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anyone remember those threads where anons would recreate pictures using random triangles and a fitness level
if you do, do you have a link to the software?
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nvm found it
but I did actually nvm found it
nice viruses

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>it both is 30% faster than A10 and at A10 performance
those statements aren't mutually exclusive
> considering cpu's are terrible at graphics
> The Apple A10 Fusion is a 64-bit ARM-based system on a chip (SoC), designed by Apple Inc. and manufactured by TSMC.
> Apple states that it has 40% greater CPU performance and 50% greater graphics performance compared to its predecessor, the Apple A9.

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Really frustrated here. Could use your guys help

So I bought a new iPhone 7 plus the other week. I pretty much don't leave my house so never had a reason to have a phone plan. I asked him to set it up like an itouch so i could use wifi and stuff until I get a plan. I realized having a $1000 phone isn't worth it just for using wifi. Friend offered to trade me his 6 plus and $400 cash for the phone so i figured why not.

When I bought the phone it was not blacklisted and had no icloud on it. I put in all my information and used the phone flawlessly for a week or so. I went to erase the phone completely and like an idiot forgot to sign out of icloud

Now when he trys to sign in its saying activation locked and to enter icloud info. I entered mine that was on the account but it doesn't work

Whats wrong? im so confused
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stolen iphone.jpg
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Which on of you is going to get the new iCrap?
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Picture for later use
I just bought a flip phone because all the high end smartphones are trash and I'm not going to use malware infested $150 chinkfones.

Those guys look like a couple of faggots and you need to go back to Facebook, you stupid dumb normie scum.

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Editing apps for iPhone
I've been trying to find a half decent app but everyone of them seems to be pay to play or built for an autistic h a b b o h o t e l user.
Any suggestions? For videos not photos
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use a computer
I know b, I'' saving up for a puter

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Hey /g/,

I built my computer a few years back, and im looking at upgrading my GPU/CPU and Motherboard, im just wondering, what does /g/ recommend? I haven't followed PC hardware since deciding, buying and building it last. Help me out.

Current specs
>AMD FX 8350 CPU
>Gigabyte Radeon HD7970
>256SSD (used to boot Win7)
>1TB HDD for games

Thanks in advanced /g/entiles also
>inb4 install gentoo
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Install your post into the /sqt/
if only we had a thread dedicated for buying new computer parts...

Sorry, senpai(s)

Haven't been on /g/ in a while :^^)

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Now eth is dying. I already sold off my 8 rx 480

How much did you earn in this mining fiasco?

>1500 usd
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>16x 1080tis capped at 180w
>Two rigs
>Broke even in 103 days
>Mined about another $8k
>Sold the GPUs for $50 each more than i paid for them last week.

Stopped mining and now trading crypto like forex. Doing alright, paid off the cars and trailers thus far.
>not keeping a paid off rig to mine future shit coins.

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iPhone 8: 1334-by-750-pixel resolution at 326 ppi
iPhone 8 Plus: 1920-by-1080-pixel resolution at 401 ppi
desu i'm disappointed by these numbers, especially on the 8.
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>iPhone 7s is the same as 7
Stupid frog poster
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Why are you at all surprised? Applel is just trying to get rid of surplus iPhone 7 components and stock. iPhone X will be the basis for the next generation in 2018.

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Nonprogrammerfag here.

Have come to the conclusion that computers are not helpful, they are essential, and am thinking of learning to program for real...

Here is a 1337 script I made that verifies an iso with a checksum file then copies it to a USB drive to give you an idea of my current level of programming ability (pretty 1337 compared to the average Windows/iPad fag I reckon, but still not enough):

md5sum -c ubuntu-16.10-desktop-amd64.iso.md5 && dd if=ubuntu-16.10-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=99M status=progress

I was wondering, how many programming languages does a typical professional programmer (or typical "dude who can program, but it's not their profession") know?

Can a typical programmer interpret the HTML code of a webpage? Is knowledge of Java/Javascript normal/common? Is knowledge of C common? Would seeking out to learn C since it's what's used to program Linux be intelligent, or would that be suicidal for someone starting to learn programming? Eg assume that I wouldn't lose interest because it's too hard, would I learn good programming habits etc from teaching myself C?

Any comments appreciated.
Pic unrelated.
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Once you learn one lanuage and the basic you just need to learn the new syntx/features usually. I'd recommend C or Java. HTML is a mark up lanauge, without knowing HTML you can interpret what most of it does.
use mint. ubuntu's touchscreen interface is dogshit. you'll grow to hate it if you don't yet.
>learn C
sure, C is good and fun to learn. it's not used much anymore outside of low level development. most programming jobs available use Java, Javascript, or C++. Those are the relevant languages. If someone asked me I'd tell them to learn javascript first. It's what I learned first and it's super easy.

After you know some basic syntax and stuff like loops, variables, etc you can move onto Java or C++ and learn about Object Orientation.
>I was wondering, how many programming languages does a typical professional programmer (or typical "dude who can program, but it's not their profession") know?
Somewhere like 5-15.
Once you learn a handful of languages, it becomes a lot easier to learn new ones though. Most programming languages are designed to be predictable and easy to learn, so picking up new languages on the fly is no problem for an experienced programmer.

>Can a typical programmer interpret the HTML code of a webpage?
Most of them are at least familiar with HTML, yes.

>Is knowledge of Java/Javascript normal/common?

>Is knowledge of C common?

>Would seeking out to learn C since it's what's used to program Linux be intelligent, or would that be suicidal for someone starting to learn programming?

I think Java would be a better language for a beginner. Learning C is always good since it doesn't really allow you to be lazy or take shortcuts. In other words, if you can do something in C, you can probably figure out how to do it in any other language.

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Do you think it can run CRYSIS?! XD!
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literally what?

DESU the notch doesn't look that bad.

And seeing as Apple did it, it will become the new industry standard.
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Vegeta approves top-notch phones

The early overwhelming consensus is that this will be the most popular iPhone ever, so I imagine you're right.

The amount of Android fanboys trying to convince people to not buy the iPhone.

The amount of Samsung fanboys trying to convince that the S8 is "also good", and that the Note 8 (that they won't buy) is a "good choice".

The new iPhones simply kill the competition.
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Suicide watch
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>he places this much importance on what phone he buys this year
it's just a toy.

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are SSD lifetime analyzing tools very accurate? for example, if you bought one of ebay which is unboxed and described as new, is there a way to say with 100% certainty that is has been used before and that the ebay seller's claims are false?
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Any "SMART" Diag program can tell you the amount of WRITTEN data on the device, then look up the ssd's write endurance and compare.
Also check power on hours and power on count SMART attributes.
Now that's ebay, you can expect bad surprise if you pay it for an amount far below market prices.

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>software engineer
>30-35 hour work weeks
>spend most of my time looking at shit coins anyway

Anyone else with a lot of downtime??

Can you get fired for not having a lot of work on your plate?
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>8-20hrs a week, paid for 40
>7 on 7 off
Fucking kill me senpai, I have way too much time on my hands, so much so that it's difficult to be productive. On top of that I make good enough money that there isn't really a struggle. I'm hoping going back to school will remedy some of this.
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>be australian apprentice
>massively overpaid because we extort everyone
>boss gives me a work car and fuel card
>no tracker in the car, have full trust of sick cunt employer
>frequently late, never stressed
>never do a full days work
To clarify, the pay period is split in half so I do get 40/w period. I also only actually work 4/7 days on, the other three I'm on call.

Say it with me now /g/

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I don't give a shit about you or your shitty normie phone and your shitty brand website and your shitty bluetooth connected toilet where google counts all of your shits and recommends you daily dietary advice. As a matter of fact I think you should go check it. You might need more fiber. Just once just once I wish you would stick your head outside and see the world for what it is. Real fuckers don't care about shit some jew posts online. I hope your mother dies.
Is this a pasta? Or are you really this upset? Either way I'm laughing at you. And for the record I'm dissing the Iphone X, not praising it, retard. Get some reading comprehension.

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