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>tfw typing on a recently washed keyboard
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How do I clean my G910?
Burn it in a file and buy a different one
>burn it in a file
How? And why?

Once a day, once a week, once a month or once a year?
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never, install gentoo
Auto, when startup.
Every time my PC is idle

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What does /g/ think of Manjaro? I have a high-end PC and I'll be dual-booting Windows 10 for gayming but I'd like to have a nice looking, efficient operating system for everything else.

How are updates handled with community builds? I plan to use Deepin. Also will I have to reinstall the entire OS between major versions? Any way to share applications between Windows and Arch Linux so I'm not installing two versions of Discord/Steam/Firefox? I'd assume WINE but would I want to run any of those through WINE? Don't want to waste precious SSD space.
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Do you have a High-DPI Display? If so then I'd recommend Plasma, works way better with 4K-Resolution.
All in all Manjaro is a very nice distribution, as fast as Arch but as convenient as Debian. Once you've installed the community-build updates are handled using the standard repository, so you'll be up to date pretty fast once updates come available.
Hardware support in Manjaro is superb in my experience, even closed-source drivers for graphics-cards for example just get installed/work straight out of the box.
>Any way to share applications between Windows and Arch Linux so I'm not installing two versions of Discord/Steam/Firefox?

Maybe you can symlink your configuration-folders so that the Linux-Version just uses the same config as the Windows installation of the programs. Just don't use wine. I'd rather just install the applications twice and sync between them. It's not like the applications themselves are very big and for steam, you'll have to install the Linux-Version of the games anyways.
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3440x1440 (21:9 aspect ratio) 34 inch monitor. Not the highest DPI but reasonably high.

I was considering Plasma but I prefer the aesthetic of Deepin from what I've seen. I'll try both out and see how it all works. Thanks m8

Now that I think about it, why even worry about it when Windows is a bloated piece of shit that'll use 30x the space compared to my browser/torrent/discord/steam client will? Not worth losing sleep over 600mb of space. Even on a 120GB SSD

Where do people get money for all that expensive hardware?
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you're mom
they are responsible and save up for it or keep well maintained credit lines
Typically performing some service for a person or company is remunerated with money which can be used on these things.

>he doesn't use properly configured Firefox Nightly on macOS(™) to achieve maximum comfy while shitposting and """working"""
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>not hiding dock
Show extensions.
Pale moon on NSA/systemd-less GNU/Linux distro or GTFO.
>Falling for the tree tabs meme

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He is now asking people to run Tor relays to help with the cause as the Tor community is now turning against him.

>inb4 people saying this isn't happening.

It's happening. Tor can mess with you if they don't like you.

Remember when /g/ said that Tor will always work for running a site that can't use the clearweb?

This was bullshit in the end.

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im a civic nationalist but would do this because it's scary how well they are censoring them and even scarier how few people care. I ran an exit node when tor first released
One would expect TOR relay operators to be principally unwavering enough to relay some right wing blog, no? What else is even the point of running a TOR node if you don't believe in free speech?
running cia color revolutions in countries that try to block social media to maintain sovereignty

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if apple released this phone today /g/ would complain about the price no touch id no sd card and no jack port
prove me wrong
they would
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Apple would never release a phone like this before chinks done it for at least 4 or 3 years.
id complain about no battery and no cpu and it not working
it would still be shit because it runs proprietary software, made by a company who's in software and hardware terms worse than hitler, stalin and mao put together.

at any time in any universe will apple products be inferior.

also sage because apple shill - kys thanks

>tfw kids are gonna take my job
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Kids from your own country taking your job is better than importing indians
>at hackathon
and this is where you stop reading and sage
Well maybe if your job skills weren't HTML CSS Python and rapping you'd do better in the job market

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Who /intel + nvidia/ here?
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I am, but only because that's the cheapest second hand shit you can buy from the interwebs.
amd + amd
Amd + AMD here :P

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Why is no one taking about Blueborne?
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Because literally who uses Bluetooth anymore
the fuck is blueborne
Because bluetooth in my house is limited to my Dualshock controllers for my PS3 and PS4. Last I checked, blueborne doesn't affect those.

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Who actually wants these bloat features?
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Just type the pin?

>features that are added because they couldn't figure out how to put a fingerprint sensor under the screen in time.
its probably not going to work well for black people. apple users want whatever they told they should want.

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>nfw we aren't going to have such aesthetics anymore
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You can probably find a way to reskin the UI if your autistic power level is high enough.
Thank god
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says who?

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>If you multiply two large prime numbers, you get a huge non-prime number with only two (large) prime factors. Factoring that number is a non-trivial operation, and that fact is the source of a lot of Cryptographic algorithms.

Say someone discovers a new set of huge primes.
Could he benefit from this knowledge and be able to factorize more easily such products?
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primes get "discovered" every day and there isnt a
just a "set". read the wiki article about primes maybe then you understand this.
>primes get "discovered" every day and there isnt a
>just a "set".
There is nothing wrong with how the question is phrased.
Use collection instead of set if you find it confusing.
Say someone finds a prime with at least 1,000,000,000 decimal digits.
There's a $ 250,000 prize for it.
Say now he didn't discover just one but a whole collection of similar size.
>read the wiki article about primes maybe then you understand this.
Those primes could be used for a more secure encryption.
On the other hand (which is the question) could this knowledge be somehow used by this guy to better factor huge non-prime numbers?
If you know what you're talking about just answer the question.

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>official python style guide
>indent with 4 spaces instead of tab
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Truth hurts.
If you are still using tabs in this day and age you deserve whatever hardships come to you.
>set editor to translate a tab into 4 spaces
woah, this is a big fucking problem

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