amount of versions behind. All default chromium builds simple have to much "google" to be considered proper FOSS.

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Are they going to release it before the end of the year?
Are they going to release a decent UI?
Will they be able to draw a circle?

What happened to the '600GB source code of a very, very popular program' leak? The previous thread got archived. Has OP already leaked it? Is there a new thread?
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it was fucking bait. He just wanted to know where he could store his kiddy porn
Don't trust what he tells you. OP didn't post there at all.

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Do you guys know of a mspaint type app with most of the same features?
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Sounds like a website.

perma ban me so i cant come back and my life is objectively better
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You'd evade and come back
This is not how you get permabanned...

this post is very much ironic...

anime is allowed in all boards...
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whast if i post this banned meme i found

>check out my game idea
>Mobile Fantasy RPG: Final Legend Saga of the age of clash battle Adventure quests of the War of the Monster blood Knight super hero warrior souls of the mini zombie dragon god world alliance star kingdoms empire and the conquest of their blade dungeon arena guardian king
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wow cool post i raed it
why am i always got disconnect from the game while i'm on a ranked match, it makes me frustrated
>he doesn't ddos his opponents
lol what a fag

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Realistically speaking, and be honest with yourself. Why is /g/ so fucking paranoid about botnets?

You tinfoil fucks always trip and freak out over botnets as if you were hit and raped by numerous botnets

Have you tinfoil fucks ever been hit and infected by a botnet or numerous botnets? And don't say Microsoft Windows 10 because it's inexplicable horse shit that's very contrary and controversial
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I've been okay for the last couple of days. Thought about bots last Friday before stepping outside my door into the summer air. Fleeting thought was all.
I think a lot of /g/ confuses botnet with big data - i.e. the ability to take your unique information and join it to other sources to make decisions about your life that you have no control over.

For instance - you go and buy a pizza and they enrich your card data with your medical records and refuse to sell it to you unless you take an extension on your medical insurance that covers type II diabetes and heart disease.
Botnet is just a term used for anything software-related that someone writing a post doesn't like.

Will this actually help me get a decent job?
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I hear you fags always complaining about windows updates.
Why don't you just disable updates if it annoys you so much?
I've disabled it after fresh installing windows a year ago and everything runs smoothly
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Because otherwise your machine will get cucked by malware exploiting a vulnerability that would have otherwise been patched.
Enjoy your ransomware.

You know whats better than leaving your system exposed?
Installing Linux.
Instead of disabling updates, I found it to be a much better solution to disable Windows and remove it from my machine.
There's a fundamental question about who is in control of your machine, and when you choose to run proprietary software, the answer is "not you."

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whats the best general use laptop i.e not for gayming I can get for $1000?
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Yeah but which one
Something something alienware

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Is it okay to use Linux on my desktop and W10 on my laptop and have an iPhone as my smartphone?
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install gentoo
I have a windows desktop (tried to install ubuntu next to it, but I would need to reinstall my comfy windows too, so I abandoned the project)
Ubuntu laptop
android phone

I just know Comcast going to butcher Verizon. Who's 2nd best wireless provider? Particularly in the Phoenix Arizona area
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No one
>I just know Comcast going to butcher Verizon

No. They have non-compete agreements, although it has its own Comcast buys Verizon spectrum too.

The cheapest unlimited would be with Sprint, which is fine for cities but shit anywhere rural, followed by T-Mobile since their coverage improved, followed by AT&T if you want to be fucked in the ass

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