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require_once "connect.php";
$connection = @new mysqli($host,$user,$password,$name);
$u_login = $_POST['login'];
$u_password = $_POST['password'];
$sql="SELECT * FROM login WHERE login=\"$u_login\" AND password=\"$u_password\"";
$action = @$connection->query($sql));

>why doesn't it work?
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I'm not falling for ur botnet, thanks
> no PDO
> reading straight from the form
Oh my fucking god you deserve to be put down like the fucking animal you are

At least use msqli prepare

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Just started my IT study, expecting some level of expertise.
First day - all courses require me to install Windows software.
By the end of the week they practically forced me to install windows 10 because "7 is old lol dude dont use that'
I just wanted to use Linux, even installed Xubuntu to make it easier for them.
Anyone else know this feel?
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Maybe don't enroll in retard tier studies, idiot.
Try going to a proper uni instead.
If you wanted to work on a smartphone OS you probably should've signed up for vocational school in India.

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How the fuck do I activate a Jewgle account without using a number attached to me? There has to be a way to nigger rig something.
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get a burner number of pay a pajeet to activate for you if you don't know how to get one, niggers.
That female looks like she was raped anally by 3 muslims in all 3 holes
I'm glad to know that you've sat back and watched enough women get raped by 3 muslims in all 3 holes to know what the aftermath looks like.

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Previous thread: >>62178752

IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net

Other business laptops are also welcome in /tpg/ (e.g. Dell Latitude/Precision, HP EliteBook/ZBook).

>New to /tpg/ or looking for purchasing advice? (hint: use the advice request template, it makes life easier)

>If you're looking for purchase advice, READ THE BUYERS GUIDE FIRST. Then post, stating budget and requirements (e.g. size and performance).

>Don't buy anything OTHER THAN HP Elitebook (2570p, 8770W, 2170p), Dell Latitude/Precision (E6430, E6440, E7440) and P, T, X, and W SERIES if you want the Real Business Experience™

>Recommended models and mod guide:

>Used ThinkPad buyers guide:

>xsauc buyers guide:

>EPP discount for new ThinkPads (USA & Canada only, usually 15%+ off):

>Helpful links and resources (Wiki, lookup tools and wallpapers):
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First for the xx30 line and daily reminder that you only need to flash your EC (which requires no special hardware) if you wanna use chink batteries and the classic keyboard

Let's face it you're already buying a xx30 for it's better gpus anyway
How's my first Thinkpad purchase? X230 i5

Manufacturer: Lenovo
Model: x230
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-3320M (2.60 GHz, 3MB L3, 1600MHz FSB)
RAM: 8G DDR3 (2x4GB)
Hard Drive: 128GB Solid STATE DRIVE SSD Sata 2.5" SUPER FAST performance
Graphics: Intel integrated HD
Screen: 12.5" 1366X768
Optical: no
Webcam: Low-Light 720p HD Camera with Face Tracking
Network: 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet - Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6250 AGN
Interfaces: (1) MiniDisplayPort with audio (1) VGA (2) USB 3.0 (1) USB 2.0 (1) Always on USB 2.0 (1) 4-in-1 SD Card Reader (SD/SDHC/SDXC/MMC slot) (1) Express Card 54mm
COA: Windows 10 Professional

Paid $240
yea, pretty much just the iGPU
I usually play a little bit of games on it (2hu, osu! and emulators) and to be honest the tablet variants are really comfy for this

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Current Year.png
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Truly the pinnacle of website design has been bestowed upon us. Are there any who would dare challenge this?
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Looking at websites now LITERALLY gives me brian canc*r, the worst is "click next" for one petty page in a top 50 list of times Kate Middleton showed her knickers, worst wank of my life
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>when you're SO poor you have to brag about something you "bought" on a 2 year $27 a month payment plan
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>the state of appletards
>when you suck at shit posting so bad you post an image made for ants
Brown people doing brown people things.

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Hola amigos my name is Ricardo Retardo and I just wanted to share my excitement about the new Radeons! We're beating Nvidia once and for all right guys?

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No replies in the DB for this post!

Hey there, noob here! Can't really think of anywhere to ask this, so here goes.

I've always been comfortable working with tech, having fairly good troubleshooting skills, but I have always stayed away from the hardware side believing it was incredibly complex. While I have since found that yes this is the case, it isn't as complex as I first thought to build your own PC and such.

My question is this:
If I were seeking a level of understanding to the point of building and using a server (rack-mounted or otherwise), where would I start and what should I be looking to learn about?

TL;DR - Noob wants to understand, but has no idea where to start.
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It's just a big PC with more of everything and a few extra BIOS settings for remote management.
Look up an A+, Network+ or Server+ Study guide,

A+ is hardware and server is some of both, they're entry level exams that cover most stuff, don't waste the money on the certs though.
It's basically building a tower but in a rack system with server grade hardware.

If you're starting out build a computer then proceed to build up a server if you can afford doing so.

Or lookup guides on how to build cheap NAS servers.

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If the developer of Brave is a former Mozilla dev, why did he pick chromium for the base and not firefox? Is this subtle proof that firefox is shit? Much like how the creator of Gentoo doesn't use it because it sucks.
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Really gets the noggin joggin.
firefox is shit
Why? Nightly is comfy.

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>install any OS and software you want
>hook up to usbc monitor for full desktop linux
>uses open source, e2e chat by default
>company wants to provide full linux/desktop experience on phone without a compromising/hybrid UI
>not literally every app is in Java


Why haven't you ordered this phone, /g/?
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because it runs lunix
Because it is NSA funded.
if it was under $150 maybe I would have backed it

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You know you're the spawn of Lucifer if...
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... you don't follow the code standards guides for your project, language or framework
>if (

Did you guys know that wireless surround sound home theater is an oxymoron? It's a technological achievement that won't be attained until speakers are built directly into our heads. In the meantime, provided you aren't an ultra richfag who can run power to any spot under your floor, the soundbar is the only wireless option. If your living room isn't huge, i.e. >25 m^2, a soundbar is indistinguishable from a surround sound system of a comparable price.

However, I am left wondering if a subwoofer can be built into a soundbar like with the "Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar with Built In Subwoofer (Multi-Award Winning)."
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>wireless surround
Why would you want that?

And how is it expensive to install cables?
Cables look like shit, except in large living rooms, the only place you'd expect to see surround sound, where they become clutter.

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Why is memory so expensive this year?

Average cost per gigabyte is more than twice compared to this time last year.
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remember when a flood made hard drive prices go crazy?
a flood made memory prices go crazy
Even memory manufacturers don't like gaymers on /g/.

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Is anyone using this?

Is it legit or is it just funnelling all my traffic through...how do you say...a botnet?
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Yeah, it's a botnet
Everything free is a botnet?

They have other paid for products I think. The DNS is free.
All you idiots hear "botnet botnet" and run willingly into the maw of another botnet

Just use your ISP's DNS

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So, can someone tell me how to download the actual fucking video from vid.me with youtube-dl, instead of this stupid, fucking retarded m3u8 playlist?

The thing is VIDME is so stupid and retarded with its buffering compared to YouTube, that it really pisses me the fucking hell of. I'm triggered, and I just want to watch BritBong locally instead.

Also, because I'm a sperg, I will ONLY use youtube-dl, I will never use a dumb ass browser add-on. Sorry, I'm pretty strict about that.

Try using youtube-dl on a vid.me video, and you'll see exactly what I fucking mean. It's so stupid.
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>here I want you to make this cake with my ingredients for cookies and a flat cooking tray.
File: image.gif (991KB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Here I want you to make 60 lbs. of napalm with a bag of ice and table salt
Found it! Here it is:

youtube-dl --force-generic-extractor https://vid.me/videolink

Thanks a lot for nothing, nerds.

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