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jews want the goy to use systemd botnetted non-free, no FOSS distributions

>I use it

why are you such a gullible goy in 5776 Anno Satanas?
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Is madVR a placebo? Because I can't fucking tell the difference.
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Why don't people refactor code instead of rewriting it?

Is it because of license issues?
Code ownership?
Refactoring is too difficult?

There's A LOT of reinventing the wheel with open source.
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>>There's A LOT of reinventing the wheel with open source.
you have the GPL to thank for that

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>goes to /g/
>shills for use of proprietary software
Discord niggers, I'm talking to you
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Eh you should rather target Applel shills, nobody gives a shit about Discord anyway
Nobody takes Applel shills seriously, but Discord shills still post their links "for a better discussion".

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>write open source
>license under gplv3
>include a line of code that downloads proprietary binary blobs
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>write linux kernel module
>MODULE_LICENSE("GPL\0for files in the "GPL" directory; for others, only LICENSE file applies");
No more devlish things?

Hi all!
I have huge problem to find ultrabook that fits my needs. So:
Weight: No more the 2kg
Battery life: more then 5h with small use.
USB type C with capable of charging laptop. (Thunderbolt 3 probably gives this possibility)
Screen: No less then 13" no more then 15.6". Best case scenario is 15.6" with ultra small edges so it is in size of 14" laptop.
Graphics: GeForce 940MX or similar or better.

I found that Dell XPS 15 9550 fits all of my needs. I almost bought it... But then i checked it's "problems" and found out that it is basically certain that something will break eventually in this ultrabook...
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Are you ruling out Apple's MacBook? May not fit perfectly into your requirements, but it's a solid ultrabook.
Yeah, Macbook Pro with Windows probably would be best option for me, that fits all my needs... But it is ludicrous expensive in my country because of all of the taxes.. My car is only twice as expensive as new Macbook Pro on their website..
If I won't find anything I will be probably forced for some solution like this, but for now I want to dig around and see if I can find something cheaper.
Got my 9560 few days ago, 1TB HDD + 32GB SSD hybrid model, and it was making these popping noise in the HDD. Got the drive replaced yesterday and now the popping noise is gone but the mechanical moving parts now sounds like some cheap bargain-sale chink HDD that can be heard 5-10 meters away from it on a silent room.

Their """"""""""premium""""""""" XPS support line is full of dogshit as well that doesn't even know about the device itself.

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Hey YOU!

I want to make my sister a present and stumbled upon the Xiaomi cellphone series, particularly the Redmi 4 and 4x series. Seems like they beat Motorola and other competitors in value for money.

Anything I'm missing here? Any experiences?
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Why the FUCK is Youtube changing its design for a worse one like a fucking clock.
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why must they always do this?

>y is the captcha 4 helacoptars????
>lol is google goin 2 shoot down choppers?
>omg parashoots? WHATS THE POINT?

gee hmm i wonder i wonder i wonder if there was some sort of vehicle that was capable of flight, that is also becoming affordable and more easily acquirable. perhaps one that was already pre-programmable, and might also benefit from autonomous capability... certain large companies may also be toying with the idea of using them for delivery of goods! what a revolutionary new device that may be! surely a wonder of our time, if it exists

i guess /g/ truly is full of idiot smartphone review-watching manchildren. it takes literally 1 second's worth of brain power to realize why airborne objects might need to be identified in a neural net

fucking brainlets the lot of you
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I'm looking for a phone that can last a day at least on a single charge (preferably more), runs either android or ios, can handle the odd game or so and doesn't break the bank too badly. Also, something that will survive a drop or two and probably about 5-6" in screen size.
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Xiaomi redmi note 4 (or 5 if you waitâ„¢)
I'd get an iPhone SE because android is just so shitty. Anyway you're guaranteed updates and the phone handles apps really well. Personally I'm still using a 5s and have no reason to upgrade. It's a wonderful phone really

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images (41).jpg
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How's the Thinkpad T430 fuckers?
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Amazing. I'm a Thinker for life.
Better than the T430s. Worth it because you can use either the newer Lenovo keyboard or the old IBM-like one.

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Lets do this /g/
Roll and get your new project

Dont be a faggot and do what you get
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rolling and bumping
I wish someone did the same with webdev

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How come Aliexpress is so expensive these days?
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Flikker op naar /csg/
>How come Aliexpress is so expensive these days?
ok houdoe

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>press back button
>page refreshes
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> Press the escape key
> Still stuck in my shitty life
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>click on "link"
>it just runs some javascript

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coffeelake still no 8-core? lol wut is going on

fukkk intel, cheap bastards.
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