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So, what's the consensus on Dtube?

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it uses flash
>Decentralized video hosting platform
>Payments in cryptocurrency I've never heard of tied into the creator's project(s)

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Hey /g/, how do you document your shit?

Like say you had to reinstall your main machine right now. (malware infection, drive death, whatever) How do you keep track of what you'd need to set up again on it? Software to be installed, how its to be configured, and so on. Yeah some of it you can just back up dotfiles in your home directory, but some stuff is either too big of a clusterfuck (GNOME/GTK stuff, Firefox configuration/profiles), or it doesn't live there (e.g., I'd have to set up Samba, ZFS on Linux, fuck around with some things in sshd_config, etc) And I'm sure some of you have fancy riced-out themes and shit. I don't even want to think about the shit I'd have to do to rebuild the Win7 machine I use for vidya.

So how do you keep track of it? Right now I just have a folder full of saved configs and checklists for where to put them and settings I need to change, wondering if there's some better way to do this that I'm missing.
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If text files, configs etc, I just use git. Otherwise I keep the installer for software I've downloaded as a record
Keeping your home folder in a separate partition while backing it up monthly (while also keeping timeshift backups) has worked fine for me so far, i was surprised when i switched from debian to arch and all my firefox plugins were already installed my telegram was also still logged in (after i installed it again).
I use Chef and Puppet. My old job I I used Chef so my desktop Linux stuff is mostly in Chef still. My home servers are all managed by Puppet I use Puppet at my current job. Go with Chef.

What app does /g/ use to compare files?

inb4 diff
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notepad++ comparison plugin

maybe not a developer role but, what kind of employment/jobs are there for people who are experts at automating business processes?

what kindof money can i make doing this stuff fulltime?
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Business analyst.

They make crazy fucking money.
do i need extra schooling for that?

my major is only in business administration and i haven't taken any classes in statistics or math.

would you mind elaborating further on this?
Tip: look for RPA jobs and get a free certification in RPA from Uipath.com if you like to automate business processes

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RIP in Pepperoni

This is the end of an era

How was relationship with Solaris, /g/?

Some Solaris innovations

>SMF (more than 15 years later the Linux attempt to copy this, systemd, is still garbage)
>Solaris Zones
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>How was relationship with Solaris, /g/?

I installed it. Period. I'm not sure that I ever even logged on. I guess I didn't do my part.
Face it, Solaris was dead a decade ago. ZFS was the last reason to bother with it, and once FreeBSD got it (and Linux got ZoL) there was no reason to keep up the pretense anymore.

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Is it even possible to find a 64 or 56 at or near retail price? Anyone actually managed to source one locally in a store? I'm tired of /wait/ing and I'm not going to pay a +30% markup when I can get similar or better performance out of a 1080 / 1080ti for the same price. I have zero brand loyalty, if someone else can offer me the right deal. Can it be done, boys? Or am I going back to team green? Is this going to be the state of the industry through the end of the year?
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Team green or nothing at this point.

The new hashes from Vega are beating Polaris in H/W. Buy now before you really get gouged.

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Why do laptop keyboards in mainstream models get worse as the specs of the laptops get better and technology progresses?
Check the green line in my graph
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>Thin laptop meme
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gotta convince retards to upgrade somehow anon

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Spybot IOS remake.jpg
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Which lockscreen widget allows me to see album art when playing songs from google music?

This used to work by default on older phones but apparently not anymore after Marshmallow.
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Wait, is this a real fucking game on iOS now?!
It's just a mockup that didn't go anywhere unfortunately. I would love to see a remake of spybot.

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Does anyone actually use Halite? The wiki recommended it but I'm having trouble finding literally any documentation and it seems to have way less features than qbit or deluge.
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Does it even matter anymore? I dont notice a difference in speeds between torrent clients (at the end of the day almost all that matters), and they all do the same shit. Is picking the one with the gui you like the best even wrong?

I'd rather have my torrent clients have next to no "features"
Well as far as I can tell there is no way to select individual files in a torrent before you start it as you can in qbit or deluge. You might be able to but it's impossible to look it up because it has no actual documentation

Guess I'll just stick with qbit

Once again, analysts have predicted a grim, grim future for the PC.

According to the latest IDC forecasts, PC sales will fall from the 435.1 million units seen in 2016 to 398.3 million in 2021. That's a five-year compound annual growth of -1.7 percent.

According to Loren Loverde, IDC's VP for Worldwide Personal Computing Device Tracker, things could turn (somewhat) around, but that depends on a couple of moving targets.

"Shipments could pick up if accelerators like economic conditions, adoption of gaming, VR, and Windows 10 speed up," Loverde said, before adding: "even in the best case, overall growth would likely remain limited."

The only machine that could actually do well in the next five years is what IDC describes as a "detachable tablet," or in other words, the Surface Pro or the iPad Pro. Devices that can be used as a tablet, but do come with a first-party keyboard of their own could succeed. However, IDC has had to contain its optimism because manufacturers aren’t building them fast enough.

The developing world isn’t helping, either. According to the report, India bought less than two million PCs last year. This is a result of an upcoming legislation in the country, which has seen resellers postponing purchases.

IDC also believes ultraslim laptops could show growth. It expects commercial PC sales to pick up the pace again in 2019.

Besides sticking a 1070 from 670 into my computer this year I haven't upgraded a single thing since 2012 and really don't think I'll need to ever again since I'm not playing many games anyway.
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i can graphic design and video editing on my laptop no need for a desktop. oh and i'm not a gaymer so i dont care for that either. desktops are a minority just like people who still need to work on CRT monitors.
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>According to the latest IDC forecasts, PC sales will fall from the 435.1 million units seen in 2016 to 398.3 million in 2021. That's a five-year compound annual growth of -1.7 percent.
>-1.7 percent
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wanted to post this

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when i fuk ur mum
Exclusively always. I can't stand the normal mouse on my laptop
I turned off my mousepad.

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>Context: either a fast food restaurant, or a shitty ass americlapper """restaurant""" where workers have to literally live off their tips.
You just can't make this shit up. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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You don't tip fast food workers, idiot.

Is there a desktop monitor with touch screen feature that is as responsive as an ipad/tablet?
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Is there a lagPad that is as responsive as a desktop monitor with touch screen feature?
>Using touch outside of a mobile device
Why?, If what you want is a pen just get a drawing tablet
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What are some /g/ approved podcasts?
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>/g/ approved YouTubers
>/g/ approved podcasts
>/g/ approved books
>/g/ approved celebrites
>/g/ approved dildoes
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pic related



Beeteedubs, here's the holy grail:
/g/ approved pans was a great thread

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been looking , but shit aint working , loooked at pastebin.com too , found one but impressed with it . as a NEET i aint gonna pay for it.
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i'm surprised that the cat's pupils aren't widened
cold as ice.
did the cat catch it

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