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If I buy a 2k monitor, will my anime look ok on it?
I'm worried about upscaling fucking up how it looks. I use mad vr and whatever through the klite codec pack.
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your anime is already upscaled from 720p to 1080i, then downscaled back. another step won't make it any uglier.
>not having 720p downscaled anime only taking up a quarter of your monitor so you can be a weeb and get shit done at the same time
modern anime looks like trash no matter the resolution

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>browse /g/ for a few days
>realise 99% posters on /g/ are below 100 IQ, tech illiterate, and have some form of social or mental disorder
>tfw for a minute I thought I found a good place on the web to discuss technology
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Hello, is this the general general? Fuck /g/.
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maga maga ugu aga
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Had this thread yesterday. Spam bait thread.
Do not reply to this thread.

What's your favorite niche/single use case OS?

Describe what it does and why you like it
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Literally the only 'reason' to use it, and that's only because they own a monopoly in that sector.
Replying to self here, I'm partial to Clonezilla. It copies disk images so you don't have to go through the install process 50 different times. Just copy a disk image that you've already installed, and write it to another disk.

Project Oberon 2013.

It teaches you how to write OSs (and also compilers, and design hardware).

It's the only exposition of these skills that I'm smart enough to understand.

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I got a C programming question.

How come in order to reverse a character string I have to set;
variable = string[i];
s[i] = [j];
s[j] = temp;

How come I can't just
s[j] = s[i];

I know that the second piece of code reverses the first half and prints the second half normally, but I just can't wrap my head around why the first piece of code just works.
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I mean
variable = string[i];
string[i] = string[j];
string[j] = variable;

string[j] = string[i];
Since C is just a portable asm, look at the instructions, without optimizations.
Simply put, you overwrite half of your string insteadof swapping in the second case.
In other words, use brain when reading King's book.
How do I do that?

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They're even buying entire OEM systems now just to sell the GPUs on ebay
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I had a feeling that would start happening eventually.
So .. where's the OEM PCs? They can't be selling what's left for that much.
How can that be profitable? Aren't prebuilt PC's usually pretty bad value compared to just buying components individually. Even if you manage to sell the GPU for some profit your left with a shit OEM PSU, case, mobo etc.

My older sister passed away unexpectedly a few days ago. Now I have her iphone and would like to get in to it to save some pics. However I don't know the password. Is there any possible way for me to do this? Please help.
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You literally can't, no one can, not even Apple

Give it back Tyrone
Give it back, Jamal

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What's your favorite browsers Anon, and why? Personally I'm using Chrome but that's only because it's basically the standard now. I really hate it. I tried switching to microsoft edge when the creators update came out because their ability to organize tabs, but that was a horrible mistake and now I'm back to here. I'm thinking about switching to either firefox or vivaldi though since I'm a power user and firefox has low memory usage and vivaldi has good features for keeping organized, but when vivaldi 1.0 was released it's performance wasn't too good and I haven't found anything on it since
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i made my own
Firefox nightly
>is fast
>isn't made by Google
>has addons
>has sync
All I need.
>has addons
for now

What 26 companies would you own
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What a retarded name, whoever came up with this name needs to be fired
yeah it should be called "alphanumerical inc." or maybe even "ascii table inc." so it could house more companies. my dream is founding "utf-8 inc." which would have a company for each letter, number, sign and emoji
Here's a better name.

I decided to look for new files, there's nothing in the logs about an orderly shutdown, but I did find pic, as well as several other vcards.

Wut do? Should I message him?
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Also found this one:
And this one:
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Give it back Tyrone

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What shoud I upgrade? How am I doing?
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You did a recent build with a 200 series mobo, an i3 and 2133mhz ram?

Looks perfect, don't change a thing.
Literally nothing, RX 470 is still midrange and barely slower than RX 570, at best you could sell it to cryptoniggers and use the money to pre order a 1070/Vega, maybe get an i5 processor and stop being a corelet

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112 cores, 224 threads
Cinebench below


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Beats my 40 cores. But I only paid like $1300 for them.
>$12000+ CPU x4

That's a lot of cash to get a big cinebrunch score.

Also for comparison the EPYC version ($4000 per EPYC 7601 CPU) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32hTAooG98c
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>just over 9000

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I'm thinking about making cuckOS as a side project. Someone plox make a logo.

So far here's what I've decided
>ubuntu based
> unity
>only web browser is internet explorer through wine
>zsh and no bash
>only word processor is atom
>only terminal editor is ed
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Other ideas
>remove sudo and replace with a program that says "no root for you cuck"
>replace rm with a program that says "say please before you remove the file cuck"
bump for interest.
Waiting for more.
>>replace rm with a program that says "say please before you remove the file cuck"
I think zsh already does that.

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Anyone else get a /g/ job and hate it?
>Work corporate IT
>Pays well
>perks end there
>Every day daydream about being a policeman or doctor or musician, or something similar
>Could have been literally anything and chose this mind-numbingly boring tech job for some reason
Is anyone the same
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>daydream about being a policeman or doctor or musician, or something similar

Similar to what? Those aren't even the same as each other.
Overseeing nigger cattle
You would end up homeless with a huge student debt
Only good one on the list

University soon

Redpill me on cheap Thinkpads with high GNU/Linux compatibility.
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They're cheap and Gentoo is free.

Enjoy poverty.
No go buy a macbook.
>Redpill me
Why would you want lies and memes?

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Has anyone ever seen leg deformation on a chip like this before? I am genuinely curious as to how this happened. The housing shows no sign of damage whatsoever and the seal was intact so it wasn't opened before. This is the strangest thing I've ever seen, the thing looks like it's been purposely mangled.
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