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I'm just gonna leave this here
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>16 MP
More megapixels does not equal better image quality.
iPhone X is already Retina®. More pixel density won't help.
>8 core CPU
iPhone X has the fastest SoC on the market as shows by Geekbench scores.
>unlocked NFC
What use could this possibly have? It's for making payments and that's about it.
>headphone jack
Just buy bluetooth headphones already, grandpa.

>split screen apps
A clusterfuck on such a small screen. It would just be confusing and annoying.
>downloads in the browser
iPhones don't even need file systems, so they don't need generic file downloads either. If you want to download a file, do it in an app that can use it.
It's a fucking PHONE. Who the fuck wants to have multiple user accounts on a phone?
Shit tier bait, but you got me to respond. 7/10.
I don't want to sound like a pajeet Android fanboy who made that pic (and fuck Google, seriously), but:
>no headphone jack
>no fingerprint reader
>still no LED for notifications

The iPhone is looking worse and worse every year.
The only thing I really like about it is the camera. (And I guess that fact that it gets updates for years, but then iOS is also worse in many ways.)

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>AI won't take jobs that require creativity
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i hate game of cucks fans so goddamn much
You'll have friends someday, don't worry.

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After I read about that piratebay thing I installed Noscript. How well I did /g/ also any tips for using this?
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I actually have a hack for this
Click the option that says "Allow Scripts Globally"
Guaranteed to work much better and faster
>not uMatrix

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What am i in for, /g/ ?
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The C programming language, mostly. It's a really good book. Take your time with it.
If you know Python, JS, and C++ datatypes, a rehash of everything you already know.

You learn basically the entire language which is tiny.

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Is there any good compilers for C on Windows?
I just need a fucking compiler, that's it.
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gcc. Oh wait, you said good.
Is it true that with Code::blocks and Dev-C++ you can't use paths with spaces because MinGW doesn't allow it?

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Thoughts on Opera?

>inb4 botnet
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Chink botnet
is opera vpn safe? can i get hacked while using that?
I'm interested in the open sourced otter browser that is supposed to be an opera equivalent.

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I'm looking for /g/'s finest MS Excel/VBA magaicians who could potentially crack a painfully annoying issue I have been facing on a daily basis. To put it briefly; I work with sets of data on MS Excel on a daily basis and I frequently have to use the CTRL+F solution to find the criteria I am looking for so I can subsequently replace it with another value. Take the following example:

I have two Spreadsheetss (SS) open- A and B.

SS A- This is actually not just one SS but closer to 70, but just think of it as a single SS with regards to this process. SS A contains 5 columns of data, but we only care about the detail in column E. The data in column is presented in the following manner:


In SS A I will have to CTRL+F the word 'Unknown'. This will give a result which will contain the word unknown (not all records in this file contain the word unknown like my example above). I then need to copy the name directly after the word unknown i.e. ‘Nameweneed’ in my above example. This is when SS B is open.

SS B is what would be called the ‘master’ SS as it contains all names and ID’s that are required for this process. The spreadhsset itself has two columns- column A which is the name of the security (‘Nameweneed’ from spread A) and column B which is the security ID we need.

I would control F when SS B is open and paste the ‘Nameweneed’ I have copied from earlier. This will output a row with the exact name of the security I have copied down. We are not interested in the column A result, however, we want the code from column B. This code is copied and SS A is once again opened. Where the word unknown used to be for this particular security we paste over the word unknown with the security ID we have copied from column B of SS B.

This marks the end of the process for one security, but it is continued on repeat until 70 SSs of data (70 more SS A’s) are processed.
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It should also be noted that sometimes the name copied down from SS A may not match any of the names in column A of SS B. These particular examples will need to be caught, but require a process too long to automate to fix.

I assume you struggled to read through that cripplingly long-winded description of my task, but that is an issue which I have to laboriously tackle every day.

So my big question is; is there any way that this could be conceivably simplified using a MS excel macro? Any attempts I’ve made at the process myself have been entirely flimsy as I have absolutely no idea where to even start to write the code for this macro. Please /g/, help this MS Excel goblin ease the pain in his fingers. Any advice would be truly appreciated.
Yeah you definitely need to install gentoo first
>help this MS Excel goblin ease the pain in his fingers
How much are you paying?

i need a external drive which write a dvd-r on speed less than 8x

the ideal would be 2.5x to 4x

this shit can do it?

dell dw316
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install gentoo and kys

DolbyVision HDR

I have some questions. What is minimum required bit depth?

What is minimum required contrast ratio?

What is minimum required brightness?

What does it mean for metadata to be dynamic? (As it is in the case of DolbyVision)
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Please sweeties
Nobody on this board knows anything anymore what the hell
install gentoo

are quantum computers a meme?
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You'd be better off asking that question to /sci/
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You won't be able to gaymen on them, does that answer your question?
that`s the best aswer you can get here.

140 IQ can´t undertand quantum physic.
i study it and work with it but Never truly undertud it.

Yo guys I need some advice.

PC A = GTX 970 + i5 4690K
PC B = GTX 570 + i5 2500K

GTX 570 died, so I need a new one for B.

1.Should I buy a 1050 Ti for PC B?
2.Or put the 970 into B and buy a new one for A? Does it even make any sense? Im playing on 1080p.

Help me please masters.
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970 in b, new one for a.
Which one? Thanks!
What's your budget?

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Does anyone remember the name of that search engine that only indexes web 1.0 sites?
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Much appreciated, anon.

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Is there anyone who shares Anonymous world vision ?
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Hello, it's me leader number one.
Delete this thread imbecile.
rly xD u think i'll trust u if u post screen of CMD installing windows updates ? xDD
>world vision
Fucking kill yourself, you filthy globalist Jew.

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Why is this string reversal code not working?

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

void reverse(char* str) {
if (str) {
char* start;
char* end;
char temp;

start = str;
end = str;
while (*end != '\0') {

while (start < end) {
temp = *start;
*start = *end;
*end = temp;

int main() {
char* str = "Hello World!";



I tried everything. What's wrong?
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Omg I fixed it thnx /g/
Solution: I am retarded
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>while (*end != '\0') {


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Are there any still around that aren't garbage and are as /comfy/ as they were "back in the day"?
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Isn't discord the modern equivalent?
What is irc and probably discord
What is Eternal September

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