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>run pacman -Syu

how do you guys remind yourselves to update your system regularly? My memory is awful and I can go months without updating until one ultra specific package randomly breaks and I can't avoid it.
Really I wouldn't care about system upgrades being so fucking huge if my internet speed didn't suck ass, but this takes at least an hour to download.

apt babbies need not apply. take your perpetually ancient software somewhere else.
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is this satire?
CentOS testing repos update faster than you guys with less chance of breakage.
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>apt babbies need not apply. take your perpetually ancient software somewhere else.
Enjoy your bleeding edge NSA backdoors.

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>Linux will never have more than 5% marke-
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Technically correct, you pedant.
Android's lifespan is limited. It will be replaced by something else. Something better.
Temple OS

signal bars are ugly af.

thank you that is all.
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cool. let everyone reduce ourselves to your level. you know televisions go out when they lose signal? absolute fool. what will you look at when you stand and wave your phone around for signal?
pls don't bully the Akarin

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>There are people on this board right now who are using a CRT
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>not using crt
>There are people on this board using shitty LCD
>not browsing 4chan on a plasma tv
>not communicating with 4chan via voice

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what do you do with your secondary not-so-good PC?
do you use it as a second screen? do you turn it into a server or mediacenter? do you give it away or try to sell it ?
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I reused my old x4 640 and repurposed it as a Plex server. I lost the side case and it's loud as fuck though and warms the room.

I just installed teamviewer on it to manage it. Old 6670 in there because it bitches about booting up without a GPU.

Old cases are the fucking worst for cable management though
teamviewer is great to manage PCs on LAN.
i have a lot of old cases around, dont really know what to do with them.
Been trying to sell the guts from mine. No one's biting because it's old as shit (/g/ built it in 2008) and I reused the case and HDD.

Even if it were a whole system it wouldn't be worth the electricity to run it.

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I want to ascend to linux but love C# for Unity.
What can I do /g/ang?
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>When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

It's time to become a man and put away your childish things.
I bet you're fun to be around....
He's right, you need to grow up.

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Whatever happened to side panel fans
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I have one desu. It just has a Moduvent panel covering it, i havent taken it off because it doesnt have a dust filter to replace it and im too lazy to make one myself.
Gone, thankfully. They make taking off the side panel annoying.
is that the only bad thing about them? seems like a dumb idea, Id rather have better airflow than taking the side panel off annoying

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I hate the modern bloated web. I want to start a very simple site. Having made the basic layout, can I host this tiny 5KB HTML somewhere free just to kick things off?

I think Dropbox stopped people from doing that some time ago. Every other site I try wants me to use their shitty template editors.
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Learn CSS and don't make bloated websites, make them break down properly if css isnt enabled
host it locally. or in one of those shitty tk sites if mommy doesn't give you her card
CSS grids will shrink the web in the long run

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tell me again how AMD is still in business
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People on a budget
> Great GPGPU perf
> HBM yadda yadda yadda
> Not that bad except TDP
> They'll fix it in the drivers
> Ryzen won, delid this
...And there you have it!
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I'm trying to start up my own PC side-business repairing older business class machines I bought on ebay, and selling them locally. It wouldn't pay all my bills, but on top of working it's a nice chunk of cash. Every time I watch a video by this guy I'm blown away by the shit he knows how to do that I've never even heard of.

I'm A+ certified and know my way around a soldering iron. That's about the extent of my skillset. Where the hell would I go, besides college, to learn the kind of shit that he pulls off on his webseries?
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He talked about how he did a lot of tutorial videos, maybe you should start with those.
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rosser laptop.webm
3MB, 640x360px

he literally has a video explaining what to do
jesus christ it's already dead

Simple question /g/, can someone answer this please.

Why don't we have chargers for phones that can charge the phone at the native voltage of the battery instead of stepping up or down to 5v? A phone battery is typically 4.3 or 4.2v lithium cells, just like the lithium cells in power Banks, yet because we're forced to step up to 5v we're losing almost a quarter of that energy due to conversion inefficiencies.
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lithium batteries as they charge require increasingly more voltage to charge the battery, above what they charge to
I know, that's why they state the average at 3.7/3.8v, but the majority of lithium chargers will be putting it 4
2/4.3v at the most to reduce the risk of overcharging the cells.
Doesn't matter because for lithium batteries you need to dynamically regulate votage anyway.

The thing I am infuriated by is only AC in homes. Why? Can't we standarise on additional 24V? Regulating DC is much less fauly prone than using those AC to DC "adapters". And more power efficiant. Most of my LED screwed lights seem to fail because of a power supply fault. If DC was commonplace, we wouldn't need most power supplies, just a chip and maybe 2 additional capacitors on either side. LED lights might even work without regulating, if enough of them were to be put in series in one light.

Should I get my old man one of those amazon echoes or dots for his birthday? I'm not trying to spend too much desu
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his birthday is in 4 days lads
fuck this slow ass board. I ask an honest answer, I get no responses. Fuck this.

How old is he?

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Stop using MacBooks.
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Stop killing people
Stop posting racism frogs.

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The current state of /g/
>no one mentions DNScrypt ever, not even on that cyberpunk general
>no router security general where we can share cool iptables
>no /g/'s community LEDE build focused on security
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it's summer
Nah it's been like this for a good while now.
LEDE? Why not just openwrt?

theoretically speaking, what could be alternative, future hi-tech ways of inhaling tobacco flavour and nicotine from REAL tobacco without burning it?
when i say theoretically i'm saying that the device doesn't have to be currently manufactureable or profitable in any way, just possible in theory
unleash your fantasy and knowledge /g/
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>alternative, future hi-tech ways
This sounds like you just want me to invent cybermagic.

Look, chemistry can already do this. Take real tobacco and use solvent extraction to pull out the flavor compounds and the nicotine. Then you can aerosolize them or do whatever else you'd like as a delivery system.
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It doesn't matter since you'll still have a damaged lung.
if it doesn't burn, nope

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