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Need a case.png
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So what exactly would be the best case for this kind of build?

I've been thinking of getting a mid tower (the Fractal Design S to be exact since it's cheap) but thinking about it, I don't know if my water cooler will fit and if there is enough airflow for my gpu and water cooler to cool down sufficiently.

Any advice?
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ranking tech stuff i bought for the first time in the past year

gaming mouse - exceeds expectations
gaming mousepad - exceeds expectations
cheap audiophile headphones - exceeds expectations
cheap earbuds - found some good ones, exceeds expectations
144hz monitor - meets expectations
building your own pc - meets expectations
mechanical keyboard - below expectations
expensive headphones - garbage
expensive audiophile earbuds - garbage
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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so who has checked out this bundle, the few books i have read from it are pretty decent, wondering about the rest

also who has the link to the mega (or cares to host a copy of the bundle themselves)
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I found all the books I'm interested in by typing name + PDF into Google
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summer can't end soon enough

why so salty

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When will the 2FA meme end?
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quality thread


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What do I install to get mySQL working? It won't run. Pic unrelated.
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What does it do?

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New video with some testing of 20 euros cheap microscope and spirulina culture.

Check also my other video for new kind of PBR called rainfall cultivating.

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Why is this on my computer?
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Because Microsoft thought one MSPaint wasn't enough.

Is it good tho?
your OS detected that you're a faggot so it's reminding you of that fact every time you use it.

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What browsers & OS do gays/trans/others use, so I can block their user agent from my website?
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chrome/safari and macos
>not spoofing your user agent as a Ninentendo DS(TM) Web Browser

Most gays usually only click Facebook links anyway so if you just block links that come from Facebook or twitter you’ll be fine

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I just made the most dead simple torrent searcher, see pic. It would be nice to see some of /g/'s torrent searchers, and or clients.

plz don't readz: Made in python

nah but actually I just did python, because I wanted it to be the most simple code
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Open your terminal in another workspace, or make it opaque.
That's disgusting.

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Why doesn't /g/ use BlackBerry Passport.
1>typography above par
2>>leads to efficient coding wherever you go.
3>>>Encrypted upon first use
4>>>>Android Runtime that can be cracked.



What is your excuse.
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I've been using one for almost a year, I love it

Hey, I'm looking to do a Bachelors in Computing & IT from the Open University with is long distance study. How well would this IT degree hold up against other degrees from traditional universities?
I can also do an open IT degree where I can choose to study 3 subjects which include computer science, digital technologies, software development, web development, or networking
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>Bachelors in Computing & IT
Why? So you can get a job that a tech savvy kid could grab out of highschool? A computer science degree will get you in the door for everything and much, much more of what a "Computing and IT" degree will get you.

That's something that a beaner single dad would grab who can't into basic math so he could be the first person in his family with a college degree.
Ok thanks
Can you only do long distance studies?

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why is opensuse so comfy /g/
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please stop shilling FOSS

it's not funny anymore
Zypper yast snapper kde

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What does /g/ think of the new iPhone 7 plus?
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>never settle

Fucking EX DEE
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>Never settle
Is that why their price keeps going up?

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How long till finally new Arch at 10nm? Skylake was probably designed in 2012 that's a 5 years old Architecture we are still running.

>When /icelake/?
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Google will answer your question

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Hello /g/ i am /v/ using Kubuntu to gaming, i have a question.

>have dual booted windows 10 and kubuntu with a partitioned HardDrive

>Discovered that i could use wine + play games on linux to play steam games on kubuntu

>shit what do i do with windows now

i am too lazy to uninstall any shit, especially OS's If i can use a program to disable the most of spybots as possible, what programs/games are unusable or just horrible on wine compared to Linux?
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shit i meant on windows in the last words
Based on the OP, you should be happy to know that DaS 1 runs just fine in wine.
not all games run on wine, there is some pretty noticable overhead too, run a few benchmarks to find out.

gpu passthough is a thing but its pretty niche. if all your games work that's all you should really worry about

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