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Which one has the better specs? Better battery life? Best design/aesthetics? Better camera? Which one can I drop on a hard surface without it instantly disintegrating?

Most importantly: Which one should I buy? And from where? (I am a EuroPoor)

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That fucking bezel. Get a black phone, at least it'll look presentable. Op5 master reporting
¿ƃuilloɹɔs ʎllǝɾ ǝɥʇ s,ʍoH
The one that runs stock Android.

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>No NetRunner thread
>No commits since a week
Is it dead already, anons? I hope not :<
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It was doomed from the start. A better idea was to just use webkit and design a decent browser around that
desu I'm kinda sick of seeing webkit everywhere. Its not a good thing. I mean its a pretty good browser engine but we should still have other options
Nice troll thread, chrome shill


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>Not using the GOAT AV
u even trying /g/ ?
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So how is your ancient bentium holding up with such a nice piece of bloatware?
Talking from your ass: The post.
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Looks like trash. I prefer this Thb

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I've recently finished my computer science bachelors, I want to get into data-science / machine learning and am looking for a project to do in my spare time.

I'm hoping to create a decision support tool which could possibly make me some money if possible, using data-mining algorithms (Predicting specific social changes? )

I know that football games can be predicted with the rough estimation of 70% accuracy, i'm looking for something a little more certain than that. My final year project, I used multiple databases of patients and generated a classification model to predict the chance of a new patient developing colon-cancer.

Anyone worked with big-data / data-analytics or data-mining who can shed some light or give me some useful project ideas?

I'm looking to do everything in python / C# but could probably pick up R pretty easily.

Any-one have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance
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Stick with python, C# and R are garbage
numpy, scipy and panda along with shit tons of deep learning libraries are all you need

Yeah, I've been doing some bits with numpy and padas it's what i'd most likely be using,

I mainly put C# in there for a front-end sorta thing and due to being slightly more comfortable using it than any other languages.
With the exception of GUI and multithreading/multiprocessing anything you can do in C# you can whip up something equivalent in Python much faster. With a little bit of luck it might even run faster if you use the native libraries right.

Jupyter Notebook is also a really good IDE substitute that allow you to prototype and iterate very fast, which is crucial in data science

I was a C# programmer before I code almost exclusively in Python now.

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>"sorry man I'd come but I have to tag a bunch of albums"
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said no one ever
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what kind of ugly foobar setup is this

>sees old foobar icon
i have to go puke
install a decent OS while you are at it

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hello /g/entoomen.
What RAM speed are you able to run on your Ryzen 7 setups? I just updated my bios to the latest revision, but I'm still only able to run my RAM at 2133Mhz. It won't POST with any speed higher than that. Motherboard is an ASUS B-350 PLUS. RAM is corsair vengeance 3200Mhz. Thanks.
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RIP in peace, anon. They make the worst AM4 boards aside from MSI.
I went with ASUS because of my experience with them in the past. I won't be making that mistake again
I've had pretty good luck with their high end. I've got my ram on my Ryzen 1700 up to 3466mhz with a 3200 kit.

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>6 July, 2017

>Today, July 6th 2017, WikiLeaks publishes documents from the BothanSpy and Gyrfalcon projects of the CIA. The implants described in both projects are designed to intercept and exfiltrate SSH credentials but work on different operating systems with different attack vectors.

>BothanSpy is an implant that targets the SSH client program Xshell on the Microsoft Windows platform and steals user credentials for all active SSH sessions. These credentials are either username and password in case of password-authenticated SSH sessions or username, filename of private SSH key and key password if public key authentication is used. BothanSpy can exfiltrate the stolen credentials to a CIA-controlled server (so the implant never touches the disk on the target system) or save it in an enrypted file for later exfiltration by other means. BothanSpy is installed as a Shellterm 3.x extension on the target machine.

>Gyrfalcon is an implant that targets the OpenSSH client on Linux platforms (centos,debian,rhel,suse,ubuntu). The implant can not only steal user credentials of active SSH sessions, but is also capable of collecting full or partial OpenSSH session traffic. All collected information is stored in an encrypted file for later exfiltration. It is installed and configured by using a CIA-developed root kit (JQC/KitV) on the target machine.


openssh compromised
wat do
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Just stop using computers
cia isn't kgb
so there is nothing to worry about
why though

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So is 4chan being DoS'd by radical lefties or what?
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CNN is attacking 4chan

t. CNN intern
test from third world country
is this excluding some countries?
The answer is a resounding yes. They don't even know about our animoo.

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Move on from QA testing? Need advice pls

Not a pajeet
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form a stable release candidate, merge to master. begin your next development cycle.
Do you have a Bachelors degree? In CS?

Intel and TSMC on suicide watch, IBM Nazi science rules once again.


Not mentioned is that TSMC and Glofo are the only ones that can hit high frequencies out of those, Intel's 10nm+ is coming latter.
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10nm by 2015.png
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Daily reminder.
>Intel's 10nm has higher mask count than 7nm LP
>Intel's is not even TALKING about using EUV
Oh fuck.
This is bad.
Really, really bad.
Like, new levels of bad.

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4chan servers.jpg
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Looks like 4chan's Mac Mini cluster went down
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No wonder 4chan freezes, hangs and dies all the time.
Old photo fuck off
Found your problem.

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Is this worth learning, /g/?
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i read that it is supposed to have super easy concurrency compared to javascript and then i tried it and it was shit and it was impossible to do simple things that are possible in node
From what a coworker says, it's pretty damn cool.

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>he fell for the amd vega meme
How does it feel to wait for an inferior product?
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Let's never talk about nVidia rebrands.
3d mark leak puts RX Vega ahead of 1080 and below 1080ti where most people who aren't retarded expected it to fall.
I see no problem with this so long as the price is right.

Correct. And as long as it's priced well.

But amd still Fucked up. Let's not forget that. It's twice as big as 1080ti and should not make amd any money. Still gonna buy it tho since I need a high end amd card.

Just hope they go gddr6 next time.

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Does /g/ use their mouse mat in landscape or portrait?

Which is best?
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neither my mousepad is 47" x 20" and its honestly so nice

How can it be neither unless your mousepad is square? (Which you just said it wasn't).

Do you have your pad at a diagonal angle?
Portrait, with high DPI I only need small horizontal movement. Save more space and I could rest my wrist on that too.
And I don't like to waste extra money for keyboard mat.

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>tfw iOS rice starts the homescreen thread
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I need to rice my Android phone. What launchers and icon packs do /g/ recommend?

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