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In Theory, if you have infinite code it contains all software ever made and every software of the future. Good or bad, it's all there. That's me, after downloading 20GB of Android source and it's still not finished.
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If it containes all software ever made, then it includes the shit that I made with 1000's of errors that I never fixed, so the code would be completely worthless.
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It also contains the version without error. The pure and tainted.
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But it will also take infinitely long to compile

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You can only post in this thread if you have a respectable Internet Connection.

You can't call yourself a man if you don't pay to have high speed internet.

Post em.
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lol you get KEKED on that upload huh
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The joys of underperforming/overloaded rural Western NC internet.

Pay $99 monthly for 50 down/4 Up. But NEVER see this unless its 2 AM and the server is closer like in Atlanta.

Also, that speedtest server is HOSTED BY MY ISP! If its under 40 then you know their network is FUCKED.....

BRB calling in to bitch since their "official" "Biased" server ( the only one they accept speedtest from for credit) is showing 10% of what i'm supposed to get....

Now just because you've pissed me off, I'm upgrading to 2 GBps and gonna post it when it's done upgrading.

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WTF!!?? Don't worry, wal-mart is there to supply us with all our white trash needs.
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there is nothing wrong with this. it's what real men use not some gay apple space dildo shit
Looks awesome.
>white trash
/g/ is not a board for racism. /g/ is a board of peace.

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Hi /g/ I want to get into app development and because I want to develop for both android and iOS I'm wondering what should I buy. Should I go for 2017 macbook pro or 2015? Please leave memes asside
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Anything you fucking faggot.
Thinkpad t60
Can I develop for iOS on anything? Can I put it on Apple store later on without any apple device?

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Cloudflare is now offering "apps" which are iframes that Cloudflare adds to a site when it is being loaded and that can chosen by site owners via a simple point and click menu rather than the webdevs actually having to add the features to the website normally. This raises some issues. First of all, anti adblock scripts will become much more common in the near future as Cloudflare is already offering that as an "app" and such an "app" is significantly easier to include when compared to current solutions. Second of all, if the "apps" can be updated without the site owners needing do anything (since the "apps" are managed on Cloudflare's side) then anti adblock "apps" could become significantly more effective, as the company that made the anti adblock "app" could simply have patched versions ready to go (with either modified code or loading from a different address for) for when their "app" gets added to a new block list (which would likely happen significantly faster than a new updated block list being pushed). Is everyone ready for a potential death of current blacklist based adblocking and a move a future where the user is required to make changes on the fly rather than depend on convenient pre-compiled block lists?
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Adblocking isn't going to go away, nor can the website owners defeat it in the current state. So long as the data used to generate the webpage in-browser is open source, adblocking cannot be stopped. We may see the cunts at W3C attempt to push a DRM module to obfuscate webpage source-code, but it won't be successful. The problem with circumventing adblocking on the current advertising model is that ad serving is centralized. Ads are sold on the basis of impressions, and someone has to keep track of how many impressions are made. Google would never trust website owners to report honest figures, nor would they trust a 3rd party like cloudflare. Even if cosmetic filtering died, IP/DNS based blocks of the ad delivery servers will still be effective. The only solution is for advertisers to remove the annoying, autoplaying, injected, moving ads that frustrate users.
Imagine all the crazy bugs hiding in the nginx plugin their highly skilled devs wrote to inject this malware. Cloudbleed 2 coming soon!

Looks like poor adblock developers are going to need to spend a few hours killing this one day.

Oh well.

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>buy AM4 motherboard
>still end up giving money to Intel because it used Intel ethernet
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intel ethernet nics cost like 79 cents though so it's an ass penny to intel
I've never seen an AMD board use an Intel NIC.

Post the link.
>complaining about a superior onboard ethernet option

sup, /g/
I have an old 24-inch iMac early 2008; here are the current specs.
Processor:2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256MB
Software: OS X 10.9.5

Long story short; it's a piece of shit. I have a much better PC now, and I don't use the Mac at ALL. Me and a friend were talking about it a few days ago, and we jokingly wondered if it was possible to rig it to run much better - like a gaming PC. I don't know much - anything - about it, so I came here. I don't care if I break it accidentally, I just want to try - it sounds like it would be a fun time, it isn't worth money, and I don't use it anyways - best case scenario, I make it work for keks, and worst case I break it and toss it. I want to know if it's possible to upgrade the RAM, the Processor, the GPU, install an SSD, remove the OS and replace it with Windows 10, and give it a better cooling system. If any of this is possible, and if there is anything else that would work, let me know - it sounds fun and eh. Why not?
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And before someone tells me to take it elsewhere, I just figured a few of you guys would get a kick out of it and be helpful.
>and I don't use the Mac at ALL


/g/ is NOT your fucking 24/7 tech support. If you can't figure it out on your own then FUCK OFF TO LE REDDIT, FAGGOT.
Install Gentoo.

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Found an anet a6 on sale for 180
I got 240 in the bank
Considering getting it, curious if anyone hhas experience with this, how the setup was, and what you've printed
At the moment I'm half convinced but still not sure what I would use it for
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>I got 240 in the bank

What does that mean?
You only have 240 Dollars in savings and want to blow it on a fucking printer?

Go for it.
Bonus from work
Got 300 couple weeks ago
Bought a vidya with 60 of it
it's cheap as fuck, a pain to work with and will need dozens more hours to calibrate than a good printer
but if it's the cheapest you can afford, it is still a printer that can work, even though there's a considerable chance it might burn your house down
You should only buy it if you really can't spend more cash on a good one and absolutely want to get into 3d printing
if you are just looking for a fun hobby save yourself the hassle and buy a drone or whatever

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Are there water proof tablets I could use so I can 4chan while in the shower?
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Just use your phone plugged into an extension cord.
>so I can 4chan

You mean fap to your anime?
yes, but you can also put it in a plastic bag

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Lain is a fucking slut
Finally a chatbot with A.I. upgraded to common_sense_2017.
Leave my daughteru alone you cunt.

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Canonical have serous financial problems and at the moment are trying to get their shit together (change focus from mobile and desktop to server and cloud).

I truly believe thah Ubuntu is the only non-meme distro out there and it kinda worries me that they can stop making Linux usable on desktop.
So my question is - if Ubuntu would die which distro would you use instead that have the same goals in mind (easy to install non-free software, availability of all necessary packages out of the box, etc.).
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Fedora or OpenSUSE could work?
What will happen to my Xubuntu if Canonical croaks?
Good news for fedora, korora and RHEL then!

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What's the most cyberpunk programming language and linux distro?
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C and Slackware
what is with all this recent cyberpunk meme
>cyberpunk meme
It's not a meme. We live in a cyberpunk reality.

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What does /g/ actually use their drones for?

I'm thinking about getting a cheap one (under $100) but I feel like I'll get bored with it after a weekend.
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WiFi pentesting
Hosting WiFi networks
>Hosting WiFi networks
>on a drone

What? Why?
Alerting me when FBI arrives so that I have at least 100 microwave seconds to destroy my hard disk

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They are forced to by the industry
Because it's still used and marketable.
Which means it's not dead.
The mainframe around the corner isn't going to program itself

I decided to try to "fix" my Teclast x98 air 3g, but I have no knowledge about fixing tablets and most of the google results are already 404.

Can I reinstall the windows 10 with the repair tool without breaking everything and being prompted for a cdkey (how do I check if it's properly activated)?

How do I fix the android 3D games glitch? Most of the patches are 404 since the posts are 2 years old and the one I found doesn't work with my model.

Eventually what's a good place to look for a help? xda-developers.com has more people asking than answering and files are mostly long gone.
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Also I'm missing some drivers on windows10.

Quite often my tablet BSODs because of a "battery driver error".
Dw about Windows activation because newer computers that use UEFI have their product key embedded into the low level firmware.

To do a clean OS install, boot from an install disc or drive. Does it have a regular USB port? If so I'd just create a bootable install drive and install Windows as normal. If it only has a Micro USB port, you'll need to buy a USB OTG cable.

You might not need to boot off of install media if you can still access they blue recovery menu. Turn it on, and when you see the 5-dots loading spinner while Windows is starting up, hold the power button until it turns off. Repeat 3 times. You want to get text that says "Please wait", " Preparing automatic repair", etc. If you can get to the recovery menu, then use the refresh or reset options to restore the OS to factory state.
Why do you think it was so cheap?

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