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Why is the surface pro so expensive? The fucking iPad Pro out performs it at half the cost
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surface pro runs actual windows, doubling as a laptop

supposedly an advantage
>surface pro runs actual windows

That's more of a disadvantage

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Which distro "just works"? I've been using opensuse with gnome and it works pretty well, but yast is sort of annoying. I'm using arch at home, but on my work laptop I want something ideally as reliable as fagOS.
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Xubuntu works perfectly fine for me
Linux Mint Mate. If slower PC with 2GB RAM or less, Linux Mint XFCE. People will shill and bitch about me recommending it, but at least give it a try. If you hate it, go with Ubuntu instead.

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how the fuck do you get a job as a programmer when the pajeets are doing it all remotely?
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Move to India brah
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>Pretend to be a pajeet
>Fake all your credentials and certifications like a real pajeet would
>Now you're free to do awful code from home and if anyone ever dares to complain just play the racism card
>Free money for selling the same piece of code copypasted from stack overflow to multiple clients

is this some kind of bad troll?

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>This is kind of a big feels bit I'll post it anyway

I signed an offer at a new company and things have been kind of rough mostly because other engineers are not really into sharing information

I had to build some servers, network devices, and firewalls recently and they only gave me one piece of the information and told me what I was working on would work flawless, well I never really go to project trusting everyone word so I verified everything on my own and noticed one crucial issue.

In this whole design, there is one device somewhere on the network doing some function that I need to access and login to verify what function this device has and if any of this will work or not

They left out crucial information and didn't tell me, most likely expecting me to fail however I'm not the type of engineer who lets things fail and go unanswered. I ended up troubleshooting in a lab and figuring everything out one piece of technology at a time and eventually built a map of how everything works.

I fixed everything and they don't know about it yet, they think that once this goes live ,anon will come kicking and screaming that something "didn't work" and they would be forced in helping out to make themselves look important in this role

Well, good news fellas. I solved it and designed it in a way that everything is working, has been tested and will work on day or product launch.

I haven't told them, nor will I tell them I figured out the pieces they left unanswered in hopes that I would fail. When everything goes live, and the internet starts working they will either laugh or say holy shit that guy did it even though we gave him the wrong info.........

>I know what some might be thinking
>I've already been told to leave this company from friends since it seems like a toxic work environment
>However, the money is just too good right now and I am trying to at least get a year or 1.5 years in the company before leaving....
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Congrats op. Your efforts reflect well on us
If this is true you're the hero I aspire to be.
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Been in many similar situations. You have to work twice as hard to make up for the ill will of your coworkers. Just remember the 80-20 rule. Twenty percent of the workers do 80% of the work. Every manager knows this. When the manager figures out that you are the one person out of the five that is actually getting shit done, a year from now you will get a raise or promoted and the plotting bastards will not. Also, the more extra bullshit you put up with, the more you learn. All positive, all good vibes. Just keep your head down and do your job, don't get bitter. At least you get to work with the tech you love, unlike most anons.

Why is it so hard to find a good hex editor when it's such an easy application to make?
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because why would i want to use a H-E-X editor when I can just use binaries or watch netflix in my spare time?
>so hard to find a good hex editor when it's such an easy application to make
Sounds like its time to make your own then
I think so, anon. I really do.

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I've been working for a startup for a while. Recently, one of their checks bounced after 5 days in the bank. Didn't notice it had bounced as I was busy working.

> Oh no worries we'll fix it anon

Get next paycheck a few days later. That one bounces too. I stop working. Still haven't gotten paid for a months work.

Talk to finance guy at company. They are out of cash, and trying to hide it. What can I do to get paid /g/?
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just pretend to be disabled lol makes you loads of money
Sell the story to TechCrunch.
>What can I do to get paid /g/?
You call a lawyer, which you should have done after the first check bounced.

If a company doesn't have the funds to cover 2-weeks pay for 1 employee on hand, they are in serious fucking trouble and you should have bailed then.

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What's the point with helium hard drives? What benefits does it give you? Better reliability and less mechanical crashes?
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basically more velocodensity
floats better if you use it in the bath
Less air resistance, the read write head can be closer to the platter meaning you can fill more platters in a standard enclosure.

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>Above all, with every CD I tried, the PS1 exhibited a superior level of rhythmic acuity, or—since it's true that an amplifier or CD player can't make recorded music sound faster or more propulsive than it actually is—a superior lack of the distortions that can blunt leading-edge transients and make music sound temporally dull and listless. Even slow, broadly paced music sounded involving through the PS1: the best and truest praise I could give it.
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what ok I'm interested, what is this
one of the biggest placebo effects
sounds good you can also play crash bandicoot

Richard M "Stallman" is a communist traitor and a spy.
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ok, what is your point?
Thanks McCarthy
You worship him as an idol but he is in truth the very thing we all despise he is a communist obstructing progress.

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So apparently nixiepixel is back, and she's cucking a sandnigger.
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I don't know either of them but I wish them both a happy and healthy life.

Life is too short to waste on hate =)
I don't think you know what cucking means

In any case fuck off to >>>/pol/

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do what you want with this information
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Obviously call the number.
Sounds pretty serious OP, better call them.
Please off yourself

Can we have a projector thread?

Is anyone here used to buy projectors for kinos?

There are only few good kinos restored to 4k.
I was thinking not to go for 4k and to stay on a budget around 2500/4000 dollars.
Painting the room black, the screen also around 500/1000 dollars.
What would be an ideal screen/projector combination for mostly black and white movies?
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Also, I am thinking about a complete control of the lights in the ambient and to put the projector precisely aligned to the center of the screen, to spare money on image correction.

I never see projectors' threads, I wonder if anyone would buy it only
for kinos if they could afford it
Check JVC's offerings for that budget. They have the best contrast ratio and black levels last I checked. LCoS tech altogether is what you want.

You can build your own screen for less. Get more image quality for your dollar investing more into your projector. You only need a 1k screen if you want something motorized or that that will work well with ambient light.

Also you won't get much help here. /g/ is full of plebs that think every projector is some $200 chinese sack of shit and base their opinions on that. Check AVSForums.
Id like a projector but they cost too much...

>you can make minimum wage by just running a bitcoin miner

Why doesn't everyone do this holy shit
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1 you need space

2 depending on where u live it's hardly worth it because of electricity prices

3 it's fucking loud!!!
Because not everyone meets the conditions for "can." You need cheap (for actual BTC, free) electricity, cheap/free hardware and luck. These all apply to other cryptocurrencies too.

To learn more, the board for this subject is >>>/biz/.
1. Large upfront investment
2. Low return after mining pool fees and electricity
3. You could probably get a better return investing the money somewhere else
4. Bitcoin isn't real money, it's far less stable than a real currency and your guaranteed minimum wage could one day be worth much less

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>WebAssembly or wasm is a low-level bytecode format for in-browser client-side scripting that is more efficient than JavaScript, from which it evolved. Its initial aim is to support compilation from C and C++

has "web browsing" gone too far? Are we giving up on all pretense of our www usage being "worldwide documents" and not totally proprietary manufactured "user experiences" delivered to us as computer programs and sent in increasingly obtuse and ridiculous ways? Isn't wasm just redoing what java applets took care of ten epochs ago? Why do we need this? Please help educate me if i am idiot
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Your skepticism is justified. Wasm will be the end of the web
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fuck webdevs
It will fail because most web devs would be to incompetent to learn something on the level of assembly, and the few that do will be expensive.

It would be great if this took off, but it won't.

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In need of some advice /g/.

>Taught myself Python, JavaScript and some basic C++
>Get job that gives me allowance for continuous education etc.

Now I have to decide which language to focus my efforts on.

I keep getting varying advice from people... "Focus on C++ you'll learn Java by osmosis." or "Learn Java you'll hardly have a need to use C++"

Others still have told me "Python/C++ stack is god tier, stick with that"

It seems to me C++ has more interesting job opportunities, but Java is versatile and Python is comfy as fuck.

Any input is greatly appreciated.
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Killst thy self.
Do whatever interests you

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