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Im intrested in hacking i.e retrieving passwords from hash files , methods to attack servers , illegal stuff etc how can i get started /g/ ? (books,websites,etc). I have some experience in Java i would say beginner
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Sent ;^)
What are you trying to say?

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Do you keep your computers on 24/7? Have you figured out how much energy you are using?

I got a bill for over $100 USD last month for a 1 bedroom condo. Computer seems to use 66W idle under load and 230W with screen on and being used or playing games. Computer is an i5 3570 with a GTX 1060.

Paying around 15 cents USD per a kWh.

$4.22 for 14 hours of idle
$10.49 for 10 hours of load

Which means around $176 a year?

Based on this: https://energyusecalculator.com/electricity_laptop.htm

Is that typical for most people?
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>Which means around $176 a year?

this is nothing
No I don't. That's not how you are supposed to use your computer..
230 W * 10 h = 2300 Wh

2300 Wh = 2.3 kWh

15c/kWh * 2.3 kWh = 34.5 c

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>he upgrades his $1000+ PC every 18 months to browse 4chan and play NES emulators
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>implying I'm not shitposting from a nearly 10yo thinkpad
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No, I'm still running on broadwell here.
I've bought more hard drives and a card reader, that's it.

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>the most powerful man in the world uses a Mac
what's your excuse?
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that's not kim jong un
>kim jong un
a manchild who does nothing but throw tantrums while the rest of the world watches and laughs
that's not xi jin ping

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Arch GNU/Linux users,

Why aren't you using Parabola GNU/Linux?

- It's free as in freedom
- It's based off of Arch
- All nonfree malicious packages have been removed for your sake.
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Fuck off Luke
In other words, all the hardware support is removed and you now have to buy a wi-fi dongle. Your life is also made more difficult in case you ever need to use any non-free software.

Literally no reason to use this autistic piece of shit instead of Arch.
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lennfart the ugly.jpg
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I use hyperbola because fuck lennfarts aids cancer systemd! Version 0.2, soon the dream comes true!

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>you must have 15 years of experience and be under 30 years old
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>You must have 5 years experience using a 3 year old language.
Job requirements are basically the company's ideal candidate.
99% won't meet everything they want.
Just apply anyways

I got hired at a place that wanted 6 years experience when I only had 2.
>Master's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or similar
>15 years experience
>10+ years of experience with COBOL
>Compensation: $22-25/hr

Are those cheap second hand Xeons worth it, or are you fags memeing again?
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They're basically the same as similar Core i-series. For example, the X5680 is the same as the 980x, just with a BIOS lockout on some boards.
If you're doing work that can utilize the cores they're pretty powerful chips for the money.
wanted to ask the same thing. they're going for piss cheap and so are the mobo's. thinking of picking one up for a cheap pc to do premiere pro editing and some gaming on the side.

which one would /g/ recommend?

Are you ready to delid?
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No one is gonna buy that chip.
Not even Intel fans.
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emoji pillow.jpg
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Why haven't you ***OPTIMIZED*** your computer chair with fuckin' rollerblades?
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It actually makes sense if you use your chair on hardwood floors.

It avoids scratches.
OP raises a fair point.
oh shit true

my chair used to be on tile and it was faded and worn down where i sat

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When will fucking websites allow me to pay for access to their gay content in exchange for privacy? Now they tell me to fuck off with my adblock. They don't want my money or something?
Fucking NSA...
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Love you mummy

>paying for gay content

Bro, there's plenty of free gay porn available.
Who is that semen demon?

Can I install Reaver Pro on USB Flash Kali Linu)(?
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bumpity dumpy bumpi
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another yet not yet so desperado bump
Am I for reel?

Do you know a good youtube downloader addon for firefox?

It should be free/libre software.
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just fully embrace the botnet
youtube + chrome
google isnt so bad anon

shits too stressful already in life to worry about stuff like this

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Hey people smarten up! Your fight is with the banks! Not just the government. Definitely not the immagrents and minorities who have no power in this nation. But the banks! Why do you think politicians are so ok with completely giving banks the freedom to do whatever they please?! Because the banks are the most powerful "people" in the country! All the government does is bend over for banks. Now banks and Wallstreet trying to take the government over more directly and you all still do nothing! Remember the words of Thomas Jefferson! THE BANKS ARE THE TRUE ENEMY!
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You forgot WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!!!!! you fucking redditard
Redfitard. Sounds like a good name for yourself you 4chanfag.

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I'm doing a little survey on 4chan users.

- Why do you use 4chan?
- What interests you about 4chan?
- Why use it as opposed to other forums?
- What's your age/profession?
- What are your motivations and hobbies?
- Where and through what types of device do you usually access 4chan?

Seeing as this is a tech board, and 4chan is
accessed through tech, I figured I'd post this here.

Thanks guys.
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hello google
Nice try CIA
I come from r/4chan. I like dank memes. I like it because here are a lot of cool dudes, fun comminity. I'm unemployed, 22 years old. I watch Netflix and play League of Legends. I browse 4chan mainly on phone through Google Chrome.

They're literally making Apple tier chad/stacy-appealing commercials that play on Yoga as in Yoga pants.

Fuck them and how they ruined Thinkpad.
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Let's not forget how they put BIOS level malware in their PCs. Fuck Lenovo.
Funny how /g/ will never get one of those stacies with their long time obsession over Chinkpads while a chad who knows nothing about Lenovo is gonna get em all.
Who gives a shit bout bitches. We're hear to discuss quality tech, if you want to get your pee wee wet go elsewhere you retard.

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