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I've been told as an engineering student I should mess around with those. What are some cool ideas?
Have a nice wallpaper
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create some deathtrap to shoot someone breaking into your house?
Live in a cucked country,can't own guns
Create an automated watering system

>Get SSD
>Set Windows temp folder to imdisk ramdisk to reduce disk writes
>Sometimes the temp folder will disappear like it never existed
>Some programs won't open unless I create a new R:/Temp folder

Any idea why the folder might be vanishing? inb4 install gentoo.
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install gentoo
install gentoo
>he fell for the ramdisk meme

What is /g/'s router firmware of choice?

I'm currently rocking DD-WRT on my Netgear R6400 after trying Tomato and realising it basically limited any 2.4GHz traffic to 2 Mbps.

I don't miss the "pretty" real time graphs.
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I could never get OpenWRT's wireless access to work, for some reason it came disabled by default (at least in the version I installed on my piece of shit router) and there was nowhere to turn it on
For some reason the out and in limits on bandwidth throttling were switched for me. I might just be a retard though.

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Can anyone give me a rundown on the major differences /points of comparison between the various Android custom roms out there?
I'm running lineage os atm, and am having a hard time finding a detailed resource listing it's differences with other roms out there.
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If you don't have a nexus or a pixel almost all ROMs will be based off of lineage or omni
I use Lineage on my Nexus 4 (:
I have an axon 7 and see one or two based off of AOSP. Anyone have experience with that?

How would use an old android phone as a seedbox / a thing i can just plop down at star bucks or something and just torrent.

I have a 64 gig sd card in it and i wont do much at a time so storage would not be an issue
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This board is for English speaking people.
I speak english you fag
you can get mobile torrent clients off the play store, what else do you need help with?

>go to starbucks
>log into wifi
>open up torrent app

this should have really been a;
A good thread might have dies for this.

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How do I put the system status/time/etc. on my desktop, like the left side of pic related?

Is it something native to openbox, or is there a separate program for that?
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Get rid of the info bars
Shit looks awful

I've gone through iphone and android phones and have noticed something.
Why the fuck do i have a smartphone?
There is nothing great about having one of those devices. All the apps are webapps and the ecosystem (while being opensource sometimes) is closed as fuck.
I do not use the "phone" of this device for anything else other than sending a message once in a month. Or send a message to add money to my account. (Having calculated how much i've spent in my account and it is 66€ and i barely even talk).
From now on i have decided that as the fucking /g/entooman that i am i am going to get board and my own device. It will run good linux have a good emulator a terminal a good music player and a good web browser to browse /g/.

For talking all i'll need is a "dumb"phone.
No reason for anything more than that.
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You don't own a smart phone. You just own a phone which is smarter than your dumb brain you autistic fuck.
So basically you want a small tablet that runs linux? Ok. By the way, pay as you go exists.
People with jobs who have to get out of the house need phones

Im looking to get into linux what is the best distro
no gentoo pls
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ubuntu family of distros just werk but the kernel can be fairly dated, fedora family of distros just werk but you'll need 3rd party repos(rpmfusion) for nonfree components(media codecs especially mp3), debian is... minimal.. you'll be configuring a lot yourself, and it's old unless you do testing/unstable (in which case you may as well just ubuntu), arch is far, far, far more minimal but rolling release, gentoo is arch but you compile everything, slackware is minimal and about 5 people use it (comparable to debian), rhel/centos is fedora from a few years ago using software versions from a few years ago but with recent security updates (not recommended outside of very niche workstation use or, naturally, servers), opensuse is great if you like kde but has had some questionable decisions in the past

basically just pick a de and then pick the accompanying distro that does that de best (ubuntu/fedora for gnome, xubuntu for xfce, opensuse for kde, etc)
just installed void and it's /comfy/ af. I used to use systemd/arch linux.

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Anybody here have a 3D printer? I need help buildaing a part and would pay someone to print it for me
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Check /csg/
lol just buy a ultimaker it just wekrs my man haha
Hey nigger, there are services that do just that provided you can into CAD

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I uninstalled Firefox, but this is still in CCleaner even after reinstalling it, how do I remove it?
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Check your Program Files and Program Data folders for any stray Firefox folders that might have been left behind.
kys. install gentoo. egas.
The only thing left are two files called firefox.browser in WinSxS apparently, but I can't delete them, because I don't have the permission of "TrustedInstaller". What should I do now?

I'm about to install Windows 7 on some free space drive - will it fuck up my boot files on primary partition with Win8.1 (i heard it had problems with dual booting due to MacroJews' uefi protection thing and other stuff)
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I'm going to presume nobody has tried that?
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>two windows
i'll remove 8.1 as soon as 7 will confirm to be operational (fucking skylakes, i swear), obviously

I thought KDE was supposed to fix the shitty file picker thing? how am i suppose to post good images now?
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Firefox seems to force the GTK file picker regardless of what DE you're actually using. It's fucking bullshit. I know there's some sort of workaround with an openSUSE version but I haven't looked into it properly.
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works for me anon :^)
you need a patched firefox
now firefox just uses the gtk filechooser
i'd tell you how but I see you are using Arch so you'll figure it out

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low IQ poster here

if I buy in amazon, a couple of different things at the same time, does amazon sell me everything in the same package, or some things may come after the others?
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also, when you recieve the package, you need to sign something or something?

can my mom pick the package? because i will be sleeping.
If you put all of them in your basket and press the order button after, then they put them all in one box.

If you checkout after EVERY item, you will get them separately, in one-one box and pay for S&H every time.

Amazon sends it with registered mail, so yes someone has to sign it. In my country it can be you, any of your family members over 14 from your household or anyone with written permission from you. Regulation may differ in your country but probably not much.
It will ask when you select shipping if you want separate and possibly faster packages.

The new android update improves the battery life by over 10 hours. gtfo applefags
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what if I have an android phone but a macbook
Who are you talking to? Blog about your shit and go. Why do Androjeets mention Apple every time they talk about their own shit? Apple users don't care about you or your opinions.

Linux/windows desktop
Android phone

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What's the pic related of technology?
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DFW was/is the king.
pic related and infinite jest are god damn epic
>overrated, only impressive in it's sheer effort to obfuscate how shallow it actually is, widely enjoyed by pretentious pseudointellectuals who mostly use it to boast about the extent of their patience that mostly hailfrom a certain board on 4chan

Arch. Yup, definitely Arch - although Arch is actually useful unlike this shit

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