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I dont understand why people feel the need to bring (bad) web technologies to desktop. I understand desktop is in stagnation and everything is either mobile or web now, but for the love of god, who in their right mind would use electron to develop file system.
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>who in their right mind would use electron to develop file system.
A file manager and a file system aren't the same thing, mongo.
people keep falling for the memes I guess
so how many chromiums instances we'll have soon?

>editor -> chromium instance
>browser -> chromium instance
>terminal -> chromium instance
>file manager -> chromium instance

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I once heard the concept of captcha described as:
>"Forcing the user through an ordeal to bypass a technical design flaw programmers are too inept to figure out how to correct."

How does /g/ feel about this description?

Are captchas a plague we should be working to be rid of or a necessary evil?
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i'd prefer to generate proof of work beforehand and have it autosubmit but that'll never happen
shut up Goy and keep on training that Google Deep Learning™ driving algorithm.

What you're asking the programmer to do is to define down the letter what separates a machine from a person, and somehow make it something that all people across all cultures have in common and that can be instinctively known by the computer before a user inputs anything.

In short it's a flaw, yes, but asking a programmer to fix it is like asking a philosopher to define the very nature of what makes us human.

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>Elon Musk leads 116 experts calling for outright ban of killer robots
>Open letter signed by Tesla chief and Google’s Mustafa Suleyman urges UN to block use of lethal autonomous weapons to prevent third age of war


Is it good he's starting the discussion?
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Doesn't matter, USA will use it anyway for 2 things war and propaganda. All papers and laws in the world won't change it.
He's a businessman, not a political activist.
He does it for publicity because his companies' share value is tied directly to his public image
He doesn't need to talk about it for his business, he's been personally obsessed with the topic for years.

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Gimmick, or....?
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It has already flopped
It's way too much money to what amounts to like 4 hours of fun
Get the Rift for half the price

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Which one is /Ourguy/?
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There has to be one.
stallman then

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Alright /g/, I need your help.

I recently built a new computer. I went with an MSI B350M Mortar Arctic motherboard, because it has support for surround sound through spdif. I have the latest realtek hd audio drivers installed. Windows 10 64 bit.

I own a Samsung home theater system with spdif in that works perfectly fine for my consoles.

However, I can't get this shit to work properly on my computer. If I right click on my volume button in my taskbar and hit playback devices, then right click on the realtek digital output, and hit properties, and go to the "supported formats" tab, when pressing the test button for both DTS Audio and Dolby Digital, I get sound from my sub, left front, middle, right front, right surround, and left surround respectively. So obviously it SHOULD be working, however beyond that nothing fucking works. If i go to "advanced" tab under the realtek digital output properties, and press the drop down for "digital format" all options are in 2 channels, absolutely none for surround. Any video game that I run does not play surround, and music that I listen to that is mixed in surround (for example, Fear of A Blank Planet by Porcupine Tree) does not work in surround and only plays on left and right front (nothing from the sub even). The only thing that I have actually heard work in surround is while I was streaming Game of Thrones on HBO Go. Which is really fucking weird because I have tried to use that little surround test for Halo 2 (which works flawlessly on my Xbox One), and again, only getting audio from 2 channels from it.

I am at a complete fucking loss here, No idea what the hell is the matter with this shit. Any ideas?

sorry for the wall of text
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oops mis-remembering a little bit here, i realized that while i normally stream game of thrones on my computer, i happened to stream a couple episodes on my xbox that must be when i heard the surround effects because i just went to play it on my computer again and only getting stereo.
seriously fuck off and die
>fell for the ayymd ryzen meme
lol kill you're self

Hey determinism fags, If the whole fucking universe if deterministic, then it's theoretically possible to build a computer/program than can calculate EXACTLY what is going to happen in the future, given enough information.

And if that can be calculated, you can purposely alter the future.

If you alter the succession of events, that means that the predicted future wasn't correct.

As soon as you knew the future, the future changed to a future where you know the future.

How is this not alike the "many worlds interpretation"?

Also, if the universe if fixed, then how come you are mad at me if it was inevitable that I posted this?

Also, why the fuck am I so depressed, does the universe hate me?
It makes more sense that I fucked up..
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>given enough information
It is not possible to obtain this information due to the Uncertainty Principle
Sure it's "theoretically possible" but you making such a device would also be inevitable (if you did), and if the machine was perfect then it would predict any alterations you make upon receiving this information. If it's not perfect your point is moot. The universe is fixed and as such me calling you a retard is inevitable. Retard
>and if the machine was perfect then it would predict any alterations you make upon receiving this information

That would create an endless loop.

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Is Python really as bad as /g/ says?

I actually kind of enjoy using it...
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NOTHING is as bad as /g/ says
Except for AMD, AMD is worse than what /g/ says.
Its not bad at all. You've been fed a bunch of lies

What's the best KDE distro?

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wnidows 10
KDE Neon.
>KDE distro

you fail before you begin

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Old thread: >>62004107

What are you working on, /g/?
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can a memelang like python or go do anything this powerful?
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data Cow = Cow {
name :: String
, age :: Int
, weight :: Int
} deriving (Eq, Show)

type Valid = Either [String]

noEmpty :: String -> Valid String
noEmpty "" = Left ["Input cannot be empty"]
noEmpty str = Right str

noNegative :: Int -> Valid Int
noNegative n | n >= 0 = Right n
| otherwise = Left ["Number cannot be negative"]

mkCow :: String -> Int -> Int -> Valid Cow
mkCow name age weight = Cow <$> noEmpty name
<*> noNegative age
<*> noNegative weight

*Cow> mkCow "" (-1) (-1)
Left ["Input cannot be empty"]

Is there a reason Either's Applicative doesn't mappend Lefts?
thanks for using anime image

Why do you nerds still install and use linux if you can just install it on windows :)
> botnet os
retard learn how to disable telemetry etc
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>He thinks he can disable telemetry
nice photoshop skills
I usually think those 'excuse me I'd like to interject...' are massive фaggots but is in this case it really is GNU/NT.

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If you want help:
>Assemble parts list
>State the budget for your build (and country if not USA)
>List games/software you use often, as well as your monitor resolution + refresh rate
>Clarify your goal for build improvements: lower price or improved specs?
How to assemble a PC, select components & more (outdated)

No i5 unless discounted
>G4560 - poverty-tier builds
>R3 1200 - Budget builds (<$500)
>R3 1300x - Good stop-gap between the 1500x and the 1200, only get a 1400 if you absolutely need multithreading
>R5 1500x - Good but up to 1600 if you can
>R5 1600 - Best value for higher fps gaming / mixed usage; 1600x if you want higher stock clocks
>R7/Used Xeon/Threadripper - Compute/Multitask/VM/mixed use; Not for just gaming

Coin miners have driven price up and stock down, waiting to buy a GPU might be wiser
>Integrated CPU Graphics - Desktop stuff and very light games
>GTX 1050(Ti) - Lower end budget cards, drop settings on newer games, RX560 beaten by both
>RX570 - [email protected]~hz maxed, running most maxed older games at 100~Hz
>RX580 and GTX1060 6GB - [email protected] maxed, [email protected] at lower settings; RX580 better in newer games
>GTX 1070 - [email protected] /[email protected] at high
>GTX 1080 - [email protected] / [email protected] maxed, [email protected] in a few games; Probably the highest end card you need for 1080p/1440p
>GTX 1080Ti - [email protected] and [email protected] maxed/high in many games
>Good fucking luck even getting a VEGA right now

>Check your Mobo QVL before buying any RAM
>Ryzen CPUs benefits a lot from high speed RAM

Always consider an SSD. Try buying a large SSD for what you'd pay for your SSD+HDD combined, and add a HDD later
NVMe SSDs aren't for a faster OS boot, they're for productivity/scratch disk/VMs. NVMe and M.2 are not the same thing, M.2 is a form factor
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>>GTX 1070 - [email protected] /[email protected] at high

I'm hitting 144fps on 1440 on most of my games. It would handle [email protected] just fine for most titles except maybe witcher 3 or battlefrog 1.
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I need prices on 6GB GTX 1060s to drop down to a comfortable level.

I just need one.
ill ask again since old thread died shortly after I asked this
Is it possible to get a riser or something so that I could split my 16x pcie port into 2 8x?
Or ideally the 8x to 2 4x
I want to have my raid card and my nic in my server so I could test this graphics card and possibly getting a second raid card so I can start moving over to bigger than 2tb disks.

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Where did the computer go?
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Mommy's basement where the neckbeard monster man dwells and will eat you if you step foot in his cave

haha am I right fellow memesters?
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Where did the computer go?

Holy shit, how come AMD is cheaper AND better?

Also, Intel's waifus a shit
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Chart posting should be a banable offense. What is this measuring? Cocks in asses?
>It gets worse

Holy fucking shit

>What is this measuring?

Amd vs intel

I thought ameriburger corps were supposed to be good?

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>spend billions training billions of captchas
the current state of self driving AI meme lmao
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Why go through all that effort? Just steal the stop sign. The self driving car can't see what's not there!
This is a shit idea to begin with. If you're going to have self driving cards you need to adapt the roads and signs and rules to suit them. Trying to get them to read road signs made for humans is just a waste of time.
I think they're jumping the gun here. Just make us cars that can autopilot on highways to start with. Let me hop onto an onramp, set the destination exit, and wake me up five miles before we get there. I can handle the short city driving.

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