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Took my computer apart to clean it up and install some new ram and now it won't boot. It just flashes on and turns off. I currently have only the motherboard and power supply in and same deal. Its a gryphon z97. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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the sticky reads:
> /g/ is NOT your personal tech support team
Either you got the wrong RAM or your RAM is dead

Have you tried booting it with the old (working) RAM
This. Start with one stick and see if it will post.

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I thought they were dead? Did they manage to find a developer?
Yes, multiple
this. I love mpc-hc. The one and only open source software on my botnet 10

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>can't buy an amd graphics card without buying a radeon pack™
>luckily I need to upgrade my entire PC because I'm not a buycuck and just waited
buycucks BTFOd once again :^)
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bump :^)

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What are some good refurbished laptops, /g/? I'm looking for the following:
>1080p display
>2nd gen i5 or better
>300-400$ range

Would also be best if it was a business-grade laptop style. Thanks.
>pic unrelated
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Windows Surface.

>take 300-400 dollars, go to verizon and buy a HP slate on a monthly payment

>take 300-400 and pay off credit cards or use it to open a credit card.

Lets be real OP, you pay for what you get. If you buy a cheap laptop this year new or used, you are going to buy 300-400 again in a year or two.
is this a bait thread

what you described is literally a thinkpad, everyone who has browsed /g/ for more than 9 seconds will know this

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So, now that Vega 56 and 64 without the game bundles are completely out of stock where I live, there's no point in not getting a 1070/1080, or even a 1080 Ti since the cheapest way to get you a Vega card now automatically costs you another $100.

Will AMD be releasing a more powerful Vega card in the near future with more compute units/higher clock speeds, or should people looking for the highest performance in video games just wait for Volta?
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>t. cryptominers

OP: If you're not just looking for performance in video games but in other tasks as well, Vega is still worth considering.
amdrones are fast

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Damore's claims that women are different than men in coding are not far off the mark, however the reality is that the truth is even worse than he said.

SJWs can't into coding for the simple reason that they are against the notion of logic itself. This applies not only to women who act like men (hence being social justice "warriors") but men who act effeminate ("bros") that you often see in managerial positions not doing actual coding but bossing people around. Their only hope is to trick people who can code into doing helping them do their evil deeds.

With all things Google, the old adage "beware Greeks bearing gifts" applies. They are a criminal organization and one might not suspect them of doing things one might consider lowly, but the truth is people can be liars and hypocrites too, even if historically it has always been one or the other.
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So, as we can see it truly isn't a matter of gender. Damore was perhaps just referring to the kinds of women he was used to working with at a SJW company like Google.

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Do you think he feels bad about shilling?
de macaco


>new BETA driver boost Vega hash rates

Gamers on suicide watch for the 2nd time this week, thank you based AMD
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Hawt. Post source. Also BLUE BOARD!
Use the runes, Luke.
bumping this for awareness

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I'm thinking of learning go, but its dependency management looks really retarded. Is it really just pointing to a git repo in import statements in the source code or am I missing something?
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>go get
whoa so hard
dont waste your time anon
I generally use godeps for larger projects.

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Let's say there's a matrix of 10 billion rows filled with integers, and you want to add 1 to the first element of each row.
How do you do that with 8GB RAM?
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Are you storing these 10 billion rows of integers on disk?

That makes it much easier.
Open in notepad and start editing the elements

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After going through so much shit learning about UEFI and GPT and RAID and AHCI and some other stuff, I finally managed to install Kubuntu 17.04 on an Alienware 13 r3.
except I can only get to the login screen and then it freezes after I type my password and press enter.

I'm really stuck you guys, I finally got it dual booted with Windows working but Kubuntu keeps fucking up and freezing. I can try another distro like GNOME or something but I was kind of liking the look of Kubuntu and I think the plasma or kde desktop I can't remember which.

Obviously you can tell I'm a massive noob so any help or suggestions are appreciated. Gonna go mow the lawn for a bit so I'll see replies (if I get any) in like 30 minutes or so. thanks
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If you like kde plasma use kde neon instead. It's the ubuntu base but with more up to date and better integrated kde packages.
>the absolute state of KDE

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>ORINDA, CA. Today, the GNOME Project proudly celebrates its 20th Birthday. Founded by Miguel de Icaza and Federico Mena Quintero on August 15, 1997, GNOME has since become a pillar of the Free Software community.

>There have been 33 stable releases since the initial release of GNOME 1.0 in 1999. The latest stable release, GNOME 3.24 “Portland,” was well-received. “Portland” included exciting new features like the GNOME Recipes application and Night Light, which helps users avoid eyestrain. The upcoming version of GNOME 3.26 “Manchester,” is scheduled for release in September of this year. With over 6,000 contributors, and 8 million lines of code, the GNOME Project continues to thrive in its twentieth year.

>Celebrate Twenty Years Strong with the GNOME Foundation: visit the 20th Birthday Party page to find a party — or even start your own. You can also support GNOME by making a donation or becoming a Friend of GNOME.

>Enjoy a few of the many photographs from the 20th Birthday Party at this year’s GUADEC, where co-founder Federico Mena Quintero celebrated his own birthday alongside GNOME’s.

>Happy 20th Birthday, GNOME!
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I'n not celebrating the anniversary of the worst project that is actually holding loonix to be on every desktop.
>20 years of this shit
If only Qt could have gotten an open license sooner.
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still no fucking thumbnails in File Open dialog boxes.


Best file manager
>Best window manager
>Best ootb multi monitor support
>Mous accel control
>Resizable file picker thumbnail view
>Movable panel
>Own superior Qt framework
>Not cucked by pajeets at Redhat
>Superior HiDPI settings
>Special window settings for each program
>Embedded terminal in Dolphin (Hello, terminal based FMlet cucks)
>Been there longer than GNOME
>Not burdened with shitty ignorant devs
>God tier font config
>God tier window decoration
>Miller columns
>Own softwares for literally everything
>Active development
>Used by CERN
Heh, GNOME is now irrelevant now that Cinnamon is out.

Everytime winkids cry for some specefic features that your GNOME shit missing it's the KDE fags that rescue from your utter humiliation.

Doesn't run well on poorfag hardware.
>Don't be poor
>Disable desktop effects

Hey guys, so I have a PC with windows 10 that was getting the infinite update loop problem detailed in this article:


I tried the first fix, which is in the registry editor:
>Scan through the ProfileList IDs and delete any with ProfileImagePath

Before doing this, I saved a copy of the current registry on the desktop without thinking it through. The problem is, now when I try and log into the computer it doesn't recognize my password. Is there a way to boot windows with a registry that's saved on the desktop? Or will I have to boot and revert it back to a previous state?
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install gentoo

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I've just started learning PHP and I'm really enjoying it so far.

What are some fun things I can do in PHP to test out its functions?
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First of all, write your scripts to files and execute them.

Try using bcrypt to verify an encoded password

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Hey /V/.

Will Chris Pirillo save technology once and for all?
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the tours guy?

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