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Cortana is so fucking good. Unlike the google now, i actually use it all the time since i do have a good mic on my table, which is on all the time and no battery to worry about.
But why the fuck is microsoft gimping it by locking it down to their shitty software? like you can only do searches with cortana in shitty internet explorer and play music via retarded groove app.
Their excuse is that they are best compatible with cortana but that is bullshit, executing an mp3 in the default player takes no special compatibility.
Their hope was that this will force people to use shitty MS apps, but instead they just don't use Cortana, which sucks because fuck it's so good and she is a top tier waifu too.
Why do corporations have to ruin everything? ;_;
>FOSStards don't have the manpower to create great things
>Corps create great things but then ruin them because MUH PROFITS
what a time to be alive
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So obvious now that pajeets are rampant on this board now.
pajeets gotta eat, that street isnt going to shit itself
>FOSStards don't have the manpower to create great things
Someone really needs to step up and donate people cant do all the shit for free.

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Is there a DAW that can easily handle thousands of wav files from a mechanical hard disk by preloading them completely in RAM? I have 32GB available.
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just make a ramdisk and use any daw of your preference anon
you're looking for server rental.
First post best post

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So my family has this old 5.1 home theater system that we never even set up and I wanted to use it for my computer/desk. Isssue is that the receiver/head unit started smoking. So my question is. The speakers are connected by speaker wire and not an RCA cable, and the subwoofer is connected by component cable.

1. What receivers can I replace this receiver with? How much would it cost?

2. Would it be possible to use it without a receiver/head unit?
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Why is there suddenly several home audio questions on g?, are we gonna get a new company shilling here soon?

would be savable in the right hands or the sub and and speakers could make a cute 2.1 setup with a new kit amp and some tweaks

but if you have to ask here i dont think you got what it takes

a modern cheap logitech 2.1 will save you time and sound better

How so? Can I just not get another receiver?

Is there an NVIDIA video card "between" the GTX 1050 and GTX 1080 in quality?
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GTX 1060 and GTX 1070.
You forgot the 1050 Ti and "1060 3GB"
Oh yeah, thanks for correcting me.

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I don't give faggots my money before I see the tablet working.

I payed for pro type games and I won't get ass fucked again. Especially not be a Chinese no name fuck that promises over the air updates and every chunk phone I had didn't get the recent updates in their respected time.

Fuck off you shill
I'm not shilling. I'm just interested in it, and I've been interested in SailfishOS/Jolla since the beginning of them. Considering this seems to be the Jolla Tablet (but hopefully without a shitstorm), I was wondering what the people here thought of the specs and software.

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which programming language is the most complicated to learn?
Is it C++ or something, or are there harder languages that are commonly used in software?
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OP here, pic kind of related
HTML? that's kinda weird

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Stop using Windows.
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But how else will be able to observe the outside world?
Nice maymay

Have an upvote my fellow redditor!
Use doors.

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Hey, im looking to buy a new CPU and a new motherboard. Would an Asus H110M-R/C/SI support an i3 7100? I've searched on multiple forums and theres no concrete answer. Some say it doesn't, some say it does, some say u need to update the BIOS, but is that even possible if i don't have an earlier generation CPU to use? Please help me out, im new to this stuff.
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The socket is compatible, the BIOS may not be.

It all depends on how long it's been sitting around in a warehouse for.
>Asus H110M-R/C/SI
Cannot find the official page for this.

This is the closest:
dont get that i3. get 4560.

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So I've got my CPU over clocked and the RAM is stable, posts just fine, Aida64 runs without issue, but Prime95 either crashes or fails within 5 minutes

Should I care? Various game benchmarks run fine, it's just the unrealistic load of prime95 that causes any failures.
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expect to crash just in time to lose all your progress in whatever inane game you were playing for the previous several hours.
>ignoring the one benchmark that tells you when overclocking fails
Do you also immediately put eggs/meat inside the frying pan and then turn the stove on?
>Should I care?
I'd be satisfied.

time to have some fun with rpi... oh wait
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if your parents are dykes but you're a white male does that mean you're less privileged?
srs question
No it doesn't you cis scum. Now give that computaah to your sistah so she can learn Rust.
The one on the right is obviously an middle-aged transgender woman

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I am very lazy, which makes me basically retarded.

I bought a couple of CERWIN VEGA VE 5M some years ago, when they arrived I didn't realize you could remove the lid and I thought I ordered rear speakers for basses "or something".

I also ordered this amplifier without knowing at all if they were compatible.
I never used them, I just have cables for attaching the speakers to the amplifier.

Speakers say "compatible with receivers rated 8 ohms or less"
I remember I once tried to make them work and the audio was barely audible.

I have no idea what I am doing, I know I shouldn't be asking this but can somebody tell me what I am missing?
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Bump, I actually read the sticky before posting.
ur tryin to power 8ohm 125w speakers with a 50w amp.
Buy a real man's amp.

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Spiritus Salicylicus Galen-Pharma: Cutenaeous solution, salicylic acid it says help /g/
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Yup sure can.
Use your cum

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Old thread: >>61295410

What are you working on, /g/?
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the monad as interpreted by functional programmers is the ultimate embedding of imperative programming within functional programming and represents the pinnacle of 20th century programming innovation, uniting imperative programming, type theory, category theory, first class functions, custom data types, procedural and imperative concepts along with continuations and the lambda calculus to perfect the concept of the pure typed programming language. it is the cherry on top of the proof within the pudding that functional programming is strictly superior to imperative programming.

philistine memesters need not reply
main = putStrLn "Haskell!"

>Don't mind me I'm just stea-... using adblock over here
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heres your (you) pooloo webdev, now go away
>t.thief tier nigger
Problem moralcuck?

>Bought a GTX1060 3GB Mini
> for about 260USD in my country
> was about 190USD before mining boom
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Wow i bought a mini 6gb for $250 two days ago
I bought it for that price a week ago
a huge cryptomining boom started here in south korea at May, and VGA prices haven't returned to normal since then

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