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What does /g/ think about Elementary OS? Good for beginners, or just a meme?
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It's pretty. Easy to use. But that's all it has going for it.
I guess you could say it's alright for beginners. They're still going to have trouble understanding how to install software and why they can't get everything they want. Because of that it's only "good" if the beginner only needs what comes pre-installed.

In a more technical sense it's a meme. It's just shitty outdated macBuntu. It has no reason to exist other than to stroke the egos of the money-grubbing distributors behind it. I can't even bring myself to describe their contribution as "development."
Just a meme. Install a real Linux distro.


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I just introduced someone to linux because they diddn't like windows 10 which was forcefully installed on the computer while she was at work (Thanks microshit). She's pretty fucking stupid so I just decided to throw linux mint at her that's what she wanted to try out. After hours of getting their shitty 32 bit laptop to run linux mint because I had to actually figure out what she was looking at by her just stupidly describing what her bios screen looks like to get it prepped to even run the iso from a usb drive. She eventually installed it and loved it but come a day later she is upset because she can't "Play muh games" Even though I clearly stated that games that worked on windows only will not work on linux beforehand. I'm fucking angry and I feel like I wasted my time.

Fuck Normies
Fuck Retards
Fuck Windows
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apt -y install wine

How is that a problem?
She's too fucking stupid to even know how to do that. She literally needs a hand holder.
Damn dude... that was probably just a clever ruse to get you to talk to her but you went autisticly FOSS. Can she even print now?

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Are there any good alternatives to this or is it actually good?
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try a vacuum cleaner
There's literally no point to it when Windows has disk cleanup.
what about the registry?can windows do it too?

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I wanna learn PHP in depth.
I have a intermediate level but I would like to read a book that can teach me the "under the hood" of the language.
I was thinking on read this book but I feel that it will be general shit.
Any recommneadtion?
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Lynda.com - PHP Essential Training
learn C and download the source code
what a fucking gangbang of a book

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I've been having a Machine Check Exception for 3 days now. It's incredibly aggravating. PC only works in safe mode. BSOD within seconds of signing into normal Windows. PC is also not recognizing my wireless card, so there's no internet access.

I've unplugged all sub devices, disabled all startup software, removed the wireless card, all to no avail. I've tried running command prompt memory test, but it shows results upon signin after the restart. I can't view them because Windows immediately BSOD. I have to shift + restart to open the troubleshooter, boot options > restart and open safe mode. The results don't show after that process of several restarts.

How the hell do you diagnose this?
All help will be appreciated.
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Install Gentoo
If it's still under warrantee, just RMA it.
I still have to be able to find out which component is causing the issue, or even if it's a software issue. It's a PC build/assembly from 2015.

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What are some of the best small form factor cases? Doesn't matter the actual form factor of the mobo, but the case should still be small.

I've been trying to find things that are as thin as possible, but have an x99 so not going mitx. I can sell my mobo (Rampage V extreme) and psu to get a SFX.
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Are you looking for horizontal (like an XBOX) or vertical (like a tiny cube)?

Several options for each.
I like the Horizontal designs, The cubes just seem large since it limits me to ITX (only 1 for the X99) or MATX which turns out to be pretty wide and not exactly smaller.

I like the idea of the Core G3 though I don't care for clear sides too much.
I wanted to get the corsair 380T since it has a handle and looks cool but they discontinued it.

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ive got both win7 and xubuntu on this machine, and the sound quality on them is totally different. windows doesnt sound bad or anything, but music sounds much better on ubuntu. why is that? its not just me right?

though despite how nice it sounds, its a buggy ass sound system that constantly crashes and has to be reconfigured, at least on my machine.
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My machine with Arch GNU/Linux doesn't have this problem
its not a huge problem for me. the problem is that anytime i boot back into windows to play some games, i have to delete the entire configuration and re-do it. takes about 5 minutes but it does get annoying.
ive looked all around for solutions and apparently this is a common problem, at least on ubuntu.

anyway, the original question: its not just me right? does the sound quality seem better to you?
No idea but I find pretty much everything to be better on GNU/Linux compared to Windows so it's probably true

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new gpu what do? buy 1070 or 580 or wait for vega (lol)? 1070 would be 450 yurops, 580 400 yurops, fucking miner cunt niggers
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Anything midrange is still overpriced due to miners.
Wait for vega but don't buy vega.
When miners start buying vega for mining, mid-range cards are going to be a lot cheaper
This and or just get a cheap used 970 because who cares...games aren't that good these days. Save the cash

What's the best checkers bot?
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The one you write.

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Did he do it /g/?
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who did he mean by this
WannaCry killer
yes, next.

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>install mint
>download nvidia
>go to change refresh rate for 144hz displays
>no option in UI
>xrandr doesn't work
>no threads or support for it
Truly a meme OS
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How did you download an entire multi-billion dollar company?

Try just downloading their drivers.
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are you even trying?
there's a fucking GUI

So, /g/, do you touch type?
What WPM can you achieve?
And more importantly, do you think it's important for software development?

I myself can achieve 100+WPM, however, I don't fully touch type, e.g. I use my ring finger for backspace and two different fingers for the same row.
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I don't fully touch type, but I don't type with the "proper" method because it makes my wrists hurt. Typing my own way hits around 80 wpm.
Yeah, I'd say comfort is much more important than raw WPM, as its not a bottleneck most of the times and so saving your wrists doing it the way it hurts less is better.

pic related, it's
130 on average, 140 after a few minutes to get "warmed up"
Not really, no. Unless you type very, very slow (hunt and peck) you're going to be stopping to think about what to type next all the time. Unless you're just typing out stuff from memory, typing speed is largely irrelevant.

Also touch typing has nothing to do with what fingers you use, it just means you type without having to look down at your keyboard to find the key you want to strike.

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What does /g/ prefer?
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I'm very uneasy with OnePlus in general. They're nothing of what they set out to be and their head-in-the-sand approach to user feedback is sad. I'd rather be disappointed by Google at least.

my LG K20 does the job just fine for me. I'd rather not drop half a fortune on a pretty phone, it's nice and all but a bit of a waste and with Jewgle you're cucked with no MicroSD slot and eventual deprecation due to lack of support over the years

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A little backstory.
>Be me.
>Take intro to programming, make a B
>Take Intermediate programming, make a C
>Take Advanced programming with hard professor, drop class.
>Take Advanced prog. again with easy professor, make a B.

Why am I so shit at Java development. I couldn't even make a Blackjack game as an assignment for last year. How can I get better at this shit?
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Shameless self bump
i don't understand how you can't make blackjack after 3 years of experience. i'm not great at programming either but i can do stuff like that pretty easily if given enough time. Sounds like you're a brainlet
install gentoo

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Another most of your day of your sad, miserable life wasted on /g/ instead of doing something productive, creative or learning something /g/-related.....
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yeah but it was my day off today. I am very productive at the workplace. I slack off and smoke weed while browsing /g/ on my downtime.
nope, spent the day working and now just hopped on /g/

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