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How can one mis(/ab)use google drive or other cloud services?

Last year a gentooman was trying to upload data to youtube by somehow putting it in videos. Anyone knows if he was successful?
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Most likely not, they rencode everything.
considering he was trying to duplicate and already proven and known about method, who cares if HE was successful? it already works
Sauce? How can I do it?

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hey /g/ maybe you can help me out.

I was trying to fix my gf's Toshiba L50-B and this is the connector from the power switch to the motherboard.
The white tape goes underneath the white plastic thingy and get's tucked.
Yesterday I tried for 2 hours to put it back in place but i can't get enough good grip to place it in there. It is way to small for my fingertips. Tried to place it with a screw driver but I am afraid to bend the pins on this thing. Any suggestions?
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You just slide the ribbon cable into the socket and then close it? Idk what that blue thing is.
>What are tweezers

Also still not your tech support.
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yea I tried that. the thing is, the white thingy comes out like the ribbon. The blue thingy is the grip to take the ribbon out.

Ill try to take more photos when I arrive to my gf's house. pic related. another angle

no need to be rude

No one is actually rooting for this malevolent piece of shit, right?
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I'm rooting for Jian Yang
Also >>>/tv/
/tv/ is too stupid for this clearly /g/-related television series.
Jian Yang is best Yang

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When i3s are beating AMD flagships I think it may be time to stop.
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when you shitpost is just a turd
>desperately clinging onto single thread metrics
> 2017
> Single thread performance

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Have you had a walking meeting yet /g/?
It's the future of meetings.
You walk, while you meet.
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What? You don't like exercising and sweating while trying to be productive? What's the matter with you?
Meh I'll bite, I need one of those types of treadmills. Hemroids are a bitch.
This shit cropped up in my linkedin feed.
The law firm that has these was so proud of themselves, what a fucking joke.

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Any good anti-malware apps for andriod? Please list desu
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But android IS malware, anon.
>on Android
Yes. Common sense.
Common Sense 2017 v7 was just released. Get it while it's 20% off.

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I have to move and can't take my current computer with me.
Was thinking of building a raspberry pi all-in-one because I always liked the idea. Now can I do web development on a raspberry pi or is it too weak? Also some light Ruby stuff.
I'll use the most powerful model or some copy like bananapi if it's better. Also ideally I'll run Ubuntu with kde or xfce.
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You will probably hate yourself after a while, go with a laptop connected to a monitor.

Since you're probably going to uni you can bring that to classes as well.
if you're considering that, why not just do a proper sff build?
>go with a laptop connected to a monitor

>muh captcha is training a neural network
If the captcha can verify your answer someone has already taught it the answer for you, moron. Is /g/ *that* retarded ?
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You clearly don't know how the captcha works
You clearly don't know what's unsupervised learning is.

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I don't really want to do programming projects but I'm pretty sure that having a list of working projects with my name attached will make it easier to get a job

What are the easiest/most essential projects that I should do and put on my cv?
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FizzBuzz program.
Easiness is relative, I meant something that might take 3 days, not 3 minutes
Make a fake CRM, hide the company name, put in test data. Claim you had to blank out the company logos and not have any legit data in it due to an NDA. Then host it on your portfolio site and link to it.

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What the fuck do i do with the cables of my PSU(non modular cause poor)i finished my build but i cant fucking close it lmao.
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That's what you get for being poor.
Pls halp
Leave the cables inside the case or get a real PSU.

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why do you still use gnom, /pol/ ?

>We recognize and celebrate the strength we gain from our diversity and seek to defend and extend it wherever possible. In doing so, we reject discrimination including that based on nationality, race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

>The immigration ban re-introduced in the United States tonight runs counter to the GNOME Project’s core principles. This ban stands in the way of collaboration and inclusion.

>We stand with the affected individuals of the immigration ban and affirm our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and continued collaboration with members from all over the world.

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Not amerifag, don't care.
I hope indians will take all your jobs!!!
>New India with Trump as president
would be fun
>using gnome in the first place
I use NSA/Windows like a true patriot.

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Is my GPU fake? I'm having trouble finding a website or contact number for these guys. My GPU broke on like the 2yr
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yes, your gpu is fake, we can obviously tell that from a grainy picture of box's front taken with a potato
Its not that bad... You can see everything
you're genuinely dumb, aren't you?
what exactly is the front of the box supposed to show anyone

also, not your tech support

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ssd vs hdd.png
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>he fell for the ssd meme
imagine being this clueless about storage technology?
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i store my penis in your mother everynight

well duh the ssd is going to be slower in that orientation, it's upside down! all the electrons are going to fall out
you can spin the whole hdd and it will get even faster!

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How much money can you make off showelware on android?
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at least 2
Eat shit and die.
You first.

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Does Linux have something similar to pic related?
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Is it necessary at all?
Yes, there are viruses for Linux too
no, linux does not have privacy-concerning gimmicks

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