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Let's all laugh at some irrelevant design aspects of the screen and call Apple users fags totally ignoring the fact that, you know, the device has a 600 billion operations per second NEURAL engine in it. Nobody mentions that, who cares... look the screen is not perfectly rectangular!

Nicely done. The technology board, ladies and gentlemen.
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It's an useless meme. Qualcomm's Hexagon DSP is way better but nobody gives a fuck. You know why? Because it's an useless meme
What does the hardware matter when it's not there to serve the user, but the company making it?

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1080 FTW2 or FTW Hybrid?

they both are the same price
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Go hang yourself, pedo.
Fuck off pedo.

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>I bought the macbook air because it is perfect to write my essays for school and take notes with it. I dont need anything more. It is for serious bussiness and not for gaming.
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A 150€ laptop with a good lightweight Linux system is literally enough for that, and deep down they know it. It's just for the status.
Why mac fags like this have to use this shit excuses for their richness to justify they can buy whatever they want.
Why cant they just tell I bought it because I cannot give a damn about money and everyone in my class use macbook so I must become an iSheep too
Who are you quoting?

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Hi /g/, need advice (sorry if in wrong board).

I'm trying to compile a batch file into exe for my video game mod, but every time I do, Windows Defender flags it as a Trojan and eats it. Tried their sys support but it's like talking to a fucking brick wall.

Anybody got any ideas how to get around this?

PS - I'm totally noobish with this; I just used an auto-program to compile my batch file.
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install gentoo
Any reason why you want it as an exe?
And what converter did you use?
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disable windows defender?

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Tell me about the i7
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Where did they go?
Because the even numbers are reserved for the core/thread counts

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There is any noticeable quality difference at all between KCP/manual updated madVR/MPV?

Pic related, MPV and KCP
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>Best guess for this image: cartoon
smartphone jesus the anime
There is no noticeable difference in quality between any video players unless you're scaling the image.
If your video player renders content differently from what is actually written in the file then it's degrading the quality.
Just use VLC.

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how would time travel technology work suppose it was real??
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Look up how flux capacitor works
The EM drive will allow us to travel faster than light, thus allowing us to time travel.
but you can travel through time, slowly and only forward

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why doesn't 4chan have a clover icon?
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Ask BugZilla
Because 4chan's favicon is a Clover.

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>_< / >_>
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What's the best out of box looking distro right now?
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>Selecting GNU/Linux distro on appearance. . .

You mean desktop environment?

Probably KDE or GNOME
Why not? They are basically the same in term of functionality. And liking beautiful things doesn't make you gay.

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Best server cabinet brand?
Also /homeserver/ thread
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just finished up doing some maintenance while my brothers were out - Dalian one of the microservers will only connect at 100M fro some reason, needs a new NIC, so ordered that and i'll fit it tomorrow.

Opened up the UPS and tore off the fucking alarm beeper. recharging it separately just now in case it burst into flames or something, then tomorrow ill rejig things so its only across file servers. stupid damn thing was beeping and complaining if load spiked over 250W, pita when it happens at 3am.
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I have that rack op!
Look into the ethernet port, check for bent pins. If a pin is bent, gigabit ports fall back to 4-wire 100M.

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>aspergers: the keyboard
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Is it true that I can get a job a CCNA or other certificates? I have no degree and I'm tired of working minimum wage jobs.

I want to do something in technology
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yep... Certification is the way to go then. It helped me get a job
I'll sell you my CCNA 1 cert for 40 bucks
Even without experience?

>try to download gentoo
>see pic related in the main page
You are not tricking me again /g/
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>having your bookmarks always displayed
I hope you guys don't really do this
Some people horde tabs, I close them and reopen from bookmarks when needed

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Stop using React
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Who is that guy and why does he tell me to stop using react every day?
Ok Mr. Chink, but I don't use JavaScript at all.
Stop using React and start using Vue

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