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Is overclocking a meme?
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>overclocking with mayo thermal interface inside
>overclocking with a delidded cpu
>Overclocking with a soldered CPU
Free performance is not a meme. Disabling speedstep/cstates/hyperthreading/pushing bclk/watercooling for an extra 100mhz is a meme.
If you're doing it to the point where you need liquid cooling, then yes, it is

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How much can I get for this outdated 'gaming' tower?

Shitty outdated parts
MSI Radeon 6970
MSI 890fxa-gd70
AMD Phenom ii x4 black

Decent parts
Corsair hx850 80 gold plus
LG internal Blu ray writer
And this decent yet bulky corsair csse
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Give it back, Jamal.
I paid $50 for it from people who thought it was broken when it just wasn't wired correctly
Sure you did, DeQuan.

So /G/ fags i got a question

So i was thinking about buying the iBUYPOWER C-i13 Gaming Desktop - 7th Generation Intel Core i7 - 3GB NVIDIA GTX 1060 Graphics as my first gaming desktop. Ive heard many different views and i wanna know if its worth $1000
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>Actually buying an iBuyPower PC
No, build your own. You're literally fucking retarded if you can't put the legos together required to get a working PC.
No, for that price you should get a ryzen 5 with a with a 570/580 or a 1070

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/g/ working with a ARG (Alternate reality game) and come across this that the guy posted...


It's all audio mainly. I know it's got something hidden in there.

I'm no tech with decoding of audio so ignore my faggotry. I just hear that you all like puzzles every now and again.
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The only puzzles /g/ likes is "find mummy's pussy in the bedsheets". Good luck, though.
Anon, we are all neckbeards with no chances of even getting anything past vivid thoughts of fantasies that will never happen.

I digress though.

Any way someone can point my in the right direction the channel some weaponized autism to good use?
have you tried looking at the sky on dorado? ;)

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>Genocide program has a buffer overrun
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>great program has a shit development team
looks like /pol/ had a buffer overrun
>It was assembled with MASM instead of GAS, mein Fuehrer

Please suggest a decent music player for android that uses a software decoder instead of hardware decoder.

since upgrading to android 6, enabling battery saver causes cpu power to drop which results in distorted music when screen is off.
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Neutron, just enable wakelock in the settings.
that was fast. thanks
it's the only decent player for android anyway

other shits don't even have a parametric eq, even the clip+ from 2009 had a paramEQ

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>a 7 thousand american-peso software key

why do people buy Red products?
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>t. LinusShillTips viewer
because people love memes
That's how you make the real money. Establish your tech as the industry standard in an industry where no one knows a fucking thing about technology. See: Protools in professional studios, Macs as being the computers for creatives (although I think that notion is more or less dead now).

The film-student retards won't question it because it's all a magic box to them, and the red meme is strong.

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>going to school for "programming"
>buddy of mine has got me interested in Networking
whats the less stressful/more moneymaking career?
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I'm going to uni for a comps sci degree and I'm considering a focus in networking so I'm also curious. If that works out probably move to one of those growing cities like Nashville or Salt Lake.
money is not technology discussion
shouldnt you be in your containment general?

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hey /g/, im having some laptop troubles and thought you guys might be able to help me

I threw my controller at my laptop screen in a frenzied rage and this was the result. obviously the laptop is still usable if i connect it to an external display via HDMI, but I may need to use it as a laptop in the future away from home. I am thinking about buying replacement parts and doing the screen fix myself, as I have installed GPU's in my desktop in the past with no trouble. The repair parts dont seem to be too pricey, however am I not sure if I would just need a replacement for the LCD screen, or something more.

How would I know the total amount of parts I need to replace this screen on my own, without taking it to a repair shop and them telling me I might need extra thing that "only they carry" or without having to pay them to look at it and tell me what I need?
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You can try not acting like a fucking child next time.
Full screwdriver kit and a replacement screen.

You can get replacement screens from https://www.laptopscreen.com/English/ . The site looks like shit, but I've used them before.
this is what I found on amazon as far as replacement screens go. I have an HP Probook 450 g1, so would this suffice? https://www.amazon.com/HP-PROBOOK-Replacement-Shipping-Warranty/dp/B00TXW25T0

In the section where it says "Frequently bought together", it has another item listed, which is why I was unsure if I would need anything more than just the replacement screen

I am pretty sure I have the needed screwdrivers around the house, but if not I can probably take a trip to home depot and get something like that

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Game hacks general thread
I'll start:
How do you map out the memory of a different program in windows?
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with a debugger
No in c++

The best Android launcher is ironically made by Microsoft
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>Ricky Martin
>Unknown artist
oh fuck lol
>mobilefags cant play a song from spotlight

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I have an idea that is going to revolutionize the tech industry and I have an option to pitch it to Microsoft, Apple or Alphabet. Who should I go to /g/? This idea is a game changer and it's going to change how all of you interact with your technology.
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dick buttons
But all three of these companies will use your idea to their own corrupt ends
...or maybe that's the joke you're trying to make here

Be serious for once /g/, this is not a joke. I'm needing serious answers to this.

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I just graduated from high school. My parents bought me an Lenovo Laptop. It came with McAfee LifeSafe.

It is running out on its free trial. Should I keep it or go with something else? I will mostly be using this for homework and internet surfing and watching youtube and such.
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go with avast. mcafee is just bloatware. Once it runs out, uninstall it
Nigga just get rid of it. You don't need anything. Just use Windows Defender and if you do something questionable, run CCleaner, Malwarebytes Anti Malware, and Super Anti Spyware.
He's cute

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Why aren't you using Fidget Spinner GNU/Linux? The best GNU/Linux Distro out there!
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We don't have the source code to fidget spinners under a libre license.
Why aren't you using kys GNU/Linux
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Asking the real questions.

Also, I think Ubuntu looks more like a fidget spinner because it also has the button or finger pads.

Another thing I'd like to add
>not using a superior metal fidget spinner

>Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson today announced that he's teamed up with Apple for a movie that co-stars Apple's AI-based personal assistant, Siri.

>According to the poster tweeted by Johnson, the movie is called "The ROCKxSIRI Dominate the Day." There are no details on how long the film is or what it's about, but it apparently debuts tomorrow on Apple's YouTube channel.

>The film will premiere on Apple's YouTube channel on Monday, July 24, but it's not yet clear what time it will debut.

>This is the second time Apple has teamed up with a partner to release a short film. Last month, Apple highlighted "D├ętour," a film French director Michel Gondry shot on the iPhone in partnership with Apple and in a decidedly more Apple style.

>The project with Dwayne Johnson is unusual, but it comes at a time when Apple is preparing to release the Siri-based HomePod, so that may be why the company has decided to promote its personal assistant in a fun and unique way.

Steve Jobs will come back to life and die of cancer again.
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Nigga what the fuck

What the fuck nigga

They also have a sequel planned but instead of Siri its those automated self-order stations from McDonald's.
The Rock is getting annoying being in all these shitty movies

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