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You have exactly 16500 milliseconds to explain why you don't own one already
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An expensive piece of shit that achieves absolutely nothing other than serving you the bragging right for owning one
i have a better laptop
>I already have a laptop and smartphone I take with me everywhere
>I don't like tiny keyboards

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looks comfy
Why do gaymen have such terrible taste?
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need a modular psu :( hate having a million cables I don't use

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pmp zune op pic.png
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Personal/portable music player thread /pmp/

Useful guide(s)
• Converting an iPod video 5G/5.5G to a rockboxed player with an msata SSD and a 3000 mAh battery http://nullvoid.station.moe/Freedom-Hardware/Video5G-Rockbox/
• Rockbox 3.14 released, battery life for Sansa clip claims to be doubled for some
• Got any? Want them included in the OP of future /pmp/ threads? Then post them itt!
• We're also in need of possible /pmp/ OP pics, slap some fake album art together in photoshop or alter some album tags (for those on Sansa's) take a good picture of your mediaplayer of choice displaying said /pmp/ album

• Anon considers buttons on a /pmp/ a must, posts pic of the Xduoo x10 >>61001527
• Zune still holds up >>61001577 but no Japanese character support is a bummer for some >>61003136
• Anon loves his Sansa Clip+ >>61004768
• Display /pmp/ on your portable music player and get used as a OP pic! >>61009654
Anon wishes he got a Nano 5g instead of the 4g >>61019820

Previous thread >>61001218
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fuck, reminds me that my zune 30 needs a win 7 machine to work. stuck in the firmware screen.
at least my HD still works.
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Benjie T6 worth getting lads?
Still rocking my Zune HD, full charge still last me a whole week

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>Unfortunately, Clover has stopped working.

>inb4 stupid phoneposter
Nothing beats being able to shitpost while sitting outside and giving myself lung cancer, but this shit happens way more than it used to.
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>Unfortunately, Google Botnet Services has stopped working.
>Unfortunately, Google Botnet Services has stopped working.
>Unfortunately, Google Botnet Services has stopped working.
>Unfortunately, Google Botnet Services has stopped working.
>Unfortunately, Google Botnet Services has stopped working.
>Unfortunately, Google Botnet Services has stopped working.
>Unfortunately, Google Botnet Services has stopped working.
Never happened to me ™

anyway, for me the latest clover (f-droid) doens't crash at all, but my dogshit mobile data causes problems with recaptcha

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rate my dads setup, /g/
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>rate my mother's husband's setup
post his legs with programming socks

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Christianity is Linux : Lots of distros are good, some of them are too complicated or dont make sense but you can make your own and customize it.

Judaism is mac os : its installed on less than 10% of the computer but its been there since the beginning and it just works. There's only one version and you can't tweak a lot and you can only install it on a mac.

Islam is windows : its installed everywhere, you can get bombed when you install it and it doesn't respect your privacy.
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European paganism is DOS
Judaism is Windows 10
Christianity is Windows 10 updates
iOS is buddhism cause it just calms you down.

Android is indhuism cuz of all the pajeets
kek'd, true

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Got the components to build a PC, but I now need to install Windows. Not sure about the process, but looking it up, I'll take the USB route. Will I need a product key if I download the ISO from their main site? Because the 4.4GB file was free. If so, is it a way to complete the process for free?
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Ye it'll ask you to put in key but at the bottom there's an option that says "I don't have a product key" then you just continue set up like normal.
So you're saying Microsoft has nothing to counteract people from just skipping the product key part?
Your version of windows won't be activated. You'll be able to do pretty much everything, except a few minor things like changing the wallpaper I believe. Just go ahead with the install. You can get $25 keys on kinguin.

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Should I get this case, /g/?
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I'm not clicking a Russian link.
Fuck off then, idiot.
fuck off with your russian botnet bullshit.

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Word is spreading that CNN, which is owned by Time Warner, got a reddit users IP from their mods, and with their relation to Time Warner, got his identity.

Then extorted him to apologize or be revealed.

This is huge, and we don't even know its the only time it has happened.

VPNs may not even truly protect you if the ISP can connect the dots over time, with time stamps.

Holy shit, CNN just weaponized ipv4
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>hack neighbors wifi
>use it

why not this?
>Literally infringing constitutional rights.
What the fuck?
So now you have to commit a crime in order to keep vertical monopolies from extorting you for propaganda gain? Goddamn

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I kinda fucked up on this one site. They gave their support email to be this [email protected]

Is this even a real fucking email?
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That's interesting...

Anyways, what website was it and how did you "fuck up"?
https://caseopening.store/ website.

i used a promo code and it said i needed to deposit an additional 10$ to withdraw. normally i wouldnt but i had rolled a 125+ knife and i did.

i deposited the items in 2 separate trade offers it totalled to be like 12 dollars worth of items says it still wont do it ill upload pics

I've dabbled in Linux a bit but mostly Ubuntu, Damn Small Linux, and Puppy Linux. I'm buying this laptop for $10 and here are the specs. What do you guys think is the best distro for these specs? I've been considering Arch but truthfully don't know if I have enough experience with stuff for it.
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Unironically install Gentoo
Debian with XFCE.
I've thought about it honestly.

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I have 5.1 surround sound speakers. Where should my subwoofer go?
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It's not very important sub frequencies are not directional
Center speaker goes above the TV and the sun goes below

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How the hell do I make a usb joystick PCB?
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Just use one of the many arduino boards with a usb port.
Also not easy to find good tutorials for these type of schematics
Yeah, but I wanted it to be just one thing you know? Not something like picking a arduino and etc

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First time builder here

There's a craigslist ad selling a 980ti and a Corsair H75 liquid cooler together for $400.

Should I get this or should I spend an extra $50 on a gtx1080 instead and just buy a $30 hyper 212 evo
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Look what a good idea it was to come to /g/ for advice. You sure picked good anon! :^)

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>using open sorce garbage
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>His software is more closed than his mum's legs
open sore*
Your choices are made in NSA, an expensive walled garden or a house built from garbage.

I'll take the garbage.

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