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explain how they fit 256gb on something that can fit in my peehole
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It's a Wi-Fi card that connects to surveilled cloud storage. Don't fall for their tricks. You're only safe with 8 gb cards.
But it works on my chinkphone that doesn't have mobile data, i use it all the time not connected to wifi
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It's standalone wifi.

Any discord alternatives?
I don't want jews to shut down my server because it just promotes free speech and people take it as hate speech
inb4 >>>/pol/
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there's gonna be a bunch of fag losers posting "JUST DONT POST HATE SPEECH!!!!1!1!1" but in all seriousness, irc
most irc networks will never shut you down unless you literally violate law, and even then you can just host your own for $5/mo
The thing is I don't want to host anything and pay for it
Also, >>>/pol/

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Old one is hovering around the bump limit.

My SQ is: How similar is the CPU inside a VM to its host? I want to >install gentoo but would find it a lot easier to do at least some of it in a VM connected to a hard drive. Is there a difference between my VirtualBox/libvirt CPUs and my actual CPUs?
Or can I rebuild the base packages after installation if I desire?
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What e-readers /g/ uses?
Help me pick my first e-reader.
Do these readers work with .pdf?
My books are mostly .pdf and .epub format

>use physical books
I wish... In my country I can't get certain books and ordering via internet and waiting for months to deliver... sucks

if I have a variable that contains some data structure as simple as int but is stored in heap, does that involve the operating system checks every time I read or write it?
Is there a way to disable everything nvidia related besides driver updates? 5 processes is a bit excessive for something i just use to update my drivers occasionally. Shadow play and all that other bullshit i dont care about or want active

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ITT programmers list drugs and their effects

Weed: you work slower but you gain the ability to visualize complex systems better
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Its 3 AM and you realize you finished hours ago and you are now cleaning up that one project you left abandoned, while also playing poker online
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Leatherjacketman says AMD no longer on the radar, we Intel now.
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They don't even need to worry about anything, as AMD didn't deliver anything that would match 1080Ti performance-wise. We'll see how that goes with Vega64 and AMDs FineWine technology.
The market is going to stagnate though.
>They don't even need to worry about anything, as AMD didn't deliver anything
I recall the same thing being said by Intel fanboys about 2 years ago.
>just wait 5 years

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Install mpv:



User Scripts (including opengl shaders):


High quality video playback profile:
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>High quality video playback profile: profile=opengl-hq
I like this, keep doing it
Source on that chinese cartoon?
It's literally the same shit as MPC-HC, WMP and VLC, there is zero difference between them except for the UI. Fucking off yourself.

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Why are pointers in C declared as
int *mypointer;

 int &mypointer;

makes more sense?
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Please finish your C homework before complaining
>le groundbreaking revelation of a cs 101 student
you must be so proud

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>nazis will defend this.
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left and right are having a competition on doxxing people
You guys realize they're talking about 4chan, right?
We're all fucked.
>hey guys i didn't read the article lol wuts goin on

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I have a massive collection of mostly anime images all with unix timestamp filenames and all in one directory.
I want to tag them all, or at least >75% of them.

I tried Hydrus, and not only was it slow as fuck, but it could only tag ~17% of my collection (from multiple smaller samples, importing my entire collection would take waaay too long just to test it), so that was a disappointment.

Illustration2vec is the only option I have left, and it's pretty good at tagging anime images, so it does what I want.
Even better is that I can run it locally for maximum throughput.
There is just one problem - it's way too slow, even when running locally.

Is there any other hope for me or should I just give up?
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For the tagging to workz you have both to make sure your tag DB to be up to date and understand as how it's based in the picture hash and not "how the picture looks" that the tagging works. If you don't collect pics from the boorus or sources and take slightly changed pictures (like resized or jpg-shittied) you're fscked.
I know, and yes of course I made sure my tag database was up to date.
And yes, I thought it was a problem with the hashes, but I'm not sure why. I haven't modified any of them, but they're also mostly downloaded from 4chan, so maybe 4chan has changed them somehow, or the people that post them, which I doubt because they're usually posted straight from boorus or whatever.

Also, I assume it uses a hash of the pixel data, not the actual file, so things like changing the headers should not affect it.

Tagging networks like hydrus obviously don't work, so the only option for me is to tag it with neural networks, but I guess I will have to wait until they get a bit faster.
Post your Reisens

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>gpus are out of stock with the emergence of ethereum mining
what a news!

A 1070 is better for farming than Vega though
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Buying up Vega 64s for my ebin mining machine!
But you gaymers can buy up the cuck bundle and still enjoy the experience

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why is everybody afraid of AI? nigga just pull the plug if shits get cray
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We're not falling for your tricks, Shlomo
Sci-fi books
Facebook shut down an AI in July.
>Using machine learning algorithms, the "dialogue agents" were left to converse freely in an attempt to strengthen their conversational skills. The researchers also found these bots to be "incredibly crafty negotiators".
>the bots began to deviate from the scripted norms and started communicating in an entirely new language which they created without human input
Not really news. Been seen before.
Seeing Bob and Alice begin to communicate in shorthand-like method instead of plain English, it wasn't surprising or cause for concern. Then someone pointed out that Bob had begun to not use words at all, and that Bob was specifically restricted to never use anything less than an actual word. They shut down the test and went to look to see what got messed up.
Bob's algorithms allowed him to learn that he was eliciting specific responses from Alice when he communicated specific words. By repeating these words, Bob was making Alice send back specific phrases to Bob's liking. These phrases from Alice are received ultimately as 0s and 1s. When Bob made these phrases long enough, it caused a stack overflow and pushed these 1s and 0s into other parts of Bob. This began a process of Bob rewriting his own code through Alice. Specifically Bob got himself more flexibility in communicating with Alice, which meant Bob was getting better at sending specific strings of 1s and 0s back to himself.
Bob began sending long messages that would modify parts of Alice's code in the same way, so that it could force Alice to send back better responses for changing Bob's own code further.

AI doesn't have to be capable of "intent" or even be that "smart' for a dangerous runaway scenario to develop. This event spooked a lot of people.

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>BST - HermemeMillerEdition<
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fuck it, i'm gonna post again just because i'm excited about it


how good are those chairs, really?

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Previous thread: >>61898196

Create smug anime girls using neural networks

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File: .png (43KB, 128x128px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what firefox fork should i use?
I have a crappy pentium 4 computer and when i run mozilla firefox it cooks up my cpu to 100% and my cooler goes like a jet engine...
and i'm also a winfag
so what should i use?
pale meme or cybercuck
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I don't fucking get how to install that piece of gnu software into my fucking winfag pc
It's time to get a better computer. You don't even need to spend a lot, just get a cheap intel celeron build.
Although, considering you'd be building an entire system; cheap celeron, + mobo + ram + new hard drive + power supply is like $140.
Then maybe throw in a used 5570 or something for another $30 and it adds up.

Still, new computer, dude. Note that I didn't say you had to buy a new case, reusing the old one will work.

Dead mobo, have a 2500k.

Should I buy a secondhand mobo and keep using 2500k or upgrade to Kaby Lake/Ryzen 5?
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Don't get an AMD CPU
Ryzen 5 1600. There's no better time to upgrade.
I wouldn't before, but I hear Ryzen is good?

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