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>yaourt pacaur
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it's amazing how butt mad /g/ is over arch

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How come it's not possible to paste text in a VM without installing some sort of communication driver? Shouldn't it be possible to simulate keyboard input to "paste" the text?
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Users aren't always pasting text.
that's exacly what the communication driver does.

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1ms, 75 Hz TN+Film or 75 Hz IPS?

Also, monitor thread.
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IPS all day, 1ms is a shitty meme 99% of the time

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I want to buy an affordable stereo amp and while I'm at it some small to medium sized, portable speakers for my desktop in my room.

I've been looking around and I'd like some recommendations.
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What does affordable mean to you?
I have a hard time recommending anything more expensive than a $20 T amp because the value is so great.

Not sure what you're looking for in portable speakers but some DIY bookshelf speakers can be a good way to go.

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because I've seen a few people on here that put a Windows XP, 98, and 95 kind of theme to their desktop
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>like linux desktop

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This is literally Manjaro LXQt with not additional customization
What's up, Pat? It's 4:20.

Why don't they make tablet hybrids with proper weight distribution like x220t, instead of these dumb things?
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how do i play a youtube video from my pc to the android tablet on the same internet connection?
god fuck i have 3gb i cant allow me to have chrome running
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plex or minidlna

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How do you guys sort your images?
Right now I've been making a huge directory of everything i have and then making folders with symlinks to the original image. Might make a program to help me sort them more in the future.
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Manually, with a nested file system that is descriptive and categorical.

Just kidding, New Folder on my desktop has my 10,000 pictures of memes and anime waifus. XDDDD
what this guy said but its all burried in folders named "sort" each of which has thousands of images going back 15 years.
Ive been dumping them all into a mega folder named sort just so I have less folders in general but Im starting to fear that images are actually dissapearing from the folder.

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Raspberry Pi Thread

Discuss projects, ideas, etc.
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I'm looking for things I can set up for my web portal on my home network.

For example, I've got an index page (just the local IP) and it will link me to all the services running, such as Transmission and the Samba shared folders. Looking to add to my list. Any ideas?
Is there a way I can open a .exe on raspian? I have a program for Windows so I obviously know there are problems but is there any way to run it?
windows pe. go get the boot loader called pinn and its on there

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is it possible to select videos on youtube on the pc so they play on a android tablet device?
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ask in stupid questions thread.
your best bet is something like CheapCast w/chrome on the pc, but that's probably the best you'll get.
"Send to Kodi" and a few similar apps are available for web browsers that simply push a YT/etc URL to a specified local server:port. I can do this with my WP, W10 tablet, desktop, pretty much any old device. Real easy to have friends come over and just start playing a video on my jumbo.

Sometimes too easy IMO lol

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>work of last week is lost
>spend 2 hours rewriting lost code
>it doesnt even fucking work

>mfw i checked out the wrong branch
>mfw all the time bash told me i was on the wrong branch
>mfw qtcreator told me i which branch i was on all the time as well

stupid errors thread
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reflog ?
i just checked out the right branch and everything was fine. just wasted time
>incompetent bumblefuck general

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So I have few pdf downloaded from the internet.

On 3 of them after "Scan" it says (I scan each file separately)
>Scan completed on 2 times.
but on the last file it says
>Scan completed on 3 items.

What does this mean?
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Some files are basically like ZIP archives (not exactly, but the same idea), it's common with executables for example (where in Windows they commonly store images, sounds etc as "resources" within the executable), so it's possible that the final PDF file is actually three PDF documents somehow "packaged" into a single file. Or maybe one document with various "sub-files" containing metadata. In any case, I wouldn't worry about it, I've seen it happen all the time. Although, if all four files seem very similar, and only one of them exhibits their behavior, it might be evidence of something fishy going on.
thx anon
Didn't want to start a thread on this cus I'm going to sleep soon. Basically how long should pic related stay on for, what's the average time it takes to configure? It's been on for ages now. I've had problems with this laptop before and have had to UN-install and install Windows 10 again

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looking for an OS App dev
some money up front
a lot of potential money
need proof youre a competent coder beforehand
[email protected]
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Hey /g/ i need some help.
I've got an Iphone 6 S Plus someone gave to me and I dont have an extra sim card at the moment to activate it with.
Is there any other way to get around the initial setup?
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give it back jamal

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