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Is it just me or this fucking piece of shit is slow and nearly unusable due to graphics and UI bugs? Anyone using it successfully? Am I doing it wrong and should be using M8 instead of KDE?

Long story short, I'm not an expert on Linux shit but I'm not a noob either, I installed it manually alongside Windows 10 with the correct partitions, and then had to manually install the WiFi dongle driver (weird, it's a common as fuck Realtek chipset from 2 years ago, why is it still not built into the kernel?), and the fucking nVidia driver (again, why the fuck doesn't the driver manager even work? It kept using Nouveau instead of nVidia, I had to manually install to get it to work). On top of that I have the following issues
>major UI wide screen tearing issues, can't fix even with solutions I found on Google
>slow and laggy scrolling in Firefox, again, can't fix no matter what
>overall system is much slower than W10 on the same drive, and I've installed W10 on top of a years old install of W8, from boot to program opening to web browsing, and this is a clean system installed yesterday
>hibernation doesn't fucking work no matter what, I think it has something to do with encrypted home folder
>no built in system wide encryption, I thought this shit was supposed to be secure
>I managed to crash the entire UI and get stuck on a black screen with only the mouse pointer just by playing with widgets

I'm not asking you on help how to fix these issue, I just want to know if this shit actually works to begin with. My system is common as fuck, all parts are compatible according to the wiki, it's not even a laptop with weird custom hardware but a run of the mill gaymer PC from 2 years ago. Also I'm pretty sure "linux is faster than Windows" and "linux is more secure" are literally memes from the age of Windows XP.
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No one using this OS?
Pls respond.
I'm using it with 0 problems, the driver manager worked perfectly even with by slightly fucky laptops two graphics cards.
If you have the time try a fresh install or mint with cinnamon, I know you can switch DE without reinstalling but if your trying to fix shit fresh is better.

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Do you want this phone?

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can i play candy crush saga on it
How is this better than sailfish os?

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Alright /g/, Windows 7 vs 8.1 in 2017.

Let's do this shit
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The UI of Windows 8 is shit. However, at least it can be modified relatively easily.
I like the StartIsBack + Aero Glass for Windows 8 + OldNewExplorer combo

Windows 10, on the other hand, has a bunch of spyware that's difficult to fully neuter without potentially breaking the OS.
Where could I get a clean Windows 8.1 iso?
I want to try it out in a VM
I use Classic Shell with OldNewExplorer and a Prenumbra 8 theme on my 8.1 install and I couldn't be happier. No forced modern UI and telemetry bullshit. Basically less bloated 7.

Best laptop for 400$ max?

Im planning on using it for Kali/Arch linux or ParrotOS. Not americuck so no ebay/craigslist
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any modern thinkpad
Like, what model?
>Im planning on using it for Kali/Arch linux or ParrotOS
So you actually have no idea what you want it for

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ITT: literal 9/11 reenactment theater.
What the fuck do these cards even do
>muh AVX
aka you either want a GPU or FPGA

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Post your simple/small/stupid questions
Take at least 10 seconds to google first

Old Thread: >>62086880
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Trying home automation. Bought some sockets which work on the 433MHz RF (433.92MHz), but the receiver on the PI doesn't register any signals from the socket remote control when I press buttons, so I'm getting nowhere fast.


RF transmitter and reciever:

"R" in pic related is how I've connected it to the Raspberry Pi 2 B.

I've installed rpi-rf through pip and this is the command I use to listen:
rpi-rf_receive -g 17

The goal is to figure out what the remote control is sending, then disconnect the rf receiver and connect the rf transmitter (same pins), and from there send rf signals to turn on/off my sockets.
what service in network is responsible for being able to write
>ping kichenPC

and it pings the PC
and how can I can make this work across two subnets separated by NAT?
So I set up some nifty keyboard shortcuts in GNOME, for example Ctrl+T to open my terminal. Then I realized all this would interfere when I open tabs in my browser, etc. Is there any way to make the shortcuts context-specific? For example, only working from my default desktop?

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Which should I learn first /g/?

Is C actually better / more efficient than C++, or is it just used for operating systems because they were created before C++ was a thing and no one can be bothered to rewrite?

Are modern projects likely to use one over the other?
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modern projects are likely to use neither because people rarely write new operating systems
What are you looking to do?

If you want to program for a hobby, C, C++, Python.

If you want to work as a programmer and earn a good salary: Java, JavaScript, C#.

But anyways if you're just starting I recommend learning to program with Python. Then move on to whatever.
>good salary
what did the new fag meant by this

Pick your poison /g/
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how is this even an question
Viiiiiiiiiiiiiiim reeeeeeeeeeee
Monokai is comfy

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What are you working on /g/?
Any embedded stuff welcome here!

I mostly went full pure AVR nowadays, but see pic related every now and then in my drawer. An Arduino with ethernet shield, my first µC. Anyone got a nice idea what to do with it? I really have no idea ;_;
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I'm thinking of getting a Cortex M board for osdev, which one should I get?
I have no fuckin idea, but I second this question out of curiosity. Always thought about tinkering around with that shit too
im looking at STM32F4 but I might want more ram than 196kb (256 or 512 would be perfect) anyone know of cortex M boards with 256kb/512kb ram?

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>Decide it's time for a clean OS installation
>Spend a couple of days figuring how to remove spybloat from Windows 10 and learn about LTSB
>Discover that LTSB won't get any feature updates until 2019
>Concludes on making a custom ISO with all the crap removed with MSMG
>Red-pilled about Windows 10 and finally confidant of my conclusion to switch to Linux
>Trying to decide on a distro (I thought that shit would be easy, that there would be some gold standard distro)
>After some research I made my mind to use Debian (stable) since it seemed to be a serious OS and all the others are memes
>Learn about systemd and how it was compromised
>Decide to become Amish

>inb4 install gentoo
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What you do is use Windows 8.1 and not give two single fucks.
Quite honestly, just get ubuntu gnome.
did you even read the op

under_scores or camelCase? and do you name your variables in your native language or in english?
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Personally I prefer camelCase within programs, underscores for file names
And my native language is English
Why do people here obsess over insignificant bullshit? So something productive instead shitposter
It's called snake_case you low iq mutt

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fug man.jpg
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they save everything i say..??

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Keine Aktivitäten.
Einige Aktivitäten werden eventuell noch nicht angezeigt.
am I doing it wrong?

Meme or kino?
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Looks like something a gross fatass might sit in.
Kino in itself is a meme that will leave you more bamboozled than any other meme.

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Functional programming is the future edition.

Previous thread: >>62088982

What are you working on /g/?
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C++ with proper UFCS and Modules when?
Second for C++ is the worst language that anybody has ever taken seriously.
>Functional programming is the future
>posts anime girl with C++
what's the trick?

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Saw this earlier this morning. Is 300$ worth?
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if you will pay that much for a wireless router why not get one with 802.11ad
So, it uses a pair of SH-2 CPUs and a 68000 to perform the whole routing?

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