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>dad asks me to check his laptop because shit's slow
>go check it
>so hot you could fry an egg on top of it
>check temps
>97° on normal use
>mfw pic related

what could have happened /g/? did the thermal paste burn out or something like that?
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Only one way to find out, open it up
install linux.

Why is it doing this? It works just fine otherwise, when it refreshes everything looks normal. I just leave it in my backpack all the time. Is that why?
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Also why the fuck are these things still so expensive and small?
Those displays keep an image for a pretty long time, but if shaken, exposed to magnets, or just gravity, the image may fade. It's a normal thing. That's how epaper works.
give it back jamal

what's his problem?
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CIA niggers are the problem.
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He's perfect in every way possible,
there is no problem with him

He said:
>“The deg of freedom to which A.I. is able to apply itself is really increasing by ten orders of magnitude a year,” Musk said. “That’s really crazy. And this is on hardware that is really not suited to neural nets.”

Is he exaggerating? Is it really coming faster than anyone of us expects?

>He pointed specifically to Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo victory in the ancient and incredibly complex game of go over every human master. At the time, Musk said it represented a “ten year jump” in what we thought A.I. would be capable of — a perfect example of even his own predictions being too conservative.

Is he meming us or is this stuff really coming sooner than we expect?
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Is Elon a pretty cool guy or is his public relations just too good for my cynicism to detect?

He seems like a pretty legit guy, minus his poor choice in women
He's also based because he tried to BTFO the freetards:

>Musk was ousted in October 2000 from his role as CEO (although he remained on the board) due to disagreements with other company leadership, notably over his desire to move PayPal's Unix-based infrastructure to Microsoft Windows.

FreeTards got BUTTMAD and ousted him for this haha

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who is actually buying iPhones then and is their insane cost-to-sales margins the only reason they can keep going?
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Hipsters and yes.
Me since I want my phone to be updated for more than 1 and a half year, also they work well most of the time, but that's my experience.
My grandma got an iPhone when it came out in 2007 and refuses to learn anything else
I'm just glad she got on board with tech that won't be obsolete before she's dead. My grandpa already tried and failed to hop on an iPhone. He's back to using a prepaid flip phone and suffering from dementia.

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Why does /g/ have an issue with gaming?

A "gamer" GPU can be used for both workstation tasks (i.e rendering, video production, etc) and gaming/
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Video games are for babbies.

"it's j-just for v-video production!" is a meme excuse. If you actually are doing video editing you're most likely a """youtuber""" which is even more cancerous than just being a gamer.
because you infest this board with /v/ tier shitposting and have nothing to contribute besides because you have zero understanding of computers outside of lists of fps per graphics card in various video games.

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This faggot decided to suck on Mozilla's dick while the cum was still hot, and just HAD to be the first to release a webextension TM.

Say goodbye to advanced features, such as blocking scripts based on their contents.

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isn't this the only way it can continue?
uBlock Origin works fine in Chrome though

Clover or Dashchan?
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Another one of these??
What's heavier? A kilogram of shit or a kilogram of feathers?

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WHY isn't there a FOSS VOIP yet? Do you open-source autists not talk or something? Skype is shit quality audio/bloat, Discord is apex botnet, TS is, uh...
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Void or Devuan for the best systemd-less experience. Oh, please forget the Gentoo and Crux memes; I'm trying to be a functioning member of society
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Are those public fleshlights behind her?
>Any desktop Linux
>I'm trying to be a functioning member of society
Contradictio in terminis.
>Not using LFS

Why do you even bother getting out of bed in the morning?

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What do you do on your computer when nobody is watching?
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cyber sex with your mommy.
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>he thinks nobody is watching him

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What are some ways with which a USB HID device can determine the OS type of the host computer without requiring additional drivers?

USB-HID is platform agnostic but surely there must be some differences in the order or rate of USB packets that you can use to fingerprint the OS?
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they are one way transmissions

theres no reason for windows to send anything to the device
>they are one way transmissions
What about capslock/numlock lights on keyboards?
And actuators on gamepads?
you press the capslock on the keyboard to turn on the capslock light, moron.

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Fuck AMD

>Had 6990 that was working perfectly fine
>Lol we're discontinuing it no more drivers for you
>Still had a couple of years life left in it
>Their shitty fucking program tells me it has an update every second day but they don't make drivers for my card any more

How do you expect me to support them ever again? I'm buying NVIDIA.
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GNU/Linux doesn't have this problem
I'm with you, bro! I still haven't forgiven Nintendo for dropping support for the NES. There's literally no reason that new NES games couldn't still be being made today, other than greed and them wanting to sell you new and """""improved""""" hardware. Never falling for that trick again.

Has any one language done more damage than this piece of shit?

>you just can't handle memory management, you pleb
Literally not an argument.

There are plenty of languages that let you manage memory manually that don't have asinine features like null-terminated strings or a lack of a distinct bool type.

Face it: C is just pure shit. The fact that smart people (like me) can contort it to compile into fast programs doesn't change the fact that it's flawed by design.
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I work with C and I agree. C is godawful and archaic, but you can't get around using it because it's 1) pretty much industry standard since everyone use it, including tonnes of open source software project and 2) for low-level stuff it works beautifully because it's basically just a portable and easier maintained assembly.
> smart people (like me)
Brainlet detected.
What do you need a bool type for all it is is a bit with a explicit nameing convention. Bools are Bloat.

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Hey guys, I'm almost 40, when I was 10-15 I used to code easy stuff in basic and C so I kinda remember something of how to code. I even toyed with assembler back in the dos days. Now I'd like to program simple production management interfaces, like for keeping a warehouse, dealing with orders and such, and I've done a good job making something with Excel, but I'd need a user friendly interface for someone else to be able to use it. Back in the day I started using visual basic; that would be great now: it had a lot of tools to easily build a graphic interface. Does something like that, hopefully more advanced, exist now? Obviously I don't want to spend money on software, something opensource would be nice.
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You could read a book.

A book on a language.

A book on any goddamn language.

A book on any goddamn language with APIs.

Wait, you're being lazy, so why not sign up for some website that slowly feeds you confidence pills
I think that PHP suits you. You can sonewhat do a reasonable frontend and add databases to the project and keep the data there.
Uhm... Dude that's exactly what I intend to do, it wouldn't be the first book I read for learning to code, what I'm asking here is what to study, not for you to teach me. Since I'm not going to do it to become a pro but to aid with my job I'd like something easy, quick and straightforward, like visual basic was.

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