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>"Why, yes, I do hinder my computing experience by exclusively using FOSS garbage and CuckCuckGo under the false pretence that not only do I matter, but I matter so much that the machine built for convenience should be as inconvenient as possible to protect muh privatez, thanks for asking"
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>here's my email password, my bank pin, my SSN, the keys to my house, and while we're at it, you can have my wife's pussy. I don't need deserve them because I don't matter so feel free to fuck me in the ass anytime you wish.
Stop posting this crap every few hours. You've been told 100 times, you little dipshit
DuckDuckGo is unironicaly better than Google though, especially with bangs. The only thing it doesn't have is reverse image search.

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What the fuck is your excuse for not owning a Lenovo Yoga 910?
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>owning any lenovo that is not a thinkpad
>homosexual thin shit
>soldered cpu
>ULV shit as cpu
>non serviceable nor upgradeable
>a sneeze kills the entire laptop
>owning a generic laptop #242524524513451
>yoga in the name

what are you fucking gay

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Can we have a useful fucking Links, thread? Shit that you use daily that's actually helpful. Points if there's a functional app.

My pick is https://titantv.com/

Its the internet version of the TV Guide. Choose what you use to watch tv. Cable, satellite or Antenna. Then give it your zip and viola, listings for everything. Now post some damn links.
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Find tons of obscure alternative applications that are superior to whatever shit you use now.
Incorrect. I do believe this is /g/

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Why are so many bronies choosing forth over haskell and lisp?
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I can't explain it
who cares about what horsefuckers say and do? REMOVE HORSEFUCKERS!
such success many forth wow

This is from Nordnet.dk - if there is any interest I will post the link. Any thoughts on this?
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Browsed /g/ daily, now I browse biz got into cryptocurrencies. /g/ probably doesn't give a damn about whats happening, you're probably wasting your time, which is sad

>>3495574 is a hot thread in /biz/ and seeking actual smart people so /g/ is the logical place to go.
About to be the highest replied to thread on /biz if you wanna head over.

will AI and quantum computers make it feasible within our lifetimes?
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true ai will never exist
matter is an illusion that originates in consciousness, you can not build consciousness from something that first, isn't even real, and second, originates from the thing that you want to create.

the current ai craze is just PR.
what is "real sentience"?

hunter thompson once wrote that the problem with hired help in Miami was you needed someone smart enough to make a bed but not smart enough to wonder why it was full of strangers every morning.
>matter is an illusion that originates in consciousness
[Citation needed]

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Discuss anything having to do with Windows 7!

Feel free to ask questions, and post your setups.
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I like it. What is there to ask or say though, really?
Well mainly people that are considering downgrading or making the switch to 7.


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What filesystem are your data on and why is it not BTRFS?
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Both are incomplete hacked together pieces of shit.

Real men use ZFS.

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I have a fuckhuge folder called UNP. I never installed it. I look it up, and all I get are reddit posts and people trying to get me to download shit. what is it, and what does UNP do?
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What's in it?
Well? What's in it?
Uncaptioned Nigger Pictures?

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Can anyone recommend any books for beginning python with the goal of doing backend webdev?
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I am also curious on a book about django
I'm interested in that, and also, can anyone give a good book for back end and more technical stuff? I'm sick of dealing with user interfaces or web stuff, I just want to make things that work.

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>4chan demands 4chan.com domain name

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of course you would go to the /pol/ board on a porn website
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>put "4chan.com" in url bar
>wonders why is searches "4chan.com"
/g/ is the only place i would suspect this retardness to exists
its to throw off tumblr and reddit users

Picked up a virus (or multiple) that blocks system restore in Windows 10. Are there any other ways to do a factory reset? When I click on "get started" in pic-related, nothing happens, and trying to open rstrui.exe in the explorer or command prompt doesn't help either.
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suck my dick and I'll tell you
lmao kys cuck.
The fuck did you do to even get malware in the first place? Did you launch shady executables like a retard or something?

Is there a point to use i3wm on a laptop vs gnome? Does it need a lot of screenspace to be efficient?
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>Does it need a lot of screenspace to be efficient
yes but most laptops should have enough to justify using i3wm
I'm on an x220T
you know you can install more than one WM/DE and choose which to use at log in, right? just try it out.

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I've figured out the name behind the iPhone X.

>everyone knows Apple is a money machine at this point
>Apple releases new phones as quick as they can; very little improvements to each one.
>people lose track of which iPhone they are one
>Apple uses X, a variable for the name, so people no longer need to keep track of which phone they are on
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Actually, they just have no ideas and decided to copy Microsoft again.
Having a phone called iphone 9 wouldnt sound good. Both microsoft and apple know that. Saying you have the most advanced, fastest smartphone and all that and having be called iphone 9 and not 10 (x) just doesnt sound right. It would give people the impression that "why would I get the 9 if the 10 is going to be the REAL best phone?" so they just did away with that and went straight to ten
They are going to go full on display mode with no bezel shit from their iphone X/10 models. It is for now is just a preview. They still have 1 more year for iphone 9 to go with the current path with legacy design.

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What current innovations are being laughed at?
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I wouldn't call DRM juice an innovation
>What current innovations are being laughed at?
Screen notches. We'll be laughing in 5 years when it's the new standard on every phone.
They shut down a month ago though.

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