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Alright /g/, give me one good reason why I should wait for Coffee Lake instead of going out and buying a Ryzen right now.

>And keep the shilling, shitposting, and fanboying out of my god damned thread. I want high quality fact based arguments straight dope here.
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Buy what you want. It's your money, make your own decisions.
install gentoo
There really isn't one. All it's going to be is a more expensive 1600X.

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i need advice on coil building
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don't post on /g/? I infrequently use my mouth fedora but the /g/entoomen aren't fans. I suggest reddit and youtubers that aren't riptrippers
the best advice I can give you is stop messing with incredibly hot pieces of metal that go centimeters away from your mouth.
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what is it you seek?

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Morning /g/. What are your thoughts on Korn shell? What shell do you like the most?
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Is korny
I don't understand the main difference between shells. For me sh=bash=ksh...

I know that there's a difference.
For starters ksh has vi style of input.

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Is the paperwhite worth £50 more than the base kindle?

Googling the answer seems to be "yes", but there are a shit tonne of shills out there.
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You subhuman poor filth. Of course it's worth it. It's 50 pounds for something you'll be using for years. It's nothing.
>buying swindle paperweight in the first place
I got a Paperwhite as a gift a few years ago. Not sure if there's much difference to the current model.

I much prefer it to the base kindle my mom has (also a fairly old model)

I really like being able to just put the backlight on the lowest level and read in the dark comfortably without straining my eyes (maybe better not to do that in a completely pitch dark room but I have read for hours like that in a very dark room and never had a problem)
well. I'll trust that Bezos isnt on 4chan and believe you.

thanks for the information, think ill get one

Just got my hands on some of these bad boys(some aren't working) some are, any cool project ideas(both hardware and sofware)? Has anyone put linux natively on a PSP?
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Stick em' on your boypucci
And install gentoo
Play videogames faggot
Make Freeshop for the PSP.

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This site has banned me for no reason. I've been accused of doxxing which happened but I had no part in it.

Hopefully a 4chan member can inflict some revenge on this site for me
I'd be grateful

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Not your personal army normiefag
NYPA stupid phoneposter
enjoy being banned form 4chan as well
Good for you, what the fuck do you want here?

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What should a lifelong Ubuntu user know before going full Fedora?
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Buy a fedora
How to end your life.
how to use dnf
how to use gnome (?)

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Do you have any ideas for OOP project that could let me use inheritnace, interfaces and other stuff?

Usually those "/g/ project ideas" have such problems that require only structural programming.
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There's no reason to use OOP for day-to-day work.
I will not learn how to use oop properly without writing oop code.
Dildo catalog with gui n shit

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>1950x 16c/32t 3.4base 4.0 boost
>1920x 12c/24t 3.5 base 4.0 boost
>Ryzen 3 coming out on July 27
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>and yes, just over 3000

>3k cinebench pts without being a fire hazard

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Could someone explain tape backups to me? I keep reading that they're more portable, have longer shelf life, consume less power, huge storage capacities, etc, but I just don't see how any of that can be true when you can literally unplug a hard drive and set it on a shelf for several years.
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They have a have massive storage capacity and are small. They are extremely slow to build from, but understand that a company doing tape backups they for sure have a SAS that they use primarily for backups. Tapes are usually sent off to Iron Mountain or locked in a safe onsite. Building a backup from tapes is like the nuclear option if you need to truly recover from a disaster.

Also big companies don't want to lose any data, and can't possible afford to keep all their data running on a sas, so having tape backups is a good "just in case" measure for accessing some transaction that happened like a decade ago.
>tfw you get asked for 90s payroll data and half the tapes don't load
Because you can do exactly the same with tape and it spool's... It's the whole spool thing that the younger generation just doesnt appreciate.

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It's over Intel is finished.
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3062 @ 3.4 ghz. RIP INTEL.
Probably 3.6GHz all core turbo boost.

If this ends up a 155W part, Intel should consider killing themselves.
btw here's the Intel 18 core Xeon which the 18 core Skylake-X one is derived from.

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Hoping you can help me out with picking out a new phone /g/. I'm looking to switch to a smaller phone (preferably as close to a 4 inch phone as I can get), but I can't find anything around that size with decent specs to go with it. The only thing I found that seemed like it could be usable (spec wise) was a Samsung Galaxy J1 Prime, but I have never been a fan of their phones/interface. I am using my Google Nexus 6 at the moment, but I have carpal tunnel so having to adjust my wrist to do everything just gets uncomfortable. Plus the thing is unstable as all hell so it is just frustrating to use.

Anything you would recommend, I do have a jailbroken IPhone 5S I was using, but the display stopped working, which I could get repaired easily I'd think since it seems the cable inside the phone just came unplugged. Just debating if I wanna stick with android or not for that.
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Get a OnePlus 3t. Can find them super cheap on swappa.
What Specs should it have?
Should the phone be routable?

I can sugest some phones from Vernee, they are quite nice and are unbloated

wat do /ge/
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Insert UEFI bootable media and configure VirtaualBox to boot from said media.
Use a real hypervisor.

Posted from my Hyper V Virtual Machine
What the fuck does that mean lol
I'm trying to install OSX but it just boots into the UEFI shell
All guides on installing OSX in Virtualbox want you to access the filesystem but I can't access the filesystem for some reason

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This does not bode well for Intel.
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And Ryzen 3.
you get worse value for money (as in $ per core) on the cut down model

what did AyyMD mean by this?
Buy flagship?

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If somebody knows your IP address what do they know? What country your in? What city? What zip code? Do they know whether you use Comcast, Verizon, etc?
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there is a dedicated thread for stupid questions.

Exactly, they can use your city information and correlate it to the timezone to approximate your availability times. It can be abused to share (false) information while you're unable to reply, knowing your city/country may also lead to your political beliefs and poison you through that. If you have a vulnerable system, or one that runs a server for example, they can deny others from your service through DDoS. But the IP only useful in context. If they can't know you personally, you can usually disclose your IP without much fear. Do note that to connect directly to your PC and network (for web and p2p connections), an IP is pretty much required for a two-way communication, and many systems implement a "middle man" that acts as a proxy to hide your IP. It is generally accepted that sharing your IP address is not considered secure by nature, but that is the only way to communicate with your computer. Try using it for its original purpose and stay safe anon
Your country and ISP. It can provide more specific location info but it's not reliable, one IP may give you their exact street while another places them on the other side of the country.

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