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Previous thread:

The fact of the matter is that, even though we would like for this not to be the case, every single MAJOR distro has switched to systemd, and systemd has become a hard dependency of many other packages.
One can argue that this is bad, risky, vulnerable, and dangerous, and, sure, most of the points are valid.
But still, as I said in the original post: what is a better alternative?
sysv isn't.
openrc isn't.
Switching to FreeBSD or any other *BSD isn't, because come on, seriously? (And drivers)
So yeah, I'd say, let's put our hatred for systemd aside, and let's try and look at the positive side of things.
Also, anyone could fork systemd out of Poettering's hands and make it better, I guess. It is still free software after all.
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Devuan is coming to my NAS after successful trails on my desktop.

Fuck NSA/systemd.
I'd use Devuan if it didn't have Jessie-era packages.
I might try updating it to testing or something though, but I see a breakage incoming.
runit idiot

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why don't you use this?
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What is the purpose of buying Ryzen when 4 cores are enough for everyone?
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Nice try, Brian.
1. That's not four cores
2. Ryzen comes in several 4 core versions
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see you in page 12 shill ;^)


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>tfw you fell for the microcontroller meme and don't know what to build
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I literally bought lots of shit over the past years and can't even decide what to build.
where is the microcontroller on that uno?
did microcontrollers get very small in size?
>I thought buying a fancy pencil would magically make me a creative artist.

>I thought installing Linux would make me a hacker.

>I thought buying an expensive manual sports car would make me a rally driver.

>I learned C, what should I make? Idk what to program pls help.

I hate you people, you want to be someone who wants to do things but you're all just low energy larpers.

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It's Turkish

Naber lan
i-iyi, bu hata neyin nesi moruq
>>Kidnapping movies

The FedEx tracking services have been down since 6am EST this morning...SHOW ME SOME TITS!
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it atleast kind of works now, i can get the info up, but it hasnt changed since saturday at 10:04pm.

which is driving me insane because it was in the next state over and it doesn't take 15 hours to drive from indiana to chicago.

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Let's say I don't care about receiving regular cellphone service, but I want mobile data.
Is there a way for me to have a smartphone run all of its data through a VPN connection?
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This is a built in feature on Android and iOS
I mean ALL data, I don't want the data provider to lazily be able to make requests to my phone and have it report unencrytped.

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Need some help /g/entoos, laptop screen gets kind of fucked on the left side sometimes, pretty sure it was a ribbon cable thing.
Now that I opened it up and took the screen off, I see it's a B156HTN03.8 screen. I got to thinking, is there a compatible IPS screen I can buy and replace this TN panel with?
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what type of ribbon cable end is this? How do i reseat it?
Push on it from the top.

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Why is it that forth is such a better language than c?
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Because no one uses it, if no one uses it, there are no programmers to fuck it up.

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Do people really use templeos or is it just a meme?
I mean look at it
I'd rather have CIA glow in the dark niggers than use this
This OS is probably just a meme and I got meme'd
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its a meme dude. try solaris or Haiku
It's not your everyday OS you downie, Terry himself has it on a vm. It's for experimenting and recreational programming. That doesn't mean it's a meme though.

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Day two
Any of these good?
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The Apple ones are cool. Are those white ones Alps? If yes, take it.
sell them on ebay

/g/ seriously needs to compile a fortune quote pack. The forum is quite big, even smaller communities have one.

Pic not related
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That game was tits.


Bravo Apple.

No seriously, that frame is not thin as one would expect.
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>fragile phone is okay because people break phones anyway lol
the absolute state of consumerist society

Where is Kaczynski when we need him most
surprised gps & social security aren't in that get request

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Has anyone ever gotten a job with an a+ and n+ certifications? I'm going for mine and want to know if anyone has gotten good employment
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Hope you're not white
Stop being a pussy and just apply and tell them you have them regardless. You will still be trained and treated like the fucking new guy.

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