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>no raven ridge
redpill me on the x1g5 /g/
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>thinkpad garbage

Enjoy your sub par fab process, shitty design and under-average build quality

t.laptoprepairperson who has to fuckin deal with these pieces of shit all day long

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Why are all tech companies enemies of free speech?
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These corporations are getting so big I don't see why they shouldn't have to abide by free speech

Why should it matter if the Government or Google is censoring us? I know they're a private company but they're so big they've reached that point where they have immense influence
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corporations rule over us now anon, and unlike governments, corporations do not even have the pretense of being accountable for their actions

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>Data collection is bad meme

You realize in a hundred years your name will be known in some online database?

What if they will recreate us or find out info on us throughout our life.
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i'll be dead in 100 years so i don't give a shit
my particular name and info will be completely irrelevant aside from contributing to some statistical computation about ancient people in general
Yea, I feel like shit now

When I went to college I wrote some papers about philosophy and history

Prof was impressed with my work, after school was over I deleted the work I did. I should have done a blog a long time ago or something, maybe post all my writings online...

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What and when will be the next life changing technology?

I mean on the same level as the steam machine or light bulb or internet
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Everyday AI
real dolls
I'll abuse the word "technology" here and say that CRISPR is pretty revolutionary.
Oh and AI.

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>1.3 GB
>A:10 V:10
How does he do it? Is it magic?
Thanks, yify.
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Haven't seen one of these posts in a while
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>mfw never downloaded yify
I'd guess high-efficiency codecs and slow encoding
to be fair this is easily done with h.265 nowadays

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I guess privacy wasnt a factor :(
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>Best porn engine chosen by nerds

Two Bing Points have been deposited into your Microsoft account Mr Muhammad. Keep up the good work

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just started reading pic related

are there any uses for LISP other than configuring emacs? does it excel at anything in modern times?
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(define (even n)
(if (= (modulo n 2) 0)

(define (!= x y)
(not (= x y)))

(define (X-main pos row num low max)
(if (!= row (+ num 1))
(if (or (= low pos)
(= max pos))
(display "")
(display "1")
(display ""))
(display "0"))

(if (= num pos)
(display "\n")
(X-main 0 (+ row 1) num (+ low 1) (- max 1)))
(X-main (+ pos 1) row num low max)))))

(define (X n)
(if (not (even n))
(begin (display "0")
(X-main 1

So yes if have nothing to do but shitpost on /g/
That's a Scheme book though

On a side-note Lisp will make you a better programmer, even if you never end up using Lisp

how many of u have or plan getting a 144hz display for gaming
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I do. Long story short, I will never consider a small b-120hz display for gaming anymore. It really makes a difference.
I just got an Acer that has 144hz refresh rate. It's a noticable difference in fps. Seeing as theyre as cheap as 200 dollars or less now, they're definitely a gaming necessity imo.
If you play fps or fighting games the jump to 144hz is a massive quality of life upgrade. Worth every penny if you've got the machine to go along with it.

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Alright guys, (I'm a senior and got held back a year so don't go screeching "UNDERAGE B&!!") So my high school basicly got a 1 million dollar grant, and they bought Macbook air's for the whole school. Sounds great right? well obviously they wouldn't just give you a free Macbook. There are restrictions, as to be expected. Now the software that they're using is called "FileWave". I did some quick research into it, the tl;dr is it's a very well updated monitoring program that a lot of employers/ schools use. So I thought I'd start a thread to maybe get some help as well as helping other anons in the process.
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Buy you own PC. There.
I don't get what you need. You need to hack this software to stop monitoring you? Or you want to know more information regarding that software?
Not your personal army, etc etc

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You guys don't seriously use Linux, do you?
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I want to pick her nose.
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do you not?
Of course I don't use Linux.

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what are your thoughts on this?
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too artsy, too intellectual.
Too retarded for Arch: The Distro
I'm currently using the GNOME version and it's fucking great, there's pretty much 0 bloat, everything looks good, including qt software. It's very stable and you get aur.

>get 16GB RAM
>never end up using my swap file (which usually happened when I had 8GB)
>don't need to close and reopen my browser to free up memory before I load up a virtual machine

Why aren't you using 16+ jiggabytes of RAM, /g/? I still have 4GB on my laptop, which is fine, but for my workhorse machines, I won't use anything less than 16 now.
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why aren't you closing swap instead :^)
I have 64gb
got my 16gb early this year
probably the cheapest upgrade i did with somewhat of a significant difference

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>spreading out sound waves and contaminating them with other sound waves is better than directly injecting them into your ears
lol no
>He doesn't jam out in his mattress wall rape basement.

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Why does my c++ program not work?
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wtf I hate C++ now
Because scanf doesn't work with UTF8 input

Also, why are you printing the address of X in the first printf?

> linux still doesnt work with two GCC compilers at the same time

I believe Windows fixed .dll hell 25 years ago. What's the hold up with Linux?
I'm pretty sick of seeing "/usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.15' not found"

pic related, another genius move by Linux distro "opensuse". In order to upgrade, you simply have to edit a bunch of system configs by hand! How can Windows ever recover with its ultra convenient automatic silent safe undoable background update?
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arch doesn't have this problem
>inb4 le X broken
no problems unless you're using xorg-git, then you're a fucking retard
>inb4 le xorg.conf
never touched it in my life
Dont use an out of date distro that has 5 billion copies of libs because they dont keep up with the most current version of programs.
Updates and upgrades are not the same. On opensuse the modification of the repos is one possible way to upgrade your OS. But you can also go the Windows way - insert a DVD and press upgrade.

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