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I have a 7 year old 500gb HDD. What do you do with old hard drives?

>attach it to new PC as an extra drive
Might end up dying and losing data since it's old
>wipe and sell it
Sensitive data could be recovered
>magnetise it, throw it in the sea
Better safe than sorry

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You can make a clear wipe with all 0 on your disk.
download some cp and sell it on darkweb
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Attach it to new PC, take anything useful (you'd be so surprised what kind of shit you forgot you had and still want to have.)

After that, physically shatter the disk, and into the trash it goes.

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the final rape of intel is coming
the first zen+vega apu appeared on aos

tl dr is 5-6 fps less than a 470...
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Looks like this is going in my next laptop.
DELET. Intel iris PRO is better.
my laptop is still good for a few years. 7nm APUs when?

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Childhood is idolizing Tesla, adulthood is when you realize Edison was right
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Adulthood is realising that "their" inventions were stolen from black scientists of the day.
Wisdom is realizing black "scientists" had been stealing from Ashkenazi Jews all along.
Enlightenment is realizing Ashkenazi Jews were inspired by Arabic sources.


Why have you not joined the Libreoffice master race, /g/?
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> gtk
But I have
you can use office with wine 2.0, why would i use something worse now?

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piss off /g/ is a terry davis board you goddamn cia nigger

What does /g/ use for taking / organizing notes.

Tossing up between TiddlyWiki and Cherry Tree because of simplicity and cross platform.
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Pencil and paper

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Did you know the numbers and phrases used in the audio captcha are from phone conversations?
Google literally had access to voice recordings of millions and developed a software to analyze it
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So? You're merely verifying their speech-to-text algorithms. They already know what the text is, since how else would they be able to check you passed the captcha?

Ever since google introduced 'okay google', they've been recording everything anyone ever says around their smartphones and in telephone conversations, parsing it to text, and then using it to build advertising profiles on you.
>Did you know the numbers and phrases used in the audio captcha are from phone conversations?
common sense
the way people speak is like a phone conversation + typical voice sampled at 8kHz

Best place to learn Linux?
I know how to use a distro I want to know about the kernel (how it's written and how it connects software w/hardware) and I want how to understand the kernel
Please help me.
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Linux from scratch
Arch and Gentoo documentation
codeacademy is sjw and shit
Probably should not delve into Linux as your first exposure bon how kernels work on a low level. Its very complicated after decades of development.

I think there's an O'Reilly book on kernels which should give you a good overview to get started.

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Top kek m8, the age of planar magnetic headphones is here.
Stupid audiophools, I EQ my 40$ shitphones to sound like an orpheus.
Then you have $40 EQd shitphones

Market shares:

Win XP: 11%

Win 7: 68%

Win 10: 13%

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7 was the last windows version aimed at desktop/laptop users, so not surprised at all that it's still dominanting.
I switched to it my self and find it super comfy.
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Because Windows 10 is fucking dogshit. 95% of Winshit 10 users are Pajeets and the other 5% are /v/tards.
Explains why AMD dropped win8 support in preference for win10...

Why did Tarantino use a film camera in 2017?!
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because he thinks film looks better than digital (it does)
Is it him or you that is a successful filmmaker
Because he makes film for fun?

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>Speaking to PC World, Microsoft said that despite pledging Windows 10 feature updates until October 13th 2020, this will now depend on users running relatively modern hardware. In short: if a manufacturer stops supporting your hardware at any point then Microsoft may not longer upgrade your version of Windows 10.

>“Recognizing that a combination of hardware, driver and firmware support is required to have a good Windows 10 experience, we updated our support lifecycle policy to align with the hardware support period for a given device,” Microsoft said in a statement.

>“If a hardware partner stops supporting a given device or one of its key components and stops providing driver updates, firmware updates, or fixes, it may mean that device will not be able to properly run a future Windows 10 feature update.”

Wangblows fags BTFO and on suicide watch

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>And the result of a device or component no longer being supported is severe. When updating users will simply receive the message: “Windows 10 is no longer supported on this PC”.

*Breathes in*
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People have been warning against this for years, I'm surprised it took this long.
Wait, proprietary software is cuckware?
Who could have seen this coming?

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>Overclocked Ryzen 3 1300X ($129) beats i7-7700K ($339) in PCMark 10.
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RIP in pieces

it's not even 8 threads right right?
That's a cherry picked as fuck benchmark, but the reality still is that an overclocked R3 1300X is a great CPU.
>Stock 7700K

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>be me
>have obscure ass samshit phone
>download a rom from a pajeet on xda 5 months ago
>wifi stops working
>cant find original firmware anymore
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Retarded frogposter.
dumb frogposter
>he didn't get an iPhone

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