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What does your technology stack look like? Does it integrate well or are all of your OSes badly interconnected?

Anyway, list them:

>laptop OS
>phone OS
>watch OS
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>ios 10.3.2 + android 7.1.1
>whatever casio put on the ga110-mb
macOS 10.13 developer beta 2
iOS 11 developer beta 2
watchOS 4 developer beta 2
I have an all in one ipad that does my "laptop os" and my "phone os" and my "watch os" in one device itsgreat

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Hey /g/uys, I have a generic linux account with non-root privileges. I am able to compile many programs I need, however the machine doesn't have a web browser included with it. I've tried compiling Chromium and Firefox, but they require too many dependencies and I simply can't just `sudo apt-get` them. What is the easiest web browser I can compile on a generic Linux machine? Thanks in advance.
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try internet explorer i have it on my ipad and its really good actually
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I said Linux you nimnut, but you're probably trolling me so here's a free internet point.
netsurf browser ! http://www.netsurf-browser.org/

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>lol boi you bought a gpd win
>ahaha chink shit
>Imma piss on you once I get my Smack Z
>I already founded them big bux you cheap chink fag


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not sure what the thread is about but if you want a hand held get a nintendo ds mainly for zelda and mario kart only problem i s if you wnt to play minecraft i dont think you can get that one on it
nice thread
I think any halfwit could figure it out that its a scam the moment they read even a tiny bit of it on their kickstarter page.

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I hate programming, can I get a better job than that with a comp sci degree?
how come in england the water goes left around the plug hole but in ant articta it just goes down themidle?
Im playing with some kernel patches and i need to change the name.What files in the kernel tree do i need to modify? I found the makefile variable but i cant seem to find the headers that change the name and other relevant info

Got a mysterious copyright email from COX, forwarded from some company in california.

Then a pop-up on my computer taking me to a generic COX wwebsite.

Anyone experienced this?

Is it a virus or is it something real?

What is the smartest thing to do at this point?
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leave the country. move to venezuela
just post it back and say the person on the address doesnt live ther anymor

and it s a new email
stop being retarded as cox will report you to the feds?

Any recommendations on android boxes, How are those Amazon Fire sticks?
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how am I supposed to know I don't have either

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>try to use social media
>start to write comment
>10 seconds later I'm halfway through my character limit and I haven't even gotten to the main body of my comment

I'm kind of convinced now that social media enforces people to be sheeple by preventing anyone from expressing complex opinions.
The character limit doesn't leave room for justification of anything controversial, if you don't want your comment to be downvoted to oblivion you can only post things that people will automatically agree with.
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Maybe a nuanced ed argument is not appropriate for social media. Maybe you want a discussion forum or something more appropriate instead.
At least you always have your 2000-charcater limit blog
Being concise is a true mark of intelligence.

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I'm gonna be away from my gaming computer for several months and was planning on leaving it as a cryptocurrency miner. Currently, I am experementing with Minergate in smart mode but will likely move on to mining QRL come the September Genesis block (you'll see why when a Quantum computer cracks Bitcoins). Any advice?
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put some real work into it and mine them yourself. getting computers to do our work is ruining the economy
fuck off >>>/biz/
It's more technology, desu

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This is the thinkpad killer.
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dunno what that is but I use an ipad more than my thinkpad actually
it a mouse
you mean trackpoint killer.

and no.

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>OS uses storage for RAM
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could you please cite this quote?
>what is swap
Now just who the hell are you quoting here?

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Is he single?
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yeah I use a thinkpad and I am single but my friend also uses a thinkpad and he has a girlfriend so I'd say it's 50/50 chances
He is married with her
Great pun m8

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Redpill me on why someone should be using Vim?
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because they have autism and can't just use notepad or word like most normal people
because you want to spend more time configuring your editor than writing
I'm writing my code in C++ and it's totally a meme.

But I'm primarily a Linux sysadmin so having a fully featured terminal text editor is extremely useful for non-local config editing and whatever. vimdiff is fucking fantastic.

If I hadn't already spent as much time configuring vim just the way I like it I'd probably write my C++ in vscode.

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>when a tree dies in the forest all of the sproutlings rise up and compete for the sunlight
>javascript is dead and buried and somebody is going to take that spot.

>>god tier contenders

>>has a chance tier contenders
>some variant of lisp
>some variant of lisp
>some variant of unix designed to run in a browser tab

>>resume goes in the trash tier
>objective c
>visual basic

>>may surprise us tier
>typsescipt because j8 acts as a middleman between webasm and webapis
>Some language we have never heard of or doesn't exist yet
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Not sure what happened there, but I can say that JS is still needed to load webassembly shit to the browser, so not so dead
How do I get started?
>javascript is dead
i don't think so i get paid to make things with it :)

hey /g/, so my brother quit this company years ago and he's had this lenovo carbon x1 from them just sitting around so hes letting me have it.

But its riddled with corporate shit lots of programs and what not and its running Windows 10 Enterprise. How should I go about making sure everything is absolutely erased so I can use it for a game / fapmachine?
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>wanting a meme answer this hard
Okay, I'll do it if you delete this thread afterwards.

Install gentoo.
I've already got a laptop that I try different distros on, was gonna try keeping windows on this one
best way to make sure there are no more code of any programs is to open notepad, then go to open (or ctrl + o if you like to use the keyboard i think) then change the files to "ALL FILES", open the bad programs like mcafee and lods of letters will come up, delete them all then press save and do it for programs you dont like

Want to mess around with the operating system but not get price raped. Never used an Apple before, what would be a decent old model? I don't care about the performance as much as compatibility.
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dunno I like ipads
they never depreciate, if you want old you gotta go real old

Dont go for anything that isnt intel

2011 macbook airs are a freaking a sweet buy atm because most of their batteries are worn out by now

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