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can you solve this conundrum /g/?

Ive bought an old AT server case as a project for a modern gaming pc build and it had some extra features
from its time.

Ive created a wiring diagram I've drawn up in hopes that I can get some input if it will work.

The plan is this
>flip toggle switch
>insert key and turn key
>press power button to turn on pc

From what i understand and tested is that you can't directly use a toggle switch to turn on a computer. so my question is
does this wiring constitute as functioning power button? If my wiring is correct the circuit should be completed when all the switches are activated and would only provide momentary power just to turn it on.

Ive already figured out the wiring for the leds on the bulgin switch so thats not a problem.
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You probably should go to /diy/
/g/ is just a consumer war board
Why not just directly connect power to the power button?

replace the switch with a momentary switch of the same size and type

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Post your bookmarks
Rules :::
*Don't fucking post saying "I don't use bookmarks, who even uses bookmarks", "Lol, your bookmarks are so unorganized"
*Don't post at all if you don't have a image showing your bookmarks
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england is my city
I don't use bookmarks, who even uses bookmarks
This, I NEVER use benchsarks, who the fuck would ever use it in 2017?

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>no built-in surge protectors for every outlet in the house
>get fried if touching electrical appliance when wet
>entire house gets demolished if lightning strikes it, current even runs through the water pipes and electrocutes you if you're in the shower
>"there is no way to protect against that!"

will american infrastructure every catch up with that of europe?
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>Living in wooden houses
>Shit electrics in every home

Damn, you are 2 niggers away from being literal Africa.
Ausfag who's mum also survived ball lightening and direct hit on mains power here ama

Had to get origin to put a ups/line leveler on our grid
My house was built in 1936.

In America.

Since it's of such shit quality, amazing it's been able to stay up huh.

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Would it be possible to vectorize a 4k image without losing any quality. Not like clip art either like a legit 4k photo you took with a camera

If so how big would it be
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>without losing any quality

Why not

Shouldn't you be able to make any combination of curves?
>Vector graphics is the use of polygons to represent images in computer graphics.

Yes but it would take forever to render.

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Why do some of you bother with a meme language or two?
You're not going to work for the corporations that do use it, plus only one or two might get bigger many years later. Big emphasis on might, you're probably overlooking the one that might get big. If anything better meme languages are to come and won't get far neither.
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>You're not going to work for the corporations that do use it
>probably overlooking the one that might get big
>meme language
you're making quite a lot of assumptions there, niggaroo
Because I have fun programming my projects in rust. Do I need any other reason?
Firstly, fuck off with your stale normie meme.

Secondly, not everything has to lead to a job. If you have any skill or intelligence you can know languages that are good for a career while also knowing languages that you can use to work on personal projects. People also learn things like scheme to progress their knowledge and skill in programming. Use some common sense before trying to start a flame war next time.

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Can discern a female human presence in the frame.

Do you know how incredibly useful this would be? I could automatically hide every thread in the catalog with a woman in OP. that's 100% less porno and anime I have to look at while browsing /g/ (since the mods won't do their job.)
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>ITT op being his usual gay self
It's easy to do with handwriting as women typically have "women" lettering. It's also not difficult if you have a transcript of speech: look for sentences that start with "So," or end with ", right?" You will also filter out cuck males, too, which is a plus. But written word on the 'net is hard because women have so infused the blogosphere with the shitty informal style that it's imitated by everyone now.
This markov chain bot is really convincing.

What the fuck is this? Why does choot keep fucking up this site?
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Ads are the future goy
>phone poster
you deserve it goy
>Not using an adblocker
Dumb mobilefag

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What did she get?
Take it back to Best Buy unopened and request a refund as it's not what you wanted. Use the money you get towards the processor you want.

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Which file manager are you using? Is there a way to make Dolphin show video info like win explorer does(bit rate etc)?
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Windows Explorer
midnight commander

This one with Clover

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>memearrowing a link
>movietagging something that has no reason to be movietagged in a board that doesn't even support it
I'm just gonna assume that you're black and come from Reddit and sage your shit thread.

I'm white, why are you even calling me a nig this isn't /pol/ man. And i didn't know you couldn't spoiler text on this board, i just came home from college and got this news popped up on my phone and i kek'd and posted it here cause i thought people would find it funny too.
actually greentexting a link is a good way to piss off phoneposters

Can anyone tell me what this is?
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Here's the other side
it's an RF camera trigger.
looks like a wireless transmetter for electric guitar

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Think Palmer would actually buy Vive (the company)? All text is a WIP.

>Setup guides, tips, resources

>Recommended games and applications (includes NSFW)

>Last thread
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No because it's a meme investment. I feel bad for all the suckers who fell for it
He can't buy it. He isn't that rich.
Had a Rift since mid July and love it. But hate the fact of how limited the library is, or don't want to pay $30 or so for 1-2 hours of game play some have even less play time.
Is their anything that came out in the past month or so guys that is worth checking out besides Lone Echo?

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How do I use this without getting assraped by MS?
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Replace it with Gentoo
Not this thread again, please.
How hard is for you to search your question?
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what's your plan here

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What's /g/-approved android download manager app?
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What the fuck is a download manager?
A download manager is a computer program dedicated to the task of downloading (and sometimes uploading) possibly unrelated stand-alone files from (and sometimes to) the Internet for storage.

What is a good android firefox adblocker?
I'm using ad nauseam on nightly and some popup blockers but 4chan displays ads, a popup, and this weird screen dim that locks the touch input.
Anyone else with this problem?
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uBlock Origin is the best content blocker for any browser which it supports.
Damn, Firefox 55 looks like that?

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